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Superman and Lois Quotes for the Superhero in You

These Superman and Lois quotes will make you want to know more about the man behind Superman.

Superman & Lois is a superhero drama series based on the iconic DC Comic hero, Superman. It revolves around his life on a personal level, not just as his typical crime-fighting alter ego. You get to see the real Superman straight out of the pages of the comics.

This series humanizes Superman and gives the most genuine representation of the most iconic American superhero in history. It is arguably the most fantastic attempt to reboot the character of Superman.

These Superman & Lois quotes will make your heart melt for the Man of Steel.

Don’t forget to also check out these superhero quotes to inspire the best version of you.

Superman & Lois quotes from Lois Lane

1. “Your life falling apart doesn’t mean you’re special. It means you’re human.” — Lois Lane

2. “He’s this world’s first and greatest hero, but I want you to know that he’s an even better man.” — Lois Lane

3. “With everything this family is facing, we can’t rely on luck.” — Lois Lane

4. “What can you say about leaving a place you loved? You hope it made you who you are, challenged your beliefs, pushed you out of your comfort zone, and gave you the strength to demand better. So you’re prepared for what’s to come.” — Lois Lane

5. “What can you say about leaving a place you loved? All the memories. All the experiences. It can be heartbreaking until the excitement takes over. Because you soon realize you get to make new memories, have new experiences, and best of all, fall in love all over again.” — Lois Lane

6. “The world will always need Superman, and when there is a problem, you will be there for them, but right now, this family needs you more.” — Lois Lane

7. “Sometimes words cut so deep that they forever change how you see a person.” — Lois Lane

8. “No one ever dreams about the problems, but every life has them. Even the extraordinary ones.” — Lois Lane

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9. “You need to hear this. I have told you repeatedly that this world is different from yours, that our Superman is different from the monster who destroyed your Earth, that he would never turn on humanity.” — Lois Lane

10. “The reason I know how much Superman loves humanity is that he’s not just someone I report on, he’s everything to me, he’s the love of my life, the father of my sons. John, Superman is my husband.” — Lois Lane

11. “Yeah, we thought a slower pace of life might be good for us.” — Lois Lane

12. “You don’t go snooping around some guy from another world’s murder van.” — Lois Lane

13. “I let you come with me because I trusted you, I trusted that you were responsible enough to know how dangerous this all is.” — Lois Lane

14. “ You knew there was a risk, I know you did, and yet you went in anyway. Alone, behind my back to find weapons. You almost died. Not because you were unarmed, because you were reckless. Stupid. And if you had died, the only person that would have been to blame is yourself.” — Lois Lane

15. “Connect every dot, piece it all together, and if we’ve done our job right, the answer will present itself.” — Lois Lane

Superman & Lois quotes from Clark Kent

16. “Every power comes with its own burden.” — Clark Kent

17. “Each power comes with its own burden. It’s not just what you do, but it’s also what you don’t do.” — Clark Kent

18. “The people of this world deserve the means to defend themselves from the one thing I can’t save them from: me.” — Clark Kent

19. “Everything you are doing is gonna stop.” — Clark Kent

20. “ Nothing is as it seems with this kind of stuff.” — Clark Kent

21. “Do you understand how dangerous this could be? That anger you felt, I have those feelings too.” — Clark Kent

22. “I wasn’t sent here to be Martha Kent’s son.” — Clark Kent

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23. “You can’t tell them not to come to me for help.” — Clark Kent

24. “Hey, it’s important that we don’t draw unnecessary attention to our family.” — Clark Kent

25. “It’s not just what you do, but it’s also what you don’t do.” — Clark Kent

26. “After my father died, I felt pretty lost. I had a lot of questions about who I was, why I could do the things I could do, so I came here and found my answers.” — Clark Kent

27. “The fact that I’m Superman means that I’ve been gone a lot in your lives. Now I always told myself that you’d both be fine and that it wouldn’t affect you, but I was wrong. I know it has. Now, I can’t just abandon the world, but I can’t abandon you two, either. It’s gonna take me some time to figure out how to be better at both, but I will, okay?” — Clark Kent

Superman & Lois quotes from Jordan

28. “You’re Superman? No, we’ve seen Superman before. We’ve seen him.” — Jordan

29. “You may have been sent here to be some hero, but you sure as hell weren’t sent here to be a father.” — Jordan

30. “I think some stupid part of me actually thought that the powers would bring me closer to people, but all they really do is bring me farther away.” — Jordan

31. “I don’t think I’ve ever been as scared as I was today.” — Jordan

32. “Those Metropolis guys made my life hell. Let me shut them up.” — Jordan

33. “I think someone’s trying to kill dad.” — Jordan

34. “I would have much rather have super hearing than crazy eyes.” — Jordan

Superman & Lois quotes from Morgan

35. “My real name is Tal-Rho. I’m the son of Zeta-Rho and Lara Lor-Van.” — Morgan

36. “I know how unlikely it may seem, but the two of us, we share the same Kryptonian blood.” — Morgan

37. “Did you really think I’d be giving people powers without having them myself? You see, I got mine the same time you did, Kal-el, when I arrived on this planet.” — Morgan

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38. “ I think it’s time you learned the truth about who I am and where I’m really from, brother.” — Morgan

39. “In my experience, truth is rather subjective.” — Morgan

Superman & Lois quotes from Jonathan

40. “Dad, you and Jordan basically are weapons. I am the only one in this house that is completely unarmed.” — Jonathan

41. “ I was one second away from being dead, and Mom couldn’t do anything, and you, you almost didn’t even make it in time.” — Jonathan

42. “This town is my Kryptonite!” — Jonathan

Superman & Lois quotes from Derek

43. “I’m already dead.” — Derek

44. “He resurrected me, Kal-El! You’re not alone anymore!” — Derek

Superman & Lois quotes from Kyle

45. “You wanted to do that as a kid.” — Kyle

46. “He’s bringing jobs to Smallville, so that’s good enough for me.” — Kyle

47. “We come in with the best of intentions, and everyone now just assumes the absolute worst?” — Kyle

Superman & Lois quotes from Lana

48. “Kryptonians are peaceful people.” — Lana

49. “Look, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call. You know what, you should all come tomorrow for a barbecue. One less meal to worry about.” — Lana

50. “Not today, Clark.” — Lana

Which of these Superman & Lois quotes is your favorite?

Superman & Lois will make you excited to keep watching more episodes of this old story on a whole new level.

Over the decades, we’ve seen tons of Superman reboots, but none of them shows the true essence of Superman. In this series, you’ll see how Superman interacts with the world and build a life around it.

His relationship with Lois is presented on a deeper level as CW decides to introduce Superman’s children and slowly builds an incredible mix of conflict between his Superman and Clark Kent personas.

Without being said, if a super-strong alien from another planet can be a human, why not do a few good things for others today and share these Superman and Lois quotes and sayings with your friends.

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