How To Alter Your Life With The Secrets of Synthesis

Are you feeling a need to alter your life?

What are the secrets of synthesis, and can they help you alter the course you are on?

It’s not a stretch to say that our 21st-century western society is in trouble.

Our culture exudes an ethos that life is supposed to be:

  • a struggle
  • full of challenges, trials, and tribulations
  • something to be endured rather than enjoyed

All reinforced by a seemingly endless torrent of negativity through the media: “Stay tuned for another disaster… details at 11:00.”

This sort of thinking is integral to our mass consciousness, and we suffer for it.

Both individually and collectively.

Millions of us are depressed, stressed, anxious, obese, insomniac, angry, or terrified.

Many of us are a cocktail made of all these emotions.

Do we have to accept living life this way?


Anyone can alter the quality of their life in virtually any way imaginable, and often within a few weeks rather than months or years.

That is why I designed my Synthesis process and why I wrote “The Synthesis Effect.”

And it all boils down to mastering what I call the “4 Secrets of Synthesis.”

Secret # 1 to transforming your life: Choose to live “at cause” rather than “at effect.”

Living at cause can be summarized in one statement: “It’s my life and I and I alone am responsible for how it goes.”

Most of us feel like we are at the mercy of circumstance; that life happens to us.

While it may feel this way, scientists have provided empirical evidence suggesting the opposite.

It seems we create our reality by manipulating and expressing our energies.

We are essentially energy machines, like TV transmitters.

Everything we think, do, say, and feel—the energetic “signal” we send into the universe—directly affects the energy we attract back into our lives.

Living “at cause” means taking full responsibility for that interaction and its outcomes.

Doing so creates a feeling of control.

It allows us to let go of neediness to find our personal strength from within ourselves rather than hoping to find it from some outside source.

That ‘outside source’ approach never works for very long, anyway.

Living at cause helps us truly love, honor, and respect ourselves, a requirement for attracting love, honor, and respect back.

That’s what most of us want more than anything.

Of course, we cannot control everything that happens in life, but we can always control how we respond to what happens.

Over time and with practice, we can learn to attract a lot less negativity and trouble.

We can learn to synthesize, transmit, and attract an overall energy of well-being, happiness, and abundance, whatever that might mean to us.

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Secret #2: Live your life according to your core values.

We all have core values.

These attributes of life must be present to feel whole and balanced.

Core values are what I call the non-tradeoff items.

We have them for virtually every aspect of our life, from careers to personal relationships.

Understanding and following these values is essential if you want to alter your life.

Examples of core values might include honesty, trust, integrity, passion, creativity, recreation, working in teams or individually, money, socialization or isolation, and so forth.

It’s safe to say that many of us try, or feel forced, to live our lives, pursue careers, and/or our relationships according to the expectations and values of others.

Often these efforts oppose our core values, which never works without much pain.

So, take the time to understand your core values for all the important aspects of your life.

The things like your career, relationships, friendships, etc., all matter.

Then choose to live according to those values and your expectations.

Walk your path, not someone else’s.

After all, whose life is it anyway?

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Transform your life with Secret # 3: Embrace the process, and it is all a process!

We have become a society that worships instant gratification.

With the incredible technological advances over the last century, we have grown used to having things happen quickly.

For most of us, at least in Western society, this includes the necessities and many of the so-called luxuries of life.

Everything is right at our fingertips.

We are impatient; we want what we want, and we want it right now!

However, like it or not, life is a process.

There is no avoiding that salient fact, so the sooner one accepts that he or she is a work in process (and will always be in process), the easier life will be.

We can only live one moment at a time—the present moment—then we are on the way to true empowerment.

One of the important benefits of accepting and embracing the process is that we can learn how to better budget and spend our energy.

We can slow down and enjoy the ride!

This alone will help transform your life!

We can also stop investing so much energy in the past.

It’s over, done, and cannot be redone.

