Create an Online Dating Portfolio That Works

According to a Pew Study, 11 percent of those married for less than ten years met through online dating.

Yet, many individuals do not know how to create the ideal profile.

In fact, 22 percent of online daters have asked someone to help them create or review their profile.

Members of online dating sites are eager to meet new matches.

AnastasiaDate and AsianDate recommend taking the time to build a profile for optimum results in securing connections.

Keep reading for some recommendations on creating the perfect online dating profile!

The profile picture is the first impression

We find that the most successful images show the users’:

  • eyes
  • face
  • majority of the body

A photo of someone smiling receives more clicks on the page.

Therefore, skip the selfie! Especially those taken in a mirror.

Selfies are often distorted views and don’t give the best impression.

Create an online dating profile that encompasses who you are

Thirty-eight percent of single Americans have used online dating sites, meaning millions of individuals are in the online dating pool.

The most important way to differentiate yourself from the other members on these sites and find members who are the best matches for you is by creating a profile that fully encompasses who you are.

Complete the information section, noting personal preferences

When completing the information section that covers personal preferences, the most successful online dating profiles on had these traits in common:

  • Share hopes and dreams
  • Use a cheerful, upbeat voice
  • Describe the things that bring enjoyment to life
  • Be honest—don’t lie, as you are bound to get caught
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In all areas of the profile, members that stayed positive, honest, and proofread carefully before posting were most likely to find connections who were potential matches.

Expand on your preferences

Instead of just stating a love for sports, write about which sports you like and why!

What is it about bicycling thru the mountains that makes you happy?

Is it because playing sports makes you feel healthy and active?

Or does watching your favorite sports team remind you of time with your dad?

When discussing travel, highlight favorite spots visited.

Was it the beauty of Machu Picchu that inspired you to take so many photos?

Did you enjoy a cooking class in Italy because you love cooking or wanted to connect to your roots?

Share your reason for things and let people see the real you.

Items to leave off of your online dating profile

Do not bring up former relationships.

This will come up in conversations if you are serious about someone you meet.

As it should, because communication is essential to any meaningful relationship.

However, you don’t want your first impression to appear negative.

Negativity is often a deal-breaker in whether someone swipes left or right.

Don’t leave questions unanswered

Take the time to think about the questions and write answers slowly.

Make sure you are thoughtful and leave people wanting to know more about your response.

Read the question and your answers out loud to understand how the response could be received by online daters.

Would you respond that way in a conversation?

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Does it come across the way you want it to?

Educate Yourself About Online Dating

The key to international dating is to embrace the new.

When communicating with those from other countries, research that country’s culture, such as music or culinary delights.

Knowing ingredients about the other’s culture can secure a positive impression.

International online dating sites like and can tell a bit about the countries, but the rest is up to those pursuing the relationship.

Write a Letter

Americans have become accustomed to texting without thinking about the abbreviations that have become part of everyday life.

Keep in mind that slang terms might be second nature in the U.S. and can easily be picked up by other receivers in the U.S.

However, others around the globe might be less likely to understand what is being communicated.

Again, remember cultural differences.

Think of communications as writing a letter.

Every word should be written with purpose, thoughts, and feelings.

Letters are polite.

Think about word choices in communicating with an international date before clicking send.

Share Goals

With international online dating, don’t be afraid to share what you hope to get out of the relationship.

Be confident.

The goal is to find that special someone who is looking for the same goals.

Whether looking for companionship, a formal relationship, or someone to share your date with, remember to be honest.

How does your online dating profile measure up?

What do you look for in an online dating profile?

Did you find some tips here to improve your profile?

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Let us know in the comment section below.

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