10 Reasons To Pack Your Bags and Travel The World

We have been traveling the world for more than three years now.

We have always felt that it is something we need to do; it is like breathing.

Discovering new places, getting to know a foreign culture, and tasting local cuisine is something that can’t be compared to anything else.

We can’t imagine life without the travel!

For us, it is the best way to spend every day.

We have this invincible spirit of wanderlust that is only getting stronger and stronger every year.

We believe that we were all born to explore and to discover.

Everyone should get a chance to travel the world! Here are ten reasons why:

1. You will become a better person.

Traveling is the perfect way to see the different perspective of life.

Getting to know new cultures and languages will make you more tolerant.

You will simply become a better person: someone more understanding, compassionate, and forgiving.

Before we started traveling, we were unconsciously racists.

We were born and raised in a very unitary country.

More than 90 percent of Polish citizens are white Christians, so before we turned 20 and started to travel the world, we were very distanced from people with different religions, skin colors, or sexual orientations.

But it all changed when we started to discover other cultures.

We realized that we were all the same!

Everyone in this world laughs, cries, dreams, and suffers.

2. You will get to know yourself better.

Every adventure is a travel into yourself.

You will have an amazing opportunity to check how you react to different situations.

You will have time to think about your life and discover who you are.

Our first overseas travel was a trip to Thailand.

After a 36-hour journey, we finally arrived in Bangkok.

We took a taxi, and it turned out that our driver had no idea where our hotel was!

He got lost and told us to leave on a narrow, dark street.

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We were tired and terrified!

But after 5 minutes.

We still managed to arrive at our hotel.


A stranger helped us.

We had hundreds of situations like this, and we are grateful for each.

They made us more confident and helped us believe we would be fine, no matter what.

3. You will be more clever when you travel the world.

Traveling will improve your knowledge of geography, foreign cultures, and languages!

Before we started traveling, we couldn’t find Vietnam on the map or tell what the Dominican Republic’s capital was.

We knew nothing about the world.

Today, we have an excellent sense of direction and great knowledge of geography.

We have become wiser – and it is all because of our travels.

4. You will experience something new.

You know almost everything about your own country, so nothing can surprise you.

It’s different when you travel the world.

Culture shocks are something you will have to deal with every day.

And it is beautiful.

Staying in one place for a very long time is boring, and the best way to get out of a rut is to start traveling!

The biggest culture shock for us was in Malaysia.

We were surprised that people there eat only by using their bare hands.

It was OK for us to grab a sandwich or pizza slice, but we still can’t imagine eating rice without a spoon or fork!

Malaysia was fun, and so was Spain!

If you are traveling, for instance, to Barcelona, we would highly suggest hiring a tour guide that way they can explain the culture!

5. You will make wonderful memories.

Nothing can be compared to the experience and memories.

Collecting moments is always better than collecting things.

When you spend your life in one place, every day seems the same.

It is different for us.

If you asked us what we were doing one year ago, on October 6th, I would describe this day to you in every detail!

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It has never been the same as any other day since we started traveling.

Someone wise said:

He, who travels, lives twice.

We couldn’t agree more with this quote!

6. You might find the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is different for every person and in every country.

While traveling, you should hopefully find your path.

As we mentioned before, we were born and raised in Europe.

Western countries have one main purpose in life: to have more, be more, and achieve more!

It is different in other places, like in South East Asia, for example.

Thai people believe that you don’t have to climb the career ladder.

All you have to do is to be a good person and enjoy life.

After spending a few months in Thailand, we have learned to slow down and start appreciating what we already have.

7. You will be in places you’ve only seen on photos.

There’s nothing more beautiful than stepping foot in a foreign land!


A few days ago, we watched a Harry Potter movie.

It was amazing to see all the places that we have been to in London.

After more than 3 years of traveling, all the beautiful photos that we can only see on the Internet or on the newspaper are something that we have already seen in person.

This is one of the benefits of traveling.

It is a gorgeous feeling to actually explore places that we have only dreamt of visiting in the past.

8. You will inspire others.

Traveling is an ultimate inspiration for you and all the people you know.

Even though traveling seems easy, it is difficult to start doing it.

When you decide to be brave enough to make your dreams come true, you will inspire others to do the same.

Go first and see that magic happens!

9. You will have awesome travel stories to tell.

The best stories will always be written in your passport.

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We love this quote:

Travelling. It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

We have so many interesting travel stories to tell!

Like the one about a Thai woman who couldn’t stop hugging Karolina on the plane (she was really afraid of flying!) or the guy from the U.S. who threatened Patryk to kill him if he won’t give him money.

Or the one about the most beautiful place in this world (El Nido) we discovered thanks to the Filipino guy we met at a hostel in Singapore.

We could go on and on with it: we have hundreds of stories to tell.

Each day of travel brought something interesting to our life.

10. You will meet amazing people.

Every person that you will meet on the road has a different story to tell.

All these stories are beautiful and unforgettable.

We will always remember a couple that we met in Thailand.

She was from Turkey, and he was from the U.S.

It turned out that we have many things in common: we are of the same age, and we have the very same job in e-commerce.

We spent wonderful days with them.

We will never forget the amazing talks we had with a group of friends in the Philippines.

One guy told us that he had survived the earthquake in Nepal.

His stories were shocking and were something that we couldn’t even imagine.

We met hundreds of people on the road, each of whom has a very special place in our hearts.

Ready To Travel The World?

These are just some of the benefits of traveling.

Once you decide to pack your bags, you will create your wonderful adventures and leave your mark in special places.

Don’t be afraid to step out and see the world.

It’s just there waiting for you.

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