How to Wake Up Early Every Morning and Live Your Mission

If you are expecting fluffy words filled with clichés and feel-good platitudes, I am going to disappoint you.

But…if you want to know the ‘truth’ known by many but practiced by few, if you want to know what makes the difference between excuses and execution, then read on.

These words will help you wake up every morning and live your life with purpose!

How to wake up early every morning and live your mission

Most people I talk to and coach do know what they are passionate about.

They can talk with great excitement about their purpose and their mission in life.

It’s in the ‘doing’ that they fall short.

Yoda said it best, “Do.

Or do not.

There is no try.”

That’s the secret, that’s the truth; that’s what separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls.

Or, as momma would say, “Get your big girl panties on and go to work.”

Practical and actionable tips to develop the mindset to wake up early every morning and live your mission:

Own it.

No excuses.

Commit to your mission.

It’s yours and you own it.

No one else is going to make your mission live; only you can do that.

Dreams and wishes are great if you are content with a fairy tale.

If you want your mission to come true…then own it.

They will not become a reality without deciding; a deep down in your gut decision, that now is your time to make it happen.

Dream Big, Draw Small.

Do you have a picture of what your mission looks like when it’s finally done?

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If your mission is to open a pet store, dream big.

What does it look like?

How many employees do you have?

Do they have a uniform?

Are they stand-alone stores or are they in a strip mall?

Maybe you are known across the globe for ending animal abuse…dream big!

Once you have the picture of your mission when it is finally done, it’s time to start drawing; it’s time to fill in the small lines and the details.

What are the small things you can do daily to begin making that big dream a reality?

No task is too small.

The important part is to move forward.

It’s the ‘moving’ the ‘doing’ that is the single largest and most important differentiator between dreams that become reality and ones that do not.


Stop Stink’n Think’n.

This is where it can all fall apart.

You have decided to live your mission every day, you might even have a plan of action mapped out.

However, this is often when the stink’n think’n kicks in.

  • “I’m too busy”…no, you’re not.
  • “What if it does not work”…what if it does?
  • “I’m not ready”…yes, you are ready.
  • “Someone else is better than me”…you are uniquely equipped and qualified to pursue your mission.

It is your purpose and your life.

Get out of your own way, and say goodbye to stink’n think’n.

You Have Permission to Break the Rules.

Who says you have to write everything down?

Maybe your business plan is a business road map or a vision board.

Who says you have to start at the beginning?

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Who says you have to have a process for everything?

When is enough research enough?

Who says you have to start a task and not stop until you are done?

All these rules accumulate into analysis paralysis.

I wish I had a penny, even half a penny, for every time someone said that they are overwhelmed.

No wonder they are.

There are so many rules on how to follow your mission that it’s enough to make even the sanest person nuts!

Break the rules by making your own guidelines.

Guidelines guide, rules rule.

It’s better to be guided than ruled.

Begin each day by trusting your instincts.

Think of someone you admire.

Someone who did the so-called ‘impossible’, someone who follows their mission each and every day.

Do you have them in your mind?

That person trusted their instincts.

They believed in themselves and their mission.

They knew that ‘impossible’ meant ‘I’m possible’.

Your gut will tell you how best to live your mission each and every day.

Listen to it.

Trust it.

Are you ready to wake up every morning and live your dream?

Can you find one small thing to do each day to move your mission forward?

Don’t start tomorrow.

Start today.

What can you do today to live your mission…today?

Wake up early and go after it is a good place to start!

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