Easy Ways to Minimize Your Travel Costs

Often when we plan for an overseas trip, we try to find ways to reduce the cost involved, as it is something that often leads us to postpone the trip.

The various costs include the money needed to get the Visa, air tickets, hotel bookings, travel costs while you are on your trip and more, and the spend may vary depending on your destination.

However, if you take certain steps you can save a lot even before your trip starts.

Here is a list of some easy ways to save money while making travel plans.

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Check the Hotel and Travel Fares a Few Days Before and After Your Intended Schedule

If you are flexible with your schedule, you can save a lot by checking the hotel and air ticket fares three to four days before your arrival and three to four days after your planned departure.

Often, you will find that the cost of hotel bookings and flight tickets can get much cheaper on certain days of the week.

This is likely to happen if you are planning to make a weekend booking.

Purchase Travel Insurance As Early As Possible

If you are planning to go for a long holiday, you will have to purchase a travel insurance plan.

You can save more if you buy one as early as possible.

You must get travel insurance as soon as you make the hotel booking.

By doing so, you will save a lot as the cost of travel insurance will only go up as the day of your travel gets closer.

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Travel During Off Season

There are quite a few destinations around the world where people throng in large numbers every year.

For example, people often travel to places like Dubai during the end of the year.

During such time, hotels and airlines raise their prices significantly.

It would be foolish to travel during this time as you will not only have to spend more, but most places of interest will be very crowded. 

Cook Your Own Food

Eating out while traveling is where most people tend to spend a lot.

If you are staying at a place where you can cook your own food or if you have rented an apartment, you can save your money and avoid spending every time for your meals while you are on your trip.

If you do not want to spend time cooking and want to eat out, then you should at least avoid restaurants where tourists flock in large numbers.

Trying the local street food is not only one way to immerse yourself in the place’s culture, but it also becomes light on the pocket.

Travel Light

Speaking of light, you do not want to spend unnecessarily on extra luggage if you are going to fly frequently during your trip.

As most airlines charge exorbitantly for extra baggage, you can save a lot by traveling light or by opting for reusable air compression bags instead of bulky suitcases.

Be Flexible With Where You Stay

Most travel destinations around the world will have accommodations owned by locals who rent out extra space in their home for travelers for a few days.

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These places may not have all the comforts in the world, but they are often much cheaper than hotels and inns.

You might also get more space for far less in comparison to a mid-sized hotel room.

More and more individuals are opting for this unique lodging option.

Make Use of Credit Card Rewards Points and Air Miles

If you have a travel credit card that you can use overseas and if you have accumulated enough rewards points, you can make the most of it while you are overseas.

Even if you have an all-purpose cashback card, you can use the cash that you have earned over a year to cut your outlays for your next trip.

There are numerous travel cards as well that can cover the cost of your entire airfare if you have collected enough air miles.

These cards are especially useful for people who fly frequently. 

Opt for a Multi-Currency Account if You Often Travel to a Group of Countries

If you have a multi-currency account, you can carry different currencies.

By doing so you can avoid currency conversion charges while you are overseas.

You can also avoid the hassle of converting money immediately when you spend abroad or when you get money from abroad.

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Avoid Commission-Based Package Tours

There are numerous tour operators that offer travel packages that are surprisingly cheap.

However, you should avoid opting for such tour packages as you are unlikely to get a satisfying trip as these operators might compromise on the quality of the tour that might not make it worth the money.

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In addition to the points mentioned above, there are many other useful ways to minimize your travel costs such as having companions who can share hotel costs, carpooling when you have to travel during your stay and using other economical ways of commuting like taking the local bus.

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