What is the past good for?

One thing, and that one thing is a big thing: learning.

By analyzing the choices we’ve made, we can transform our lives.

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It is within our power to stick to the good ones.

Then we need to learn from the not-so-good ones.

Drum roll—committing to not repeating the ones that caused us pain is essential to reflecting on our choices.

We can also learn to stop worrying about the future.

We can visualize and pre-pave the future we wish to manifest and feel the excitement of anticipating what we want to achieve or create.

However, we need to focus more of our energy on where we are now.

Ask yourself how you’re feeling now, and then make choices that feel good.

That also takes us toward what we want.

How simple!

Learn from the past and avoid repeating choices that didn’t work; focus our energy on what we want rather than what we don’t want; live and make choices.

Our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings send the universe the energetic signal that we not only intend (but also expect) to get, whatever “it” is.

Suddenly, life is a lot more fun and a lot more productive, and we find we get “it” sooner.

Secret # 4: Balance your energy streams

I’ve found that for most people, the easiest way to think about human energy is in terms of three separate streams: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

If we make the time and effort to balance and integrate all three, we live a very calm, centered, healthy, peaceful, and productive existence.

We are happy campers in the forest of life.

Balancing and integrating our energy streams is simple, and it can also be easy!

I always encourage my clients and students to choose ‘easy!’

It starts with one very important choice; to commit to loving, honoring, and respecting ourselves, treating ourselves as kindly and compassionately as we treat those whom we love.

With that commitment in mind, let’s look at what needs to be done.

Physical Energy

First, physical energy is the energy of your body.

It’s the vehicle through which we experience life on the earthly plane.

The human body is a miracle of universal evolution and creation.

Feeding it well and moving it regularly and vigorously will stay healthy for a very long time.

That’s as easy as it gets!

Emotional Energy

Then, there is emotional energy, which is trickier.

It is the energy of our identity as individual beings, what we might call our ego.

The ego is a product of behavioral programming that takes place very early in life.

Most of our ego-driven thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors result from that programming.

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Then they arise in the subconscious part of the mind.

The subconscious is like a three-year-old child and thus can easily get himself into trouble.

Life will get easier if we commit to loving, honoring, and respecting ourselves as adults.

It doesn’t take very long to realize that many of the self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, and limiting beliefs we hold are merely patterns handed down to us.

Luckily, we don’t have to accept them if we choose not to!

Instead, we can consciously choose to think, feel, and behave in a way that feels good, and that serves our growth, well-being, and the greater good.

The adult in us can treat the child in us kindly, providing gentle but firm guidance.

I often have clients do an assignment in which they commit to treating themselves like their own little kids.

It works wonders.

Spiritual Energy

Last, let’s look at the energy of spirit.

One of the noteworthy sources of disconnection in our technology-driven culture is that we have forgotten who we are.

We are spiritual beings in a physical body.

We have become obsessed with the physical world, the world of the flesh, and materialism.

This energetic imbalance is the source of much of our pain and disconnection.

It is also one of the easiest attributes of life to repair.

There is no longer any doubt that the energy we call spirit exists; science has proven it.

Spirit is the essence of our consciousness, our very being.

Spirit comprises the largest component of our total energy, and, ironically, it is also the component that has been most neglected for the last half millennium.

Put these 4 Secrets of Synergy together, and it will amaze you

So, how do we take care of and nurture this essential energy?

By simply taking some time every day to sit quietly and turn off the noise and static of modern society—no phones, radios, iPods, TVs, etc.

Then gently go within and simply spend a little while being rather than doing—meditating.

Connecting to spirit—our essence—connects us to Source energy, the God-force within each of us.

It helps calm the inner three-year-old and inspires us to eat better and move more, the singular best way to balance and tend to our physical energy.

When all this happens, we have mastered the 4 secrets of Synthesis and live Rule # 1 in the McGrail method: Life is supposed to be fun!

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