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The Irregulars was a mystery series that aired on Netflix in 2021.

However, the show only had one season before being canceled but the streaming platform.

The show follows the story of a group of teenagers known as the Irregulars.

There are four of them, Jessie, Beatrice, Billy, and Spike, and they live in London in a street cellar.

The series was based on work by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The group of teenagers is based on the Baker Street Irregulars who were a set of characters that worked with Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories.

The group is working to solve supernatural mysteries that are taking place in the city.

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The Irregulars quotes from Dr. Watson

1. “You know when I first asked for you to help, I was apprehensive.” — Dr. Watson

The Irregulars quotes from Dr. Watson

2. “Your sister has a gift.” — Dr. Watson

The Irregulars quotes about your sister has a gift

3. “She can see things normal people cannot.” — Dr. Watson

The Irregulars quotes for instagram

4. “Darkness has entered this city.” — Dr. Watson

The Irregulars quotes about darkness has entered this city

5. “You know nothing of what it is to be afraid.” — Dr. Watson

The Irregulars quotes about you know nothing what it is to be afraid

6.”Don’t go far. This is just the beginning.” — Dr. Watson

Top The Irregulars quotes

The Irregulars quotes from Jessie

7. “You can’t keep me cooped up all day because you’re worried something might happen to me.” — Jessie

Best The Irregulars quotes

8. “You should be knee-deep in shenanigans by now.” — Jessie

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Meaningful The Irregulars quotes

9. “You’re like a racist against posh people.” — Jessie

More The Irregulars quotes

The Irregulars quotes from Spike

10. “Can I just say, us walking away from peril is such a refreshing change of tack.” — Spike

The Irregulars quotes from Spike

11. “This right here is the appropriate reaction to danger.” — Spike

Other The Irregulars quotes

12. “He knows more than what he’s telling us, much more.” — Spike

Motivational The Irregulars quotes

13. “I’m too pretty to be here. I stand out a mile. My handsomeness is making me a target.” — Spike

Inspirational The Irregulars quotes

14. “His wand is flapping all over the shop. It’s very unbecoming.” — Spike

Wise The Irregulars quotes

The Irregulars quotes from Leopold

15. “I didn’t lie to you about who I was because I was trying to trick you. I lied because I was trying to be more real.” — Leopold

The Irregulars quotes from Leopold

16. “So long as we can fight, we fight.” — Leopold

The Irregulars quotes about fighting

17. “I’m so glad that word of my fondness for crockery has reached the ears of His Lordship.” — Leopold

Unique The Irregulars quotes

The Irregulars quotes from Bea

18. “I was thinking maybe we could spend five minutes together tonight.” — Bea

The Irregulars quotes from Bea

19. “Maybe we don’t need to do the invisible present thing.” — Bea

Positive The Irregulars quotes

20. “Just because you ride around in a fancy carriage and wear suits doesn’t make you my better. Doesn’t make you anyone’s better.” — Bea

The Irregulars quotes for Instagram

21. “No one talks down to me.” — Bea

The Irregulars quotes about no one talks down to me

22. “I know bollocks when I hear it.” — Bea

Unique The Irregulars quotes

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The series received positive feedback on Rotten Tomatoes, however, some people felt that many of the storylines followed regular plots that were predictable.

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They felt that it touched on something that could be better, but didn’t fully reach that level.

Overall, there were mixed reviews of the series, but it did top The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on the charts, which was airing on Disney+ at the same time.

In the end, the show had eight episodes and was left at that.

If you enjoyed these The Irregulars quotes and sayings, you may want to watch the series for the first time or rewatch if you have watched it before.

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