Monday Motivation Areas To Focus On This Week

Monday Motivation: 4 Areas To Focus On This Week

Your Exercise

#nevermissamonday is a popular hashtag for a reason.

Getting in a good sweat sesh on Monday gets your endorphins flowing and offsets the “Case of the Mondays” attitude that envelops so many of us.

It also kicks your system into gear after a less-than-active weekend, reminding you how good it can feel to move your body in a positive way.

How: This is an ideal time to put some type of accountability tool in place.

Whether you choose a class at your gym, a running partner or personal trainer, get your workout set in stone so you won’t flake.

Your Work

To-do lists can be super helpful or super stressful; it’s all in how you use them.

A list of everything you need to get done that week will paralyze you on a Monday morning, but looking at your week as a whole will allow you to break things down.

How: On Sunday night, make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish that week.

Now put a “1” next to everything that MUST happen, a “2” next to things that you’d like to make happen, and a “3” next to things that can be done if there’s time.

Whether on paper or digital calendar, write 1-3 actions for each day that week that will allow everything to get done, but in a realistic time frame.

Your Life

It’s easy to only see work and tasks for others as the bulk of your week, creating a mental heaviness that you have to “get through” the week.

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A small shift of focus on Monday can change the way you step into your week, allowing you to be in charge of your time.

How: Setting up something fun just for you on Monday will change how you view your day, and, in turn, your week.

Something small could be leaving the house a little early to allow time to buy a coffee while you flip through a favorite magazine or book for 20 minutes before going into work.

Something bigger could be getting a manicure or massage.

It doesn’t need to cost money, either.

Setting a date with a friend to window shop or listening to your favorite podcast as you tune out everything else is just as special.

Your Dinner

Most of us indulge a little more over the weekend, whether in what we eat, what we drink, or both.

Eating healthier on a Monday will help you feel back on top of your healthy habits.

How: Cooking dinner shouldn’t add to the stress of Monday.

This is a great day to “set it and forget it”.

You have Sunday night to put ingredients into your slow-cooker, so Monday morning you just plug it in and turn it on!

Having a plan for the rest of the week will leave you less stressed about what to do for dinner come 5pm, plus using the weekend to get to the grocery means you have one less thing to do during the week.

If you need more motivation to start your week, be sure to also check out our collection of Monday quotes.

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