How to Motivate Employees to be More Productive and Efficient

How to motivate employees is a question that any good leader asks themselves frequently.

High workplace productivity is the hallmark of a successful company.

In this ever-growing competitive marketplace, ‘hard work’ and ‘smart work’ go hand in hand.

This approach forms the basis of increased productivity in any workplace.

However, being productive doesn’t mean spending long hours in the office, going through stress, and achieving the bare minimum.

Entrepreneurs today have to understand the factors that can directly or indirectly impact the productivity levels of their employees.

A good number of employees could get distracted by a negative office environment.

Some may need appreciation for enhancing their performance.

Others may have a tough time because of family or relationship issues.

While some folks may find it hard to bear pressure from the management.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, high productivity is a necessity.

Your employees are your asset.

You must make sure your staff is happy, energetic, and motivated to make your firm a success.

For that, implement some of these methods.

Here’s how to motivate employees to make your workforce more productive.

Don’t forget to also read these motivational quotes for employees to achieve targets.

How to motivate employees to be more productive and efficient

1. Make realistic targets achievable, too.

Setting unrealistic or inaccurate targets for your staff can have major consequences for your business.

It can affect cash flow or even erode employee morale and motivation.

That’s because unrealistic targets can put too much work and stress on employees, eventually making them feel disappointed.

Feelings of underachievement may lead to an increased level of procrastination.

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So don’t be too hard on your staff.

Simply set achievable targets for them.

This is how to motivate employees and give them a feeling of accomplishment.

In the future, they won’t hesitate to attempt more difficult tasks.

2. Communication is key.

Clarity in communication is essential for the success of any company.

Start by establishing a culture of healthy communication at your workplace.

Talk more often with your team or staff.

Use an effective channel to reduce waste of time and to provide employees with a competitive edge.

Proper communication strategies will keep your employees updated regarding various processes, tools, and methodologies.

This will make them feel more empowered and can even help them make better decisions.

Good communication can also reduce misunderstandings between different departments.

Try to decrease ambiguity so as not to hamper employees’ productivity.

3. Employee recognition is a great morale booster.

Your appreciation for the efforts of your employees means a lot to them.

Your acknowledgment of their efforts can lift their performance to high levels.

Learn how to motivate employees for the betterment of your business.

People who feel appreciated are more positive towards work and are, therefore, more inclined to contribute to the success of their organizations.

A culture of recognition is more likely to improve the retention rate.

So, provide occasional feedback and celebrate after achieving targets or milestones.

You can throw cool office parties for your employees, give inexpensive gifts, or offer them after-work drinks.

This can help them remain motivated.

4. Accountability and transparency are a must.

Transparency creates an atmosphere of trust and openness between co-workers.

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Business is all about teaming up with efficient and capable people, as well as working towards a shared goal.

So for building better workplace relationships, accountability and transparency must take center stage.

These are crucial in the big picture as everyone needs to play a role in it.

Also, being transparent about your company’s issues can help your employees find solutions faster.

Even at managerial levels, where stakes are high, transparency is vital to acknowledge shortcomings and lapses in judgment.

Accountability gives your employees ownership.

This will make them feel like they truly have a stake in the company.

5. Be a role model.

A role model manager inspires his workforce, motivates his team, and brings out the best in them.

Your positive attitude will have a positive impact on others.

If you can exhibit strength, calmness, and perseverance even during stressful situations, you will instill the same values in your employees as well.

You must also be a trustworthy person.

In return, your employees will become more honest with you and your company.

Take care of your integrity.

Employees respect a manager that genuinely cares about the business and also those who work within the organization.


Understanding how to motivate employees requires you to be sensible, pragmatic, and optimistic.

Productivity may be difficult at first, but it’s possible.

The above-mentioned tips will hopefully help you establish a productive work culture.

Let us know which one you think is most important in the comment section below.

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