50 Pansexual Quotes For Sharing Unconditional Love

Learn something new and open up to all the different ways love can express itself with our pansexual quotes. 

The word pansexual is gaining popularity and momentum in many cultures. 

What is pansexuality, and how does a person know if they are pansexual? 

Find out with the quotes below. 

What does pansexual mean?

A pansexual is someone who is attracted to all genders, binary or not. 

Pansexuals are attracted to all genders and do not factor gender into their attraction. 

Check out these pansexuality facts below: 

  • Pansexuality is an ancient practice. 
  • Being pansexual is not the same as being polyamorous. 
  • Pansexuals can be attracted to anyone, but that doesn’t mean they are attracted to everyone. 

Who are some notable pansexual people?

There are many celebrities and well-known figures who identify as pansexual; some of these include Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monae, and Bella Thorne

In a recent Rolling Stone article, Zachary Lane explores the resurgence of pansexualism. 

He notes, “Two months ago, when Janelle Monáe came out as queer and pansexual in a Rolling Stone cover story, searches for the word pansexual on Merriam-Webster rose 11,000 percent, and the term became the most looked-up word of the day.” 

Is pansexuality something new?

It is always challenging to project into the past.

Whenever we look into the past and ask challenging questions, we must consider that traditions change as time passes. 

There is evidence that ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures had much more fluid concepts of sexuality.

Concrete examples of writers, politicians, and philosophers who expressed love for all genders exist. 

It is easy to romanticize this idea and think everyone from the ancient past was open-minded and accepting. 

However, just as people today are closed-minded to certain beliefs or practices, humans from antiquity did the same. 

Where can I learn more about pansexuality?

There are many excellent and well-informed resources regarding sexuality. 

Some amazing resources include the Asexual Visibility and Education Network as well as GLAAD. 

Both organizations have extensive information, resources, and learning material to help anyone stay informed. 

To learn more, check out our pansexual quotes below. 

Short pansexual quotes about attraction

Let’s start with these short pansexual quotes. 

1. “Pansexual people aren’t attracted to all people.” — Sian Ferguson 

2. “Pansexual people may refer to themselves as gender-blind.” — S. Nicole Lane

3. “In general, there is no restriction as to who can identify as pansexual.” — S. Nicole Lane

4. “However, there’s still a lot of confusion over the definition of pansexuality.” — Sian Ferguson 

5. “​Being bisexual and pansexual means being attracted to people of all genders.” — S. Nicole Lane

6. “There is a difference between pansexuality and bisexuality, although the terms can overlap.” — Sian Ferguson 

7. “Simply put, someone who is pansexual can be attracted to people of any gender identity.” — Sian Ferguson 

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8. “There isn’t one specific list of signs that might indicate that you’re pansexual or bisexual.” — Megan Lasher 

9. “Pansexuality is the sexual or romantic attraction towards people, regardless of their sex or gender.” — Megan Lasher 

10. “Polysexual” can be a sort of “umbrella term” that encompasses bisexuality and pansexuality.” — Sian Ferguson 

The top pansexual quotes about identity 

Check out these awesome pansexual quotes. 

11. “Others still may use the terms bisexual and pansexual interchangeably based on who they are with.” — S. Nicole Lane

12. “Once a relatively unknown word, more and more people are becoming familiar with the term pansexual.” — Sian Ferguson 

13. “The meaning of pansexual is clear: someone who is attracted either emotionally, physically or both to all genders.” — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

14. “The difference really varies based on a person’s definition and understanding of the terms pansexual and bisexual.” — Keygan Miller, Public Training Manager for The Trevor Project

15. “[Stimgas infer] that pansexual people are more likely to cheat and be promiscuous because they are “available to everyone.” — S. Nicole Lane

16. “Pansexual people are commonly faced with stigma, fueled in part by some people’s belief that they lead hypersexualized lives.” — S. Nicole Lane

17. “Two well-known terms are pansexual and bisexual, and while the labels have been around for decades, their meanings are still sometimes mixed up.” — Megan Lasher

18. “Other people assume that pansexual is a word invented solely because bisexual people are misunderstood and assumed to exclude nonbinary people.” — Sian Ferguson 

19. “Pansexuality was a response to the fact that bisexuality frequently gets shorthanded to ‘men and women,’ which is not necessarily inclusive of transgender and nonbinary people.” — Keygan Miller, Public Training Manager for The Trevor Project

20. “Drawing from their basic definitions, bisexuality means sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction to more than one gender, while pansexuality means sexual, romantic, attraction to all, regardless of gender.” — Keygan Miller, Public Training Manager for The Trevor Project

The best pansexual quotes for exploring identity

These quotes remind us why discovering who we are is so important. 

