25 Stone Cold Steve Austin Quotes For Knowing The Bottom Line

Embrace your inner champion with our Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes. 

Stone Cold is one of the most popular and successful professional wrestlers ever. 

Even though his most popular days were in the 1990s, Austin remains relevant as an all-time great in sports entertainment. 

Check out our Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes below!

Who is Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Steven James Anderson was born in 1964 in Victoria, Texas. 

He is one of the most successful professional wrestlers of all time and was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. 

Check out these fantastic Stone Cold Steve Austin facts below:

  • He collects antiques in his spare time. 
  • Stone Cold has been in at least thirty-seven films. 
  • As a high schooler, Austin was a National Honor Student and played in the band. 

Did Steve Austin play sports before wrestling?

Austin has always been athletic. 

In fact, his entire family is athletic, and they all play football. 

His stepfather played for Rice University and played in the Cotton Bowl. 

Stone Cold earned a scholarship to play football at the University of North Texas. 

An injury sidelined him for a while and forced him to change positions. 

Austin ended up quitting school with only a few more credits left to complete his degree in physical education. 

He knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler and sacrificed a lot to make his dream a reality. 

In an interview, Austin remembers that for years while he was attending wrestling school, he survived eating cans of tuna and potatoes. 

His hard work paid off when he got his first professional contract with the WWE (formerly the WWF) and became the heavyweight champion. 

Does Steven Austin act like his wrestling character in real life?

Austin has always been known to have a passionate personality. 

As a wrestler, he is known for his take-no-mess hard-edged persona. 

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Out of the ring, he is a father, husband, and regular guy. 

When asked about it, Austin notes, “Although I do not consider myself serious, I am a serious person. It would be great on my part to laugh for the whole day than argue.” 

To learn more, check out our Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes below. 

Short Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes about the bottom line

Stone Cold was legendary as a professional wrestler; here are some of his most memorable one-liners. 

1. “And that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. “You want some ketchup with that a** whooping?” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

3. “I’m gonna open up a can of whoop-a** on you.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

4. “I love my mother to death. I’m pretty much a reflection of her.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. “Stone Cold Steve Austin should be the champion you should try to be like!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

Famous Stone Cold Steven Austin quotes about becoming a champion

Stone Cold was a champion and continues to keep that attitude in life. 

6. “There is no such thing on wheels that I cannot drive.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

7. “You are not a person who can plant a kiss on my ass!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

8. “Become a champion like Stone Cold Steve Austin!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

9. “Would anybody like to offer cold beer to Steve Austin?” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

10. “Guys like me come along very seldom in the wrestling business. You can count ’em on a couple of fingers.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

The top Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes about justice and vengeance

Stone Cold was known for never giving up the war, even if he lost the battle

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11. “I eat so much chicken, I’m surprised I haven’t grown feathers yet.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

12. “I will knock you out with great retributive justice and inflamed rage.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

13. “You better not try to propagate the principles of right and wrong to me.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

14. “Remember that by playing safe, you are not going to get great things in this world!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

15. “It would be better for you to understand this that you do not suck because people tell you so; you suck because Steve Austin is saying so.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes and sayings about power

Steve Austin and his character, Stone Cold, knew there was a time to act and a time to observe. 

Here are some of his best quotes about power. 

16. “I no longer need my power tie because I always have my power finger.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

17. “It goes for me: WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam. The big three.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

18. “Irrespective of its legality, someone is certainly going to get himself scourged.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

19. “You treat me like a dog, and you expect me to smile? You remind me of a jackass.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

20. “Sportsmanship; what a load of crap. Don’t preach your morality to me. Steve Austin doesn’t have any mercy. You want mercy? Take your *ss to church!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

The best Stone Cold Steven Austin quotes about gimmicks and talent

Stone Cold was a generational talent and will always be remembered with the greats. 

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21. “Tune in next week, same Stone Cold Time, same Stone Cold Channel!” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

22. “A great gimmick is a great gimmick, but on a dud, it just doesn’t work. It comes down to talent.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

23. “Why have you not broken from the pack? You’re playing it safe. Safe ain’t gonna get you sh!t in this world” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

24. “I made a good living being a tough guy on TV, but I’d rather laugh and joke all day long than try to be a tough guy.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

25. “When you look back on anything in life, hindsight being 20/20, some things you’d like to have done a little differently.” — Stone Cold Steve Austin

What is Stone Cold Steve Austin up to today?

Stone Cold has had an illustrious career as a professional wrestler and actor. 

Austin was raised in Texas and has always remained true to his upbringing. 

Today, Austin is retired. 

He retired from professional wrestling in 2003 and has taken on new life ambitions. 

After appearing in dozens of action films and successful movies, Austin lives a quiet life at home. 

Today, Austin lives at his Broken Skull Ranch 2.0 in Nevada. 

Austin has not entirely let go of his creative itch. 

He has succeeded with two television series, The Broken Skull Challenge and Straight Up Steve Austin. 

Austin has never shied away from giving back. 

He has helped out at his former high school, improving their football program. 

He also uses his spare time to talk to up-and-coming wrestlers about the ins and out of professional wrestling. 

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