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Employee Efficiency A-Z: How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

Regardless of the industry you work in, keeping your staff motivated at work is no easy feat – and with summer fast approaching, this coming season can make it trickier than ever to keep your employees focused. From long term team members to new additions, the efficiency of your employees has a direct impact on overall company productivity – and if they’re lacking motivation, the business as a whole is sure to suffer.

With employee engagement said to be just 13% worldwide, you might want to give your approach to staff motivation a shake-up – and keeping your workforce stimulated this summer might be easier than you think. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to maximise motivation, we’ve gathered together some useful tips to help you keep your staff focused and your business booming.

Find the balance

At the heart of any successful business is a strong, integrated team – and if you’re at the head of that business, you’ll want to encourage a healthy work-life balance. A study carried out by the University of Warwick found that if they’re happy, people are around 12% more productive at work.

In the world of the 9-5, it’s inevitable that our personal lives will affect our work lives – but you can help your team find the balance by keeping overtime to a minimum and discouraging your staff from taking work home. Being able to maintain the divide between work and home life will allow them to focus on their job during working hours and, in turn, reduce the chances of them bringing their home life into the office.

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Advocate team building

Whether it’s in or out of the office, team building is a key ingredient in securing the success of your business. While many companies take part in team building event days, there are easier, cost-free ways to encourage your team to connect. Establishing relationships across departments is a great way to ensure the fluidity of your business as a whole, as each team member understands their individual role in the company and how their position influences each team.

Developing relationships out of the office is also a great way to strengthen the bonds between members of your team. From after-work drinks to team sports, spending time together away from the office will help to establish loyal friendships between your employees – which will make them happier at work and have a substantial impact on their productivity.

Promote progress

In a busy work environment – particularly one with a large number of employees – it can be easy to lose sight of the individuals that make up your team. But when it comes to development, the performance of each employee is as important as that of the team as a whole. From daily team meetings to individual 121s, regular check-ins with your team will give you the opportunity to discuss performance and promote development.

If your team feel as though they’re stagnant in their current role, they’re likely to become complacent and less productive as a result. By discussing more responsibility and each employee’s role going forward, you can increase motivation across the board as your team strives to work harder.

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Employee Efficiency A-Z: How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

Hone in on health

When it comes to keeping your staff motivated, go back to basics by focusing on their health. Whether it’s dehydration, a lack of sleep or a poor diet, an unhealthy team is likely to be unmotivated and unhappy – and this will have a harmful influence on their productivity. From standing up during team meetings to installing a water cooler in the office to providing a company gym membership, you should be doing your utmost to keep your employees healthy. With the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting that 4.4 days per worker were lost due to sickness in 2013, a focus on the wellbeing of your team will result in fewer sick days and lead to a more motivated, healthy workforce during office hours.

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Be flexible

While they may work as integrated cogs in the workplace, it’s likely that your team members run on very different schedules outside of the office – but implementing flexitime means that your staff can find a more comfortable schedule that works around their personal lives. By allowing your staff to start work later or finish earlier, you’re giving them the option to tailor their working day around their lives – which will, in turn, encourage them to be more productive during their working hours. This will also work in your favour if you have a particularly busy period as a business or strict deadlines to meet – as your staff will be more willing to work late if they can reap the rewards elsewhere.

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Employee Efficiency A-Z: How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

Utilize office space

When it comes to productivity and motivation, the office environment is one of the working world’s most underutilised resources. As the place where your employees spend the majority of their working week, the office should be inspiring and motivational. From opening windows to allow natural light and air to flood in to removing distractions from the work area, paying attention to the way your team operates will have an impact on their productivity.

For team members who regularly work together, operating from the same workstation could improve efficiency – while other employees may be more productive when working alone. Remember that a standard office layout doesn’t work for everyone, so find what works for your team and use it to maximise motivation.

Take a time out

As the head of your team, it’s important that you encourage your staff to take breaks. Whether this is during their day-to-day work schedule or planned annual leave, your employees need to take time out from work to help them refocus on the job at hand.

While prolonged periods of time spent at their desks may give the impression that your employees are being productive, this is likely to kill both motivation and concentration – and even a 15 minute breather will help them to refocus. From eating lunch outdoors to taking a two week break to booking in a half-day holiday, these regular hiatuses away from the workplace are guaranteed to get the best out of your team.

Now you’re armed with everything you need to motivate your workforce, it’s time to implement your strategy for success.

Employee Efficiency A-Z: How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

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