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The Terror is an American horror drama TV series based on true life events.

This series aired on AMC for almost two years from March 2018 to October 2019.

The story was adapted from Dan Simmon’s novel in 2007 titled The Terror.

This series features a story about a mission exploration by the Britains led by Captain John Franklin in 1845.

129 men set sail to explore the Arctic to traverse to India through China but none of them were able to get back and survive the three-year exploration.

The captains and sailors were puzzled about the reason behind the incident.

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The Terror quotes from Francis Crozier

1. “Careful how you use that word, “close”. This is the Discovery Service. “Close” is nothing. It’s worse than nothing. It’s worse than anything in the world.” — Francis Crozier

The Terror quotes from Francis Crozier

2. “This place wants us dead.” — Francis Crozier

The Terror quotes about this place wants us dead

3. “There’ll be no melodramas here. Just live men, or dead men.” — Francis Crozier

Special The Terror quotes

4. “In this place, technology still bends the knee to luck.” — Francis Crozier

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The Terror quotes for Instagram

5. “Tell those who come after us not to stay. The ships are gone. There is no way through. No passage. Tell them we are gone. Dead, and gone.” — Francis Crozier

The Terror quotes and sayings

6. “Nature does not give a damn about our plans.” — Francis Crozier

Unique The Terror quotes

7. “It is a Captain’s duty, after all, to mind for the worst case, not for the one he hopes for.” — Francis Crozier

Best The Terror quotes

8. “Frozen ships are good shelters, but they are not our homes. We’ve got homes we need to find our way back to.” — Francis Crozier

Positive The Terror quotes

9. “Friend, mother, lover, all the things they say a ship is to a captain and they miss the only thing that matters. Confessor.” — Francis Crozier

Epic The Terror quotes

10. “I’ll put a bullet in my head before I drink gin.” — Francis Crozier

Amazing The Terror quotes

11. “Keep your pity because you’re going to need all your pity for what’s coming.” — Francis Crozier

Meaningful The Terror quotes

12. “I will not tolerate hysteria.” — Francis Crozier

The Terror quotes about I will not tolerate hysteria

13. “You know what men are like when they are desperate. We both do.” — Francis Crozier

Motivational The Terror quotes

The Terror quotes from Cornelius Hickey

14. “Those who are quickest to tally your value, often do it on your spots alone.” — Cornelius Hickey

The Terror quotes from Cornelius Hickey

15. “Our empire is not the only empire. We’ve seen that now.” — Cornelius Hickey

Funny The Terror quotes

16. “Don’t indulge your morals over your practicals.” — Cornelius Hickey

Short The Terror quotes

17. “Survival is a nasty piece of business. But we do what we have to do.” — Cornelius Hickey

Special The Terror quotes

18. “Fear is a choice.” — Cornelius Hickey

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The Terror quotes about fear is a choice

The Terror quotes from James Fitzjames

19. “There is nothing worse than a man who’s lost his joy.” — James Fitzjames

The Terror quotes from James Fitzjames

20. “Gentlemen, we always feel worse in the darker months.” — James Fitzjames

The Terror quotes to inspire you

21. “These first miles are some of the hardest miles. We don’t know yet if the advance party made it to shore.” — James Fitzjames

Random The Terror quotes

22. “Not a man. Not a bear. Then, what?” — James Fitzjames

Cool The Terror quotes

The Terror quotes from Sir John

23. “You’re a pilgrim to the team. And remember: God lies in all realms.” — Sir John

Top The Terror quotes

24. “I envy you, Mr. Collins. I have long wanted to move below.” — Sir John

Other The Terror quotes

25. “What a disappointment I must be to you.” — Sir John

Wish The Terror quotes

Which of these The Terror quotes is your favorite?

This series will definitely give you goosebumps and will leave you craving for more as the characters unravel the truth behind the mystery.

The dreadful peculiarity of this series will make you explore deeper to the stories from the past especially during the time of voyage and exploration.

With its commendable acting from the characters and superb execution of the settings, it masterfully sets the tone of the story and brings the audience to the sinister nature of adventure.

Get hooked on the story and see if you want to watch the show again, or for the first time, as you look into these The Terror quotes and sayings.

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