25 Enigmatic Undertaker Quotes From Black Butler

Dive into the ghastly world of Black Butler’s Victorian-era London with our Undertaker quotes.

The Undertaker is a fan favorite from the anime Black Butler.

Find out why the Undertaker is so popular with our quotes below.

Who is the Undertaker?

In the world of Black Butler, the Undertaker is a retired Grim Reaper. 

He is recognized as one of the best reapers in the retrieval division.

He takes his job seriously and loves exploring and experimenting on souls. 

Check out these interesting Undertaker facts below:

  • Undertaker is known as one of the Artisocrats of Evil
  • Undertaker is a lean man with long hair and a skeleton-shaped scythe
  • The Undertaker has chartreuse phosphorescent eyes hidden under his hair

Why do people love Undertaker so much?

Humans are naturally attracted to mystery, and Undertaker is an enigmatic character.

Even though he is not the main character of Black Butler, according to the official Black Butler character popularity poll, he ranks number three. 

Fans are attracted to his swagger.

Undertaker is a likable character who deals with dark arts.

He loves to experiment on dead bodies and manipulate souls.

He is well-versed in the art of necromancing and works tirelessly to unlock the code of the human soul. 

Is Undertaker a professional mourner?

Historically, undertakers dress in everyday work clothes to do their jobs. 

Their profession is laborious and requires getting their hands dirty. 

They certainly do not dress in fancy Victorian-era tuxedos. 

Black Butler’s Undertaker does not dress like your everyday post-mortem worker. 

Instead, he wears beautifully tailored garments. 

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He wears a black robe, crooked top hat, gray scarf, earrings, beads, necklace, and mourning locket. 

This guy is dressed to the nines! 

His swagged-out clothes have caused some fans to question if he is a professional mourner. 

Yes, professional mourning is a job.

Some people like to go to funerals or vigils in honor of folks they do not know and lead the death processions.

These people are called professional mourners. 

To learn more, check out our Undertaker quotes below for more awesome Black Butler content. 

Short Undertaker quotes about souls and laughter

Undertaker is an eccentric man who finds joy in the macabre. 

1. “It is pink. Isn’t that lovely?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

2. “A person has but one soul.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

3. “It’s been ages since I laughed this hard.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

4. “How sad it is that laughter should vanish from this place.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

5. “The current corpses are being moved by their longing for a future.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

The top Undertaker quotes about warnings and doing the dirty work

These quotes remind us why the Undertaker is never afraid to get his hands dirty. 

6. “Queen Victoria, hm? Can’t say I like her one bit!” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

7. “Wouldn’t you agree with me, hmm? My little Grim Reapers?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

8. “I mean, really, how many times have I warned the lot of you?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

9. “She only looks on from afar and makes the Earl handle all the tough, dirty work.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

10. “Has Your Lordship finally decided to step into the coffin that I’ve made specially for you?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

The best Undertaker quotes about humility and struggle

Below are Undertaker quotes that prove humility can take us far during times of struggle. 

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11. “I watched your most delightful struggles from the grand tier.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

12. “Are they not more beautiful now than when they drew breath?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

13. “You only come to realize it when you can no longer support yourself.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

14. “In my humble opinion, losing such an amusing chap would amount to a loss for this world.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

15. “I taught you to treat it well, but because you possess such great power, you continue to forget more and more the weight of the irretrievable.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

Famous Undertaker quotes from Black Butler about life

Here are some Undertake quotes on human life to make you think.

16. “The fragments of those futures comprise their episodes.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

17. “Once again, you bestowed upon me the choicest of laughter, see.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

18. “Humans recall their pasts in their final moments. That is their Cinematic Record.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

19. “What if those episodes could be extracted? What if several tens of thousands of cuts can be had?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

20. “At the same time, they crave the futures they were to have had although those futures are incomplete.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

Undertaker quotes and sayings about the underworld

The Undertaker is a man who is very familiar with the underworld. 

21. “The underworld has its own rules.”  — Undertaker, Black Butler 

22. “They are memories of the future, nothing like my counterfeit memories.” — Undertaker, Black Butler

23. “Today, they are holding a certain noblewoman’s gala, The last, grandest ceremony of her life. Her funeral.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

24. “Its residents do not kill those on the other side without reason, and they do not invade polite society using the powers of the underworld.” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

25. “If I connect such a thing to a Cinematic Record, do you not agree that what will be perfected is a reanimated corpse infinitely approaching a living human!!?” — Undertaker, Black Butler 

Undertaker will stop at nothing to reach his goal

You may not be into resurrecting souls or manipulating dead bodies like Undertaker.

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However, all of us can admire his drive to reach his goal.

What dreams are you motivated to make into reality?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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