21 Twisted Quotes From the Thrilling Movie

Fans of psychological thriller movies will love these Twisted Quotes!

Twisted was a movie released in 2004 as a psychological thriller written by Sarah Thorp and directed by Philip Kaufman.

The movie stars Ashley Judd, Andy Garcia, and Samuel L. Jackson, among other talented actors.

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Although the movie had a lot of star power, the reviews were negative.

The film underperformed at the box office, bringing in $41 million against a $50 million budget.

The plot follows Officer Jessica Shepard, who had previously solved a large case involving a serial killer.

After the case, Officer Shepard transfers to a different department with the help of her foster father, John Mills, who is the San Francisco Police Department Commissioner, and her new partner Mike Delmarco.

One by one, Jessica’s ex-lovers suddenly start being murdered, and Jessica has to solve the case before more are killed.

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The Most Remembered Twisted Quotes

Here is a set of some of the most remembered quotes from the movie.

1. “It’s my gun.”  Jessica Shepard

2. “Don’t hurt me!”  Edmund Cutler

3. “I’m doing this for you.”  John Mills

4. “You killed them.”  Jessica Shepard

5. “The problem is control.”  Edmund Cutler

6. “You’ve made enemies already.”  Mike Delmarco

7. “We all have the capacity to kill!”  Edmund Cutler

8. “We heard everything, commissioner.”  Wilson Jefferson

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9. “They were scum… they didn’t deserve you.”  John Mills

10. “I’m so sorry; I thought you were the guy.”  Jessica Shepard

Intense Twisted Quotes

Check out some of the most intense quotes from the movie.

11. “Don’t you understand?”  John Mills

12. “I’d like to propose a toast.”  John Mills

13. “Step away from Mike.”  Jessica Shepard

14. “What’s going on here? Is this some kind of joke?”  Mike Delmarco

15. “What’s going on here? Is this some kind of joke?”  Mike Delmarco

16. “He lost his mind; he ran in the house. I heard arguing.”  John Mills

17. “Your father had that same look in his eyes! I told him about her!”  John Mills

18. “Looks like you were having some wine before we got here, Mike.”  John Mills

19. “Sounds like you’ve got an animal in your chest, trying to get out.” Edmund Cutler

20. “Somebody has been following me since these murders began.”  Jessica Shepard

21. “What kind of a moron tries to flush body parts down a toilet, especially when he’s got a perfectly good furnace out back?”  John Mills

Does Jessica Solve the Case? (SPOILERS)

The murders are getting closer and closer to Jessica.

Eventually, her foster father convinces her that the murderer must be her new partner Mike.

When Jessica and John appear at Mike’s apartment to question him, Jessica realizes the murderer is actually her foster father, John, and she must stop him before he kills her.

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