Recycle Your Pain – Motivational Video

Think about the meaning of pain in your life.

How can you overcome it?

What is it to recycling our pain?

What is it to push through that which makes us uncomfortable or feel hurt?

Pain is defined as a distressing feeling caused by intense or damaging stimuli.

It can’t be avoided.

We all go through it – both physically and emotionally.

As we cannot hide from it, we must learn how to handle it.

To be successful in dealing with pain, we must learn how to push through even when you feel like giving up.

How do you triumph over pain?

How do you keep going when it hurts so bad?

Pain is uncomfortable and unrelenting at times.

The only way to defeat it is to and overcome it.

Imagine pain being like a heavy weight on your ankles while you’re trying to swim to shore.

It’s physically challenging and emotionally draining to keep swimming through the waves with this weight pulling you down, limiting your strides.

You know what will happen if you give up.

You know what will happen if you stop fighting to get to shore.

Every ounce of pain now reminds you of previous moments, and you just want it to end.

Do you keep stroking and kicking no matter how heavy the weight? 

There are two sides of pain.

There’s the obvious suffering and discomfort that it brings into your life.

Then there’s the everlasting joy that you feel when you push through for something greater.

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The least obvious element of pain is that it’s not for you.

It is a lesson for you to share with others: how you got there and what you were able to do to overcome difficulty.

Pain is greater than you.

When you are trying to determine if you are in a truly painful situation or just having some challenges, you know it when you feel a burn inside that ignites your fight.

Pain is uncomfortable.

People shy away from that.

The good thing about pain is that it ignites the fighter in you.

It is like a match urging you to push through.

Pain is like a fire that you must control or it will burn you alive.

At that moment when you were thinking, ‘why me’, you know that you have reached that point when you need to begin to take control of your situation.

Pain is a lesson that teaches you appreciation for what you have – and what you have accomplished.

Pain is a burn that should ignite the fire that pushes you to victory.

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