25 Lightning McQueen Quotes From the Popular Pixar Character

Fans of Disney and Pixar will love these Lightning McQueen quotes!

Lightning McQueen is a fictional character in the Pixar animated Cars franchise and first appeared in the 2006 movie Cars.

Lightning is an anthropomorphic race car and is the main character in the Cars franchise.

He is voiced by actor Owen Wilson for the movies and some video games and by actor Keith Ferguson for the rest of the video games.

Lightning’s popularity has led to appearances in multiple films and video games, as well as being a popular mascot for Disney.

The character was created by John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, and Jorgen Klubien after extensive research on popular muscle cars, but McQueen is not modeled after any “one” car.

Take a look at these Lightning McQueen quotes to learn more about this popular character.

Funny Lightning McQueen Quotes

Check out some funny quotes from Lightning McQueen!

1. “Ka-Chow!” — Lightning McQueen

2. “And there’s the insult we were missing.” — Lightning McQueen

3. “I’ll see you at the finish line, buddy.” — Lightning McQueen

4. “What’s wrong with fenders? I thought you liked my fenders.” — Lightning McQueen

5. “I hate rusty cars. This is not good for my image.” — Lightning McQueen

6. “Let’s just cut to the chase. You, me, dinner.” — Lightning McQueen

7. “And there’s the insult we were missing.” — Lightning McQueen

8. “Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer.” — Lightning McQueen

9. “I’ll see you at the finish line, buddy.” — Lightning McQueen

10. “They’re driving right by, they don’t even know what they’re missing.” (Cars) — Lightning McQueen

Classic Lightning McQueen Quotes

Take a look at some of the most memorable quotes from Lightning McQueen.

11. “The racing is the reward. Not the stuff.” — Lightning McQueen

12. “In your dreams, Thunder.” — Lightning McQueen

13. “I decide when I’m done.” — Lightning McQueen

14. “I’m coming for you, Storm.” — Lightning McQueen

15. “One winner, 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.” — Lightning McQueen

16. “This is Lightning McQueen. I can handle anything.” — Lightning McQueen

17. “Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning.” — Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen Quotes From His Friends

Check out some of the funny and classic quotes from Lightning McQueen’s friends!

18. “The beach ate me.” — Cruz Ramirez

19. “I don’t need to know where I’m goin’; I just need to know where I’ve been.” — Mater

20. “Find a groove that works for ya, and get that lap back.” — Doc Hudson

21. “Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance.” — Sally

22. “You seemed so fearless. I wish I knew what that felt like.” — Cruz Ramirez

23. “McQueen and Sally parked beneath a tree, K-I-S-sumthin’, sumthin’, sumthin’… T!” — Mater

24. “I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!” — Luigi

25. “I sure wish he’d hurry up and get back ’cause we got a whole summer’s worth of best friend fun to make up for.” — Mater

What Does Lightning McQueen Do For a Career?

Lightning McQueen is a race car professional in the fictional Piston Cup circuit.

He is red with decals on his sides in orange and red.

Although McQueen is a rookie, he is very fast and talented.

He has to learn not only to use his skills but also to use his intelligence in order to become the best racer.

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