21. “People can realize at any point throughout their lives that they are bisexual, pansexual, or another sexual orientation.” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

22. “Many people might use both bisexual and pansexual as labels for themselves, in addition to other terms like queer.” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

23. “Even if you feel like you might fit the label of “bisexual” or “pansexual,” if the term doesn’t feel right for you, that’s OK.” — Megan Lasher 

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24. “Even though the gender and sex of individuals play no role in who a pansexual person may be attracted to, they may still have preferences.” — S. Nicole Lane

25. “Pansexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person can be romantically and sexually attracted to all people, regardless of their gender or sex.” — S. Nicole Lane

26. “As with people who identify as bisexual, pansexual people are often regarded as unsure or experimenting with their sexuality and will eventually pick a side.” — S. Nicole Lane

27. “As a result of these and other misconceptions, pansexual people experience higher rates of intimate partner violence than those who identify as gay, lesbian, or straight.” — S. Nicole Lane

28. “Bisexuality is often considered to mean attraction to more than one gender, while pansexuality is often considered to mean attraction to people regardless of their gender,” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

29. “The 2018 LGBTQ Youth Report found that more than 75% of bisexual, pansexual, and gender-fluid youth said they “usually” felt feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness over the past week.” — S. Nicole Lane

30. “Fully understanding these terms is important for not only educating yourself on all of the LGBTQ+ initialisms but also for raising the visibility of all queer folk who own the pansexual and bisexual label.” — Megan Lasher 

Pansexual quotes and sayings to live by

Here are some more interesting pansexual quotes to help you think critically.

31. “However, many people in online forums seem to use omnisexual and pansexual to mean slightly different things.” — Sian Ferguson 

32. “Omnisexual also means that someone is attracted to people of all genders; in that sense, it’s quite similar to pansexuality.” — Sian Ferguson 

33. “Some people believe that bisexual and pansexual people make up only a small percentage of the LGBTQ+ community.” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

34. “The majority of pansexual individuals don’t believe either of these definitions, and that’s precisely why they prefer the term pansexual.” — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

35. “For some, pansexuality is associated with “gender blindness” (someone’s gender doesn’t matter or factor into your attraction) while omnisexuality is not.” — Sian Ferguson 

36. “Like the word “bisexual,” polysexual means you’re attracted to people of multiple genders. On the other hand, pansexual means you’re attracted to people of all genders.” — Sian Ferguson 

37. “I identify as bisexual because I like fucking dudes and romancing girls. But I don’t claim pansexuality because trans[gender] girls and boys are the same as their cis[gender] counterparts.” — Ethan Remillard

38. “Some people feel that pansexual falls into the category of bisexual because bisexual is a broad term that means more than one; but it isn’t the same thing, because all isn’t the same as multiple.” — Sian Ferguson 

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39. “Some bisexual people have updated the definition of bisexual to be inclusive of all genders, whereas others have favored abandoning it, for a new word, that frankly is less confusing, given that pan does indeed mean all.” — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

40. “Two months ago, when Janelle Monáe came out as queer and pansexual in a Rolling Stone cover story, searches for the word pansexual on Merriam Webster rose 11,000 percent, and the term became the most looked up word of the day.” — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

Famous pansexual quotes about life 

Let’s close our list with these pansexual quotes. 

41. “Reviewing their meanings can set you up to better understand the nuances of pansexuality.” — S. Nicole Lane

42. “The term pansexual was birthed out of the confusion and to create a definitive and more inclusive label. — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

43. “Another misconception is that bisexual and pansexual people are non-monogamous, or are attracted to everyone.” — Megan Lasher 

44. “Many stereotypes still persist about bisexual and pansexual people due to a lack of visibility and understanding.” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

45. “Just like straight and gay people, bisexual and pansexual people have certain people they are attracted to and others they aren’t.” — Angela Dallara, Director of Rapid Response and Campaigns at GLAAD

46. “Sometimes “pansexual” is preferred over “bisexual” because a person believes that “bi” reinforces the gender binary (the prefix “bi” meaning “two”).” — S. Nicole Lane

47. “Bisexual and pansexual people still encounter many forms of discrimination and disparities in spaces such as schools, workplaces, and healthcare.” — Megan Lasher 

48. “Others contend that the term “pansexual” combats biphobia (the fear of bisexual people) and bi-erasure (the rejection of bisexuality as a sexual orientation).” — S. Nicole Lane

49. “Bisexuality, pansexuality, sexually fluid, queer and simply not doing labels all are different ways people identify to indicate that they are not exclusively attracted to either men or women.” — Zachary Lane, Rolling Stone

50. “To use an example, heterosexual men aren’t automatically attracted to all women; the people they happen to be attracted to are women. Similarly, pansexual people can find themselves attracted to people of any gender identity.” — Sian Ferguson 

Pansexuality is here to stay

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief system.

However, everyone is not entitled to limit how others wish to express their love. 

Sexuality manifests in a myriad of ways, and pansexuality is one of many forms of love. 

Do you have a favorite pansexual quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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