15 Joan of Arc Quotes About Leadership, Faith, and Strong Women

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Joan of Arc was a teenaged peasant girl born in 15th-century France during the Hundred Years’ War.

She helped lead military forces against the invading English.

Joan of Arc explained that she received holy visions that her destiny was to lead French forces to victory.

Ultimately, she was captured by the English and burned at the stake for heresy, largely due to her refusal to behave according to the expectations of women at the time.

How can you learn from the story of Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc is seen as an example of strength, leadership, faith, and integrity.

Long before any concept of feminism, Joan of Arc defied expectations and adhered to her personal beliefs, despite the dangers and condemnation that came with her choices.

Browse the Joan of Arc quotes below and consider how you can apply these values to your own experience.

Joan of Arc quotes to inspire and empower you

1. “One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” – Joan of Arc

2. “Act, and God will act.” – Joan of Arc

3. “Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth.” – Joan of Arc

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4. “I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God’s will.” – Joan of Arc

5. “Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.” – Joan of Arc

6. “If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.” – Joan of Arc

7. “I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid.” – Joan of Arc

8. “Since God had commanded it, it was necessary that I do it. Since God commanded it, even if I had a hundred fathers and mothers, even if I had been a King’s daughter, I would have gone nevertheless.” – Joan of Arc

9. “You say that you are my judge; I do not know if you are; but take good heed not to judge me ill, because you would put yourself in great peril.” – Joan of Arc

10. “I am not afraid… I was born to do this.” – Joan of Arc

11. “In God’s name let us go on bravely.” – Joan of Arc

12. “I was admonished to adopt feminine clothes; I refused, and still refuse. As for other avocations of women, there are plenty of other women to perform them.” – Joan of Arc

13. “All battles are first won or lost in the mind.” – Joan of Arc

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14. “I am the drum on which God is beating out his message.” – Joan of Arc

15. “It is better to be alone with God. His friendship will not fail me, nor His counsel, nor His love. In His strength, I will dare and dare and dare until I die.” – Joan of Arc

How can Joan of Arc’s qualities help you overcome obstacles?

Although Joan of Arc stood out as an example of female strength and leadership, her values are a part of any successful person’s philosophy.

Her strength and vision allowed her to connect with others and motivate them to follow her into battle.

These qualities made Joan of Arc the quintessential leader.

Joan of Arc was also a strong proponent of the Christian faith, but anyone can learn from her moral integrity and refusal to compromise in her core beliefs, even if you don’t personally follow Christianity.

Ultimately, Joan of Arc had a code and she stuck with it.

She was even executed for her beliefs but went fearlessly to her death, knowing she had lived a life of integrity.

Our own lives may not lead us to such dramatic perils, but we can all take lessons from Joan of Arc.

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