Lose Weight Fast And Forever 3 Simple Steps

You do not need to stay overweight; you can lose weight.
But you need to prepare yourself for this article.
People have the bad habit of becoming defensive and closed off to new ideas.
Keep your spirit open.
I am about to change your life.
You can thank me later.

Read on if you are truly committed to losing weight and becoming:

  • fierce
  • energetic
  • sexy
  • healthy
Or go away making your excuses.

It’s your choice

Most people are not ready to lose weight.
Most are misinformed.
Humans are entrenched in their bad habits and crappy state of mind.
The best people I know are growing and transforming.
That is the crowd you want to run with.
Leave the old life behind.
Chances are, if you are overweight, you are depressed.
You know what?
Let’s stop calling it ‘overweight’ let’s call it what it is. Fat.
Don’t like the word?

The first step to getting yourself together physically is dealing with your mental health. 

Being fat and depressed is like living on the infinity symbol.
You are fat because you are depressed, and you are depressed because you are fat.
It seems as if you will never escape.
I have been in this state of putting on the pounds because of depression myself.
I am not being cavalier about the struggle.
You have an emotional reaction to whatever you think about.
Emotions are simply thoughts that you dwell on.
What you think about manifests into your emotional world.
That world of thoughts is a beautiful garden or a smelly sewage plant.

Sound too simple?

You can retrain your brain.
To stop being fat, snap the f*** out of your depression.
If the word ‘fat’ is still bothering you, good!
I am using it intentionally.
This is #realtalk.
Take control of your inner world.

It all starts with the mind.

Life is a game, and most people have given up.
Most people are spectators in the movie of life.
The vast majority of Americans are on a prescription drug.
Most Americans are fat.
The rest of the world is following suit.
Tell yourself how lovely you are.
Tell yourself how fantastic you are.
I congratulate myself every day for being brave.
I’ve given myself the nickname ‘badass mother…’ you get the point.
Because I love myself.
This is the self-talk you must have if you want lasting change.
You must clean up your inner world.
Do the hard work of becoming mentally tough.

The second step to losing weight is to eat only what hangs from a tree or grows from the ground. 

Fast food surrounds you.
Deep-fried, this and that abound.
You are addicted to what corporations sell.
You are in the matrix of consumerism.
Your diet will now consist only of what nature provides.
You will be pissed off in the beginning as you detox but keep pushing through.
Once you have rid yourself of the craving for crap food, it will horrify you that you ever ate it.

Food is energy.

You do not want to inhale the energy of a tortured, abused animal.
Dairy products are not meant for you.
They are meant for the baby cows that are torn from their mothers on the second day of birth.
They pumped the cows full of hormones and antibiotics.
Eliminate all dairy.
Use olive oil.
Drink almond milk.
The egg industry is equally horrific.
All male chicks are useless.
They are tossed into a grinder.
The meat and dairy industry lacks happy cows, unicorns, and rainbows.
You have been paying a company to torture animals.
I used to do it too.
To quote Oprah, ‘When you know better, you do better.’

If you love animals, stop eating them.

The weight will magically disappear.
Becoming a vegan will be the most enlightened journey ever embarked on.
The weight will drop off, and your third eye will open.
You will be full of wisdom.
Your instincts will be sharp.
Your dream life will provide insight.
You will feel whole.
I feel vivacious.
Can you say the same?
Get in the kitchen and cook some vegan meals.
Drink only water with fresh lemons.
Go to my website and give me your email address.
I will keep you encouraged and send you free meal ideas.

The third trick to losing weight is to work out in your daily routine.

Stop killing yourself in the gym, only to quit a month later.
I am 48 years old, weigh 120 pounds, and workout 5-10 minutes daily.
I have learned how to exercise in my daily routine.
Like doing pushups against the kitchen counter while waiting for my tea.
Or I sit in a squat position against a wall to check my emails.
While I sit, I build strength by sitting up straight.
I have dance parties in my living room.
I walk to the grocery store, hauling back vegetables, fruit, beans, grains, and nuts.
Every day I do a few sun salutations on my yoga mat.
Working out should not be a big ordeal.
It should be a part of your lifestyle.

Make these three changes…

  1. Snap out of your depression.
  2. Eat healthy vegan style.
  3. Work out in your daily routine.
If you make one excuse, you are not ready to lose weight.
Man, the f*** up.
It takes no time to peel a banana or eat an apple.
It does not take time to pour beans on your plate and pile on 5 vegetables.

You decide how you look.

Nobody else.
Get rid of all the shitty food in your home.
Do not bring crappy food in.
Never stop for fast food.
Create a vegan-only environment in your home.
The entire family needs to shape up.
Educate and lead them.
I’m proud of you.
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