Top Destinations That Satisfy Your Travel Bug, Adrenaline Rush and Health Goals

Sports enthusiasts know no boundaries, and sincere new adventures await at every corner of the world.

Whether a casual biker or an adrenaline junkie, there are unique destinations mixing outdoor activities with travel.

According to, members across the globe have experienced top healthy travel destinations to please the palette of adventure and adrenaline.

The Water Sports Junkie:

Water sports are the perfect mix of fun and adventure.

Many locations are offering a combination of beach relaxation plus water adventure.

Grab your favorite bathing suit and begin exploring the best of the best voyages the earth has to offer, and always remember the sunscreen!

Best Scuba Diving Destination:

Hawaii is perhaps the best water sports destination in the world.

Divers flock to Hawaii’s coasts for some of the best scuba diving experiences.

The gorgeous atmosphere and warm waters are a bonus.

Best Kayaking Destination:

When looking for a truly exotic location for water sports adventures, visit Kadavu Island in Fiji.

More than 97 percent of Fiji’s 709,000 square kilometers is water, meaning plenty of exploration room for paddlers.

Best Surfing Destination:

Is surfing your forte?

Considered a ‘surfer’s paradise,’ Gold Coast in Australia is known for its 70 km of beaches and four epic point breaks, including the Superbank, which is considered one of the world’s finest breaks.

Best Swimming Destination:

For the casual water sports fan, the Phi Phi islands of Thailand are a must-see location.

Clear skies and even clearer water highlight this destination.

A laid-back atmosphere, inexpensive food and drinks, and gorgeous beaches are a bonus.

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The Outdoorsy Person:

If a little more rush and adrenaline is what your travel experience beckons, there is a wide array of locations offering the best in extreme sports.

While these destinations may not be for the light-hearted, they sure are exciting.

Pack hiking boots and outdoor coats and explore some of these best extreme sports locations.

Best Rock Climbing Destination:

If enjoying the outdoors and being one with nature is your passion, try a new sport such as rock climbing. suggests Utah as a cornucopia of adventure and beauty, from striking sandstone dessert to world-class splitter crack climbing.

Best Hiking Destination:

There are a plethora of amazing and tantalizing hiking locales worldwide, but none come close to the Inca Trail in Peru.

Besides being one of the most popular hikes in the world, there are 26 miles of gorgeous ruins, jungle, and beautiful mountain scenery.

Machu Picchu is not to be missed.

Best Biking Destination:

Whether a long-distance or a casual biker, the Dolomites in Italy do not disappoint.

Europe is known for biking-friendly cities, and although it’s hard to play favorites, you can’t go wrong with gorgeous scenery and a side of gelato or espresso.

The Dolomites in Northern Italy do not disappoint, with 2,000+ meter peaks.

Best Skiing Destination:

Skiing is one of the most popular cold-weather sports.

Zermatt, Switzerland, is best for those travelers looking to taste old-world culture and never-ending descents.

Surrounded by glacier-clad peaks, everything here—the town, the skiing, the sky—is dominated by the spiking pyramid of the mighty Matterhorn, one of the most distinctive mountains on Earth.

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The Not so Adventurous Adventurer:

If adventure in travel is important, but you aren’t a risk-taker, take advantage of travel destinations offering items that fit in life’s comfort zone.

Pack some favorite workout clothes and running shoes, and start now.

Best Yoga Destination:

For the yogi at heart, take along a yoga mat and head to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Surrounded by warm water and lush rainforest, Playa Limon of Costa Rica is a yoga junkies’ dream with hot yoga studios and organic juice shops at every corner.

Best Long Distance Running Destination:

Looking for a little more of a sweat than yoga?

If marathon running is your thing, the Patagonia International Marathon in Chile at the Torres del Pain National Park does not disappoint.

Torres del Paine National Park is encompassed by massive glaciers, Lagos, and grand pillars of granite mountains that rise 2,500 meters above the race route.

Most importantly, try something new when it comes to travel and healthy adventure.

The physical activity will be sure to please, but the memories created in a new destination will last a lifetime.

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