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How to complain less and become more grateful about life

I’m so excited to have been able to witness 2018 at its finest! As everyone is setting goals/resolutions, I wanted to add being grateful to the list in order for everyone in the world to practice gratitude in 2018. We are so conditioned to complain about how hard life can be instead being thankful to have woken up to see another when every second in the world someone is dying. Gratitude goes a very long way in this life and is something we all have in common but at times forget to share with one another as a sign of love and compassion as well as appreciation.


How can I be more grateful about my life?


We can all be more grateful for life by realizing life is extremely short and people are dying every second of the day and it is not you. You can be grateful by looking around you to those who are disabled or going through all forms of illness that may lead them to only have a limited time left in this world to live. You can be grateful by looking at all of your experiences you have overcome in the past that you may have not been able to survive but you did.



Steps to take in being more grateful:


  • Look in the mirror and know that you were born an accomplishment and destined for so much more than yourself
  • Knowing your worth and that you have so much to offer the world
  • Realizing you only have one life and each second counts as once you leave this earth there is no coming back
  • Look around your home and realize you have food in your fridge, clothes in your closet, shoes to wear on your feet, a home to call your own, a bed to sleep in and a job that finances you to live your life that may not be the best job in the world but it is a job.
  • Look to those who truly love and care about you and your presence means the world to them.
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Ways in keeping consistent in being grateful:


  • Practicing the little things daily like smiling, breathing and living
  • Being open to learning new thing about yourself and not being afraid to make changes in those learning discoveries
  • Being open to leaving fear behind and no longer holding yourself back from making those dreams inside of your heart your reality without second guessing yourself anymore
  • Being open and willing to try something new that you may have been afraid to try
  • Put into practice in asking yourself on a daily basis “what Value am I bringing into my life?” “What kind of people am I allowing to give my permission and power too?” “What can I do more of in my life to take me to the next level personally and professionally?”
  • Practice maintaining a happy, peaceful and positive attitude especially when things are not going the way you have planned.
  • Practice keeping a positive and healthy outlook on life especially when things are not in your control and learn to allow the chips to fall where they may.
  • Allow being vulnerable to be a strength and not find it as a weakness and allow  yourself to be present in your emotions and process them however you feel like processing without shame or guilt
  • Practice realizing and remembering that you are only human and imperfect and as long as you are alive you will continue to make mistakes.
  • Write down all of your personal and professional accomplishments to inspire you to do more in your life and to realize how far you have come as a survivor and conqueror
  • Be open to constructive criticism from those you trust who have your best interest at heart that hold you accountable as you would do the same for them.
  • Don’t allow disappointment, rejection or failure to discourage from being and doing your best. Know that things happen for a reason in life and something better is about to take place.
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Exercises in being grateful:


  • Write a letter to the little boy or little girl inside of you thanking him or her for being strong, courageous and resilient
  • Make an appointment to a spa to get pampered for a few hours as a way of taking care of yourself
  • Brainstorm, strategize and design your life plan in how you see your life in the present and future
  • Send out a thank you card to those who have played very important roles in your life with love, support, encouragement and never judged you for your decisions and mistakes
  • Register for a course or class that will continue to feed your passion/purpose in order for you to stay dedicated in gaining more knowledge professionally
  • Become a part of an organization that is near and dear to your heart as a way of paying it forward and giving back to your community in volunteering your time and gifts
  • Take on new projects that can give you the motivation to push yourself to your highest potential
  • Take moments during life to be still and listen to your heartbeat and become one with your mind, heart, body and spirit
  • Look in the mirror and forgive yourself for past mistakes as well as regrets and release them from your heart and spirit
  • Make a loving effort to do something that makes you happy each day
  • Write down everything you don’t like about yourself and commit to turning those dislikes into love



Dedications to make to yourself in being grateful:


  • Incorporate the word “No” into your vocabulary and use it when your spirit tells you to do so without fear, guilt or shame
  • If you are a fixer or giver, do your best in practicing taking a step back from doing for others and start doing more for yourself
  • Apply the following words to your life: Self-love, confidence, courage, truth, transparency and strength to your vocabulary
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say in all situations with clarity and conviction letting others know you are standing your ground
  • Accept and embrace who you are physically, mentally, sexually, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically in your life
  • Work on finding your voice and drown out the negativity in how others, feel, think or say about you
  • Utilize all of your gifts and talents that you were born with in every possible
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Create grateful opportunities:


  • Start building a more positive and optimistic with relationship with yourself as well as others
  • Create positive changes in real time in how you speak, act, think and live
  • Create your happy and peaceful space
  • Create your intentions in how you would like to truly live your life
  • Create meaningful and grateful affirmations for yourself to enforce motivation when you are faced with life’s trials and tribulations to help you keep in a positive frame of mind
  • Allow your gifts and positive life experiences to push you to your highest potential
  • Create endless possibilities and inspiration within to help you face life’s challenges
  • Create a different perspective on life’s obstacles instead of going straight to the negative
  • Create a new level of patience, understanding, confidence and commitment to yourself to apply to each situation you encounter
  • Create a deeper relationship with the universe to obtain another level of spirituality in your faith and outlook on life
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