9 Long Duk Dong Quotes From the Classic Movie Sixteen Candles

The classic movie Sixteen Candles fans will enjoy these Long Duk Dong quotes!

Long Duk Dong is a fictional character created by John Hughes for the 1984 coming-of-age comedy movie Sixteen Candles.

Long Duk Dong is a male foreign exchange student portrayed by actor Gedde Watanabe.

Although the character has some memorable moments in the movie, the character has also been called offensive for stereotyping Asian people.

In the movie, Long Duk Dong is a foreign exchange student staying with Samantha’s grandparents, the film’s protagonist.

When Long Duk Dong appears in the film, he is accompanied by the sound of a gong, and he usually enters to say or do something funny.

Long Duk Dong calls himself the “Donger” and practices his English while trying to find an American love interest.

Enjoy learning more about this character through these Long Duk Dong quotes.

Long Duk Dong Quotes from Sixteen Candles

Here are the words of Long Duk Dong from the film.

1. “What’s happenin’, hot stuff?” — Long Duk Dong

2. “You beat up my face.” — Long Duk Dong

3. “Go away! I call F.B.I.!” — Long Duk Dong

4. “Oto-mo-biiile?” — Long Duk Dong

5. “Ohhh, sexy girlfriend!… Bonzai!” — Long Duk Dong

6. “She at the church. She getting married to oily bohunk.” — Long Duk Dong

7. “No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food!” — Long Duk Dong

8. “Oh, so sorry! I thought you my new–new-style American girlfriend.” — Long Duk Dong

9. “Very clever dinner. Appetizing food fit neatly into interesting round pie.” — Long Duk Dong

Does Long Duk Dong Find a Girlfriend?

Long Duk Dong finds a love interest in the athletic and much taller than him Marlene.

He finds his girlfriend, who he calls “sexy girlfriend,” and they appear in a couple of funny scenes together.

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