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50 Vampire Diaries Quotes to Relive the Series

Enjoy being reminded of your favorite characters and storylines with these Vampire Diaries quotes.

Vampire Diaries was a popular show that aired on the CW. While the first episode drew mixed reviews, the show continued to improve with every new episode, pulling fans in.

It came out close to the same time as the popular series Twilight. There was much debate between fans of the two about which one was the better vampire romance series.

The Vampire Diaries follows the story of a teenage orphan who finds herself falling in love with a vampire. There are many twists and turns along the road, including the return of the vampire’s brother and a mysterious history surrounding the town.

If you liked the show when it was new, you can relive it with these quotes. Or if you’ve never seen it before, you can get a little taste for it here.

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Best Vampire Diaries quotes: TVD quotes about living and fearlessness

1. “The first rule of truly living – do the thing you are most afraid of.” – Rebekah Mickaelson

2. “I used to think the worst feeling in the world was losing someone you love, but I was wrong. The worst feeling in the world is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself.” – Elena Gilbert

3. “If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?” – Katherine Pierce

4. “There is no such thing as bad ideas. Just poorly executed awesome ideas.” – Damon Salvatore

5. “Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it simply means that you are a strong person.” –Elena Gilbert

6. “You’re going to think that the pain will never end, but it will. But first, you have to let it all in. You can’t fight it. It’s bigger than you. You have to let yourself drown in it. But then eventually you’ll start to swim and every single breath that you fight for will make you stronger. And I promise that you will beat it.” – Elena Gilbert

7. “We met and we talked and it was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in.” – Elena Gilbert

8. “Hope is a bitch.” – Damon Salvatore

9. “It’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain.” – Klaus Mickaelson

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10. “I wake up every day and I feel okay. But there’s something missing, like a hole. Some people, they fit in life or whatever. I don’t.” — Jeremy Gilbert

11. “Trust is earned – I can’t just magically hand it over.” – Elena Gilbert

12. “Well, your life was pathetic; your afterlife doesn’t have to be.” — Damon Salvatore

13. “People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. There’s no magic, no mysticism, no immortality. There is nothing that defies rational thought.” – Elena Gilbert

14. “Life sucks, either way, Jeremy. At least if you’re a vampire, you don’t have to feel bad about it if you don’t want to.” – Damon Salvatore

Vampire Diaries quotes and lines about love and pain

15. “You want what everyone wants. You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and maybe even a little danger.” – Damon Salvatore

16. “The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them.” – Elena Gilbert

17. “When you lose someone, it stays with you. Always reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt.” – Elena Gilbert

18. “What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be.” – Damon Salvatore

19. “Everything I like about me is you.” – Tyler Lockwood

20. “What happens when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can fix it?” – Damon Salvatore

21. “Fight for her. Or spend the rest of eternity trying to figure out what happened to the best part of you. It’s your choice.” – Caroline Forbes

22. “I’m still mad at you because being around you drives me nuts and not being around you drives me nuts.” – Damon Salvatore

23. “I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return, you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you like nothing else.” – Elijah Mickaelson

24. “You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh. You made me dance. You told me that I would find love again… And, I understand if I have to wait for you, and I will. I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.” – Stefan Salvatore

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25. “Love’s always going to require a huge leap of faith. A big, scary leap over a hot pit of lava. And, you might end up heartbroken, but you might be the happiest person on the face of the earth.” – Jo Parker

26. “No matter how much I missed you or how much pain I was in, I never would have erased everything we ever had.” – Damon Salvatore

Famous Vampire Diaries quotes about darkness and hatred

27. “Because I’ve caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things you’ve done.” – Caroline Forbes

28. “Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it.” – Klaus Mickaelson

29. “One day you’re going to have to stop pretending everything’s okay.” – Elena Gilbert

30. “Hell, you’re a dick and you kill people, but I still see something human in you.” — Alaric Saltzman

31. “When it’s real, you can’t walk away.” – Lexi Branson

32. “The pleasure I’ll get of watching you suffer is greater than any pain I’ll ever feel.” — Stefan Salvatore

33. “All I can remember is hating you. There may have been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased anything good about you.” — Stefan Salvatore

34. “I do not go behind people’s backs and torture them. I like my enemies to look me in the eye and see the depth of my rage.” – Damon Salvatore

Vampire Diaries quotes about strength and fighting back

35. “When you feel the blood rush in, you tell yourself that you’re gonna get through it; that you’re strong enough. Yes, yes – no matter how good it feels to give yourself over to it, you fight it off. You bury it.” — Stefan Salvatore

36. “We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.” — Stefan Salvatore

37. “All you can do is be ready for the good, so when it comes, you invite it in. Because you need it. I need it.” — Elena Gilbert

38. “I tricked you into telling me the truth. That’s not stabbing you in the back. That’s using your own tactics against you.” — Elena Gilbert

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39. “You can’t just sit there and wait for life to come to you, you have to go get it.” – Damon Salvatore

40. “I want so much to make things right but every instinct in my body is telling me to be careful. What you don’t know can hurt you.” – Elena Gilbert

41. “Everything changes tomorrow. It’ll be all unicorns and rainbows.” – Damon Salvatore

42. “You’ve been given a chance to start over in the absence of the one who defined you.” – Elena Gilbert

Vampire Diaries quotes about humanity and society

43. “Humanity’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” — Damon Salvatore

44. “The real animal is still out there. Waiting for me, challenging me to fight back to stop him. But how do I stop the monster without becoming one myself?” – Stephan Salvatore

45. “We both know the closest you’ll ever get to humanity is when you rip it open and feed on it.” – Damon Salvatore

46. “Your search for life’s purpose is as obvious as it is tragic.” – Damon Salvatore

47. “I’m not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret.” – Damon Salvatore

48. “It’s not wrong to hustle hustlers. It’s like killing murderers, a public service.” – Damon Salvatore

49. “Because when people see good they expect good.” – Damon Salvatore

50. “Humanity is a vampire’s greatest weakness.” – Katherine Pierce

Which of these Vampire Diaries quotes and captions is your favorite?

If you’re looking for a show to binge-watch, The Vampire Diaries can keep you busy for a while. The show ran from 2009 to 2016 with 8 seasons.

If you’ve never seen it before, just remember that many people say it continued to get better as it went on, so you may have to push through the first few episodes before you really find yourself hooked.

If you were a fan of Twilight you can compare for yourself to find out which one was really better. Or if you were a fan of Vampire Diaries in the past, you can relive the stories. And if you really like the show, you can binge-watch the spinoff, The Originals, as well.

Did you enjoy reading these Vampire Diaries quotes and lines? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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