Why Keeping Track of the Good Things in Life Matters?

Life is full of wins and losses, ups and downs, twists and turns.

Keep track of the good things and watch your life improve.

We experience times of euphoria when everything goes according to plan.

Our dreams and desires are fulfilled, encouraging us to reach for even higher heights.

Obstacles are nowhere in sight and everything we touch turns to gold.

Every goal is within sight, and no issue seems insurmountable.

Then sometimes it seems our world crumbles.

Everything that can go wrong does.

Feeling beaten and battered by the storms of life, we wonder if we will ever see the light of day.

Hope is a distant thought and challenges are never-ending.

Life is a continuous cycle of victory and defeat.

To go the distance, we must believe and stay encouraged.

Therefore, we should keep track of good things that happen in our life.

Savoring victories and the excellent things that we experience will serve us well regardless of whether we are in a time of triumph or a time of defeat.

When Things Are On The Upswing…

Looking back at our wins, achievements, or accomplishments, give us an extra shot of motivation to set bigger goals or aim for more targets.

Each good thing that we keep in our memory bank acts as a conduit for harnessing self-esteem, giving us what we need to keep moving in a positive direction.

As we remember the dreams that came true and the times we overcame challenges, we find our spirits are lifted.

We feel powerful—as if we can conquer the world.

When we are riding high from victory and we take on new challenges, we are bound to embody an attitude of winning.

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Our minds, our hearts, and everything in our being will believe that there is nothing that can stop us.

As we look in the mirror, we will see someone looking back at us who is confident, determined, and driven.

Likewise, when we see our shadow, it won’t appear just as if it is covering us.

Instead, it will appear to be a superhuman alter ego that can climb any mountain and take on any challenge.

Recollecting the good times helps us to think good thoughts.

Expect nothing but the best and focus on moving forward to achieve even bigger and better things.

We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking.

If we think we are going to be successful, if we expect to win, if we believe we can cross any obstacle, we can condition our mind and body to accomplish the things we set out to do.

It’s in this manner that keeping track of good things helps propel us to success.

Beyond the inspiration and success factors, the good things that have happened in our lives brighten our days, make us smile, lift our spirits, and make us relax.

Let go of anxiety and rigidity.

Indulge in moments when you can just let your hair down.

This is beneficial to our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Meditating on the good things that have happened allows us to bask in tranquility, absorbing all the benefits that come with those moments.

When Things Are On The Downside…

Sometimes we hit a bump on the road.

Sometimes we don’t simply encounter obstacles.

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Instead, we are accosted by landmines in every direction.

The things we dreamed and hoped for seem not just distant—they’re suddenly unattainable.

Disappointments abound.

Just when we think we’re about to win, someone appears and steals our victory.

It’s easy to brood and focus on what could have been.

But reminiscing on the good things that have happened in our life will serve us well.

First, it serves as a quick pick-me-up.

Memories of good times act as a jolt of coffee to get the day started.

It’s like an early morning run to get the heart pumping; or a long, warm shower that leaves us feeling refreshed and energized.

The memories of the fun we’ve had, challenges we’ve overcome, and the goals we achieved will bring a smile to our face, quicken the beat of our hearts, recharge our minds, and encourage our souls to persevere.

When we think of the good things that came our way, like great adventures or success, our spirits will be lifted, and our hopes will be reassured.

Remembering the good things gives us staying power to continue on life’s journey.

It helps us know that a great outcome is possible—because we’ve seen it before, we’ve done it before.

So keep track of the good things

By keeping track of and remembering the good times, we hold precious tools in our memory vault.

These we can call on in our time of need to devise a plan (a road map) to get back on track.

These past successes and experiences from better times stand as examples (for us): of the hopes and dreams that we can turn into REAL possibilities.

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Keeping track gives us a detailed journal; a useful item to aid us in recovering things we lost.

When we reflect on the good times, it allows us to realize that no matter the current storm, we can overcome.

We remember and recognize the great things we experienced.

But it also encourages us to acknowledge and act on the fact that, for all the good we’ve seen and done, much more lies ahead.

The best is yet to come.

Good things that happen in our life are our personal instruments of motivation.

Every good thing that has happened in our life serves as a useful piece to encourage us to keep striving.

They stand as factual exhibits of what we can achieve.

The delight and comfort they feed into our lives are undeniable.

Fulfillment, pleasure, confidence, and esteem are but a few of the benefits we get from the good things that happen to us.

We can then hold on to them and use them to thrust us in a positive direction, regardless of the season we’re in or the path we’re on.

We should keep track of the good things that happen each day.

Then we can pull a little out as we travel along the way.

In doing so, we find that when things are going well, they help us keep believing and not stray.

When things are tough and trials seem greater than we ever imagined, they will remind us of what we can – and must – do to forge ahead into a brighter day.

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