How To Get Core Confidence and Start Killing It

Confidence is so much more than being able to stand up tall with your head held high.

It is a feeling, an inner ability to have faith and trust in the decisions and choices you make.

So many of us have been taught confidence is an outcome, something you work for, a sign that you have mastered a skill.

Certainly, practice and effort will foster this type of growth, however, core confidence tends to run way deeper.

Core confidence reaches further into the archives of your core belief system where your sense of worthiness, trust, and freedom reside.

The steps in this article show you how.

How To Get Core Confidence

1. Free Will

When it comes to building core confidence, free will plays a huge role.

You see, free will is what allows you to unbury emotions and belief systems which suppress your ability to feel confident.

Now I am a huge fan of education and the role it plays in developing your inner and outer resources.

However, if you are carrying a belief that you are not good enough or that you have to do or be more to feel competent and confident, you are likely to develop a belief that free will and confidence take work.

Learning takes work, confidence on the other hand, is a feeling.

Every time you shift your awareness to the present moment you are tapping into free will.

Your attention to the here and now strengthens your connection.

You see when you notice your senses, breathing and bodily sensations you are actually resonating with the free will energy.

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Free will is the part of you that thrives rather than survives.

Core confidence comes from a thriving rather than a surviving mindset.

Free will is something you were born with therefore time spent thinking you have to gain something you already have may bring about unnecessary strain.

You are better off getting to know this ability as it is one of the key ingredients to transforming feelings of insecurity into confidence.

Without a connection to free will it can feel much like shooting darts in the dark, you are likely to feel uncertain about your aim.

Here is the thing about free will you can’t shut it off it is a part of your design.

Therefore, even at this moment, as you read this article you are utilizing your free will.

Take a moment right now to pause and place your attention on your breath.

Notice if your breath is shallow and concentrated in your chest area.

Just notice.

As this occurs your awareness alone is likely to shift your direction.

For example, you may begin to lengthen your body by sitting up straighter or elongate your inhalations and exhalations.

This change not only regulates the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body it also puts you in alignment with your free will.

Unconsciously whether you realize it or not you may have actually shifted your course.

You see because the evidence that your course has shifted isn’t always immediate it is easy to fall back on old ways of thinking and being.

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Confidence comes from trusting your energy and awareness is enough.

What you gain, from confidence, (e.g. strength and mastery) is a bonus.

We tend to approach it from the reverse.

We strive for strength and mastery first.

I say put your awareness on your energy first and trust the mastery and insight will come.

You see it is your willingness to move through the sticky or challenging moments with awareness which builds core confidence from the inside out.

No longer are you solely dependent on what you can see.

2. Notice Dwelling

Now, I am not saying you won’t fall back on old ways of being which squish confidence.

Thoughts such as I can’t, worries, fears, and insecurities may arise in the process.

As you develop your core confidence it is important to notice where you dwell.

Dwelling on problems, hardships or pain suppresses energy and dilutes confidence.

See dwelling as a sign that you have disconnected from your free will ability.

Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Children are the best examples of this.

They see themselves as creators, magical and having the ability to transform what they see.

As you grow older you still have this creative potential within you.

Since you are made of high vibrational energy you have the ability to shift your inner experience.

What you shift on the inside, changes how you respond and see things on the outside.

Confidence is the feeling you get from knowing this.

To truly know something you can’t just think it, you have to feel it.

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3. Get Creative

You don’t have to have artistic or musical abilities to be creative.

All you have to do is give yourself permission to use your imagination.

Take a walk out in nature and notice the world around you.

Notice the images which represent confidence, perhaps an old maple tree, rock wall or bird soaring in the sky.

Feel the sensations in your body as you become interested in the world around you.

These images are reflecting the feeling of confidence which already exists within you.

You see core confidence is like an untapped wellspring.

It lives and breathes inside of you waiting to be discovered.

Another way to build confidence is to see it as a blank canvas.

Imagine filling it in with images, words and colors which represent confidence.

What would you use?

Notice if you hesitate, if so, pause, breath, feel and allow yourself to become more aligned with the moment.

Release any thoughts or restrictions which may be holding you back.

It is likely, your mind will search for clues for how confidence is supposed to look or be.

These are simply conditions and restrictions you have placed on yourself.

Let that go, pause, breath, relax and allow confidence to pour out of you through a space of non-effort.

Core confidence feeds off spaces of curiosity, vulnerability and presence.

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  1. Fires

    February 18, 2019 at 4:28 AM

    I have learnt it now. I have seen it in a person and now realise where she gets her strength. It is so elementary but so effective.. She oozes core confidence in the right way… From her inner self..

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