25 Ludwig Guttmann Quotes From the Famous Neurologist

If you have ever heard of the Paralympic Games, read these Ludwig Guttmann quotes to learn how he has played a part in these games.

Sir Ludwig Guttmann was born in Prussia, German Empire, in 1899.

He died in Aylesbury, United Kingdom, in 1980 at the age of 80.

Guttmann was a Jewish neurologist who fled Nazi Germany before the start of World War II and made a home in the United Kingdom.

He believed that sports played an important role in the recovery of injured military personnel, and he established the National Spinal Injuries at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

He also founded the International Medical Society of Paraplegia.

His dedication to helping those with disabilities led Queen Elizabeth II to knight him in 1966.

Take a look at these Ludwig Guttmann quotes to learn more about the famous neurologist.

Ludwig Guttmann Quotes From The Best of Men

The Best of Men is a 2012 movie about Guttmann.

1. “You will learn.” — Ludwig Guttmann

2. “Become an expert.” — Ludwig Guttmann

3. “Ah, now I understand.” — Ludwig Guttmann

4. “That is why I am here.” — Ludwig Guttmann

5. “I haven’t been allowed to.” — Ludwig Guttmann

6. “What is it that so offends you?” — Ludwig Guttmann

7. “You are not honest enough to say it.” — Ludwig Guttmann

8. “But now I’m here so I can take over.” — Ludwig Guttmann

9. “Do not ask me what you do now. Tell me.” — Ludwig Guttmann

10. “From today, all spinal patients are my responsibility.” — Ludwig Guttmann

Ludwig Guttmann Quotes Showing His Medical Knowledge

Take a look at these quotes that show Dr. Guttmann’s medical knowledge.

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11. “There are pioneering treatments.” — Ludwig Guttmann

12. “That is why I am here” too many cripples in the last war.” — Ludwig Guttmann

13. “Too many wounded men made helpless by medical neglect.” — Ludwig Guttmann

14. “The spinal cord is the same for Wilhelm or William, Henry or Heinrich.” — Ludwig Guttmann

15. “But, no, you are not going to operate on him. We don’t know yet how much movement may be restored.” — Ludwig Guttmann

16. “William Heath, who has fought longer and harder to survive than you will ever have to. We are ashamed of them?” — Ludwig Guttmann

17. “If I ever did one good thing in my medical career, it was to introduce sport into the treatment and rehabilitation program of spinal cord sufferers and other severely disabled.” — Ludwig Guttmann

Best Ludwig Guttmann Quotes

Enjoy some of the best quotes from the well-known doctor.

18. “No! I think not.” — Ludwig Guttmann

19. “He sent him to my ward.” — Ludwig Guttmann

20. “So we must make the best of it.” — Ludwig Guttmann

21. “You are a soldier. This is your posting.” — Ludwig Guttmann

22. “This young man, William Heath, he is my patient.” — Ludwig Guttmann

23. “And with the operation, you are guaranteeing this.” — Ludwig Guttmann

24. “Did you think you would make plans and life would follow you obediently?” — Ludwig Guttmann

25. “My friends and family should be enjoying the autumn in Silesia. But ‘some mistake’ happened, and most of them are in SS camps while I am here with you.” — Ludwig Guttmann

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How Did Ludwig Guttmann Impact the Paralympic Games?

Guttman created the Stoke Mandeville Games for injured veterans, which later became the Paralympic Games.

He held the first Stoke Mandeville Games in 1948, and his work and research into the importance of sports for the disabled have impacted many people with disabilities.

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