7 Habits That Will Take Your Life Further Than You Could’ve Ever Imagined

With big dreams and so little time, developing effective new habits can put you ahead of the game with little effort.

Developing new habits is similar to transforming a young padawan into a Jedi Knight, as witnessed in the vast Star Wars universe.

Just as Luke Skywalker honed his skills through dedication and discipline, we too can tap into the Force within us to cultivate empowering habits that propel us toward our goals.

With each step forward, we embrace the opportunity to shape our destinies and unlock our full potential, guided by the wisdom of those who have mastered the art of habit formation.

7 New Habits To Take You Further

These are new habits you can start implementing today.

1. Keep your home clutter-free.

This is listed first because you can begin the process and instantly see/feel the results.

Every time you see clutter, you spend energy thinking about cleaning it up.

You’re moving through your space inefficiently and not enjoying your home like a true sanctuary.

Instead, take a few extra moments to put things away where they belong once you come home.

Do this daily rather than letting things build up, calling for a big clean-up session each week or month.

You won’t notice it once it becomes one of your new habits.

All that energy can go towards exercising, spending quality time with family, or working towards your career goals.

2. Arrive early.

Being late and sitting in traffic creates instant stress.

Looking for parking or realizing that you still need to sprint three blocks to arrive on time makes you frazzled and distracted for your important meeting, audition, or date.

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I promise: starting off any interaction sweaty and panicked is not a good look for you.

Give yourself 15 more minutes than usual and stick to it.

Change every event on your calendar to reflect it.

If you arrive early, you’ll be granted time to take a breather, prep for your meeting, or stay active on social media.

You’d be surprised by how prepared and confident it can make you feel in any situation.

3. Develop the new habit of a nightly gratitude practice.

If you had a great day, counting your blessings allows for appreciation, acceptance, and a good night’s sleep.

If you had a terrible day, focusing on everything that went right helps reset your mind and prepare for a better day tomorrow.

This scientifically-proven practice results in lasting marriages, more energy, and even higher income.

Here’s how to do this: List three things you are grateful for, either in a journal or said aloud.

Big gratitudes are always great, but don’t forget the power of small gratitudes, like the stranger who smiled at you, or the flower growing out of the sidewalk crack.

4. When in doubt, overdress.

Feeling like a million bucks does, in fact, make you act like a million bucks.

Confidence in your stride, speaking voice, and talking about your field or talent is the first thing anyone notices when they want to work with you or be your friend potentially.

Clothing confidence is an effortless way to get started on the right foot without too much preparation.

Find yourself at least three outfit options that you feel proud of.

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Make sure you can walk and sit in them with ease and comfort.

Anything that requires you to tuck in straps or deal with annoying sleeves to roll up does NOT go on your list.

Think style, comfort, and confidence.

This is one of those new habits that will boost your self-esteem.

5. Snap out of it.

Having a bad day?

Not seeing the results you hoped for?

Got in a fight with your significant other?

It’s natural for us to want to dwell on what’s not going right.

But we forget that it uses the same energy that we could use to focus on how to make it right.

When you catch yourself going down the negative Nancy rabbit hole, lift up your hand, snap your fingers, and say, “I can change my state in a heartbeat.”

And at that moment, you have one second to let it go and intentionally decide that the rest of your day will go splendidly.

Remember: emotions are 100 percent controllable by you.

While everyone wastes time on their bad days, you already have a head start by turning yours around in a jiffy!

6. Take intentional breaks.

Have you started your day feeling energized and productive, only to sit at your computer, becoming sluggish and tired by the afternoon?

Being sedentary drains your battery more than being active.

Your body needs a break from a stale posture, and your eyes need a break from being fried by a computer screen.

Take intentional breaks where you do something active and take your eyes off any screen, phones included.

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Going to the restroom or binging on the cafeteria cookies does not count.

Put your phone on silent for 5-10 minutes to stroll outside, stretch, and let your mind wander.

A well-executed short break can recharge you for a longer and more productive afternoon ahead.

Once executed, this will probably be one of your favorite new habits.

7. Say ‘Thank You.’

Not only to someone who opened the door for you or to the server who refilled your water.

Say ‘thank you’ after every meeting or interaction with a client or friend.

This sounds obvious, but few people truly understand the value of doing so.

For something personal like meeting up with an old friend, send an SMS after dinner to say, “It was great to see you, I’m so glad we caught up.”

It takes two seconds to leave a lasting impression and show that you care.

For business interactions, send a ‘thank you’ email to say thanks and keep you on their contact list.

Include your name and profession in the email subject line so they can easily find and contact you in the future.

For example: “Thank You – Gina Su, Life Coach.”

Which new habit will you begin today?

Have fun with these new habits, and give yourself time to master them.

Once they become second nature, you’ll be on to bigger and better things!

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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