25 Tyler Joseph Quotes From the Frontman of the Band Twenty One Pilots

Alternative music fans will love these Tyler Joseph quotes.

Tyler Robert Joseph was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1988 and is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Joseph and his bandmate Josh Dun are best known for being the frontman of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots.

The success of Twenty One Pilots has allowed Joseph to win one Grammy award and be nominated for numerous others.

He was homeschooled as a child and played basketball from a young age.

He began playing music on an old keyboard, and his first exposure to music was the Christian Rap Group called DC Talk.

He later turned down a scholarship offer to play basketball at Otterbein University and instead started his music career.

Read these Tyler Joseph quotes to learn more about the musician.

Best Tyler Joseph Quotes

Enjoy some of the best quotes by the Twenty One Pilots frontman.

1. “Pardon me for yelling.” — Tyler Joseph

2. “I kinda always wanted to be an ant.” — Tyler Joseph

3. “Radio is a hungry monster that eats very fast.” — Tyler Joseph

4. “Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.” — Tyler Joseph

5. “Every time I feel selfish, ambition is taking my vision.” — Tyler Joseph

6. “It’s all right to fail. You just have to get up again and try.” — Tyler Joseph

7. “Cause I believe in love, and I hope I can show you what I mean.” — Tyler Joseph

8. “I like candles. It helps cover up for the fact that I have four male roommates.” — Tyler Joseph

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9. “And I know it might be a little selfish for me to say, but I need to know if you’ve thought of me at all today.” — Tyler Joseph

10. “Do you remember when we had to lug a piano downstairs to a basement of some venue to play for five people?” — Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph Quotes to Make You Think

Over his music career, Tyler has written and spoken many thought-provoking things.

11. “Just pray that someone hears me now.” — Tyler Joseph

12. “Keep your friends close and your enemies on the guest list.” — Tyler Joseph

13. “We do a lot of reminiscing. It helps us keep our heads on straight.” — Tyler Joseph

14. “There’s always that fear of your own head and the things you’re going to think.” — Tyler Joseph

15. “It’s so hard to motivate me to devote a single inch of me to something I can’t see.” — Tyler Joseph

16. “A lot of things you do to cover up insecurities can be just as harmful to you as anything else.” — Tyler Joseph

17. “I’ve been told by the sky that the ocean I shall win, but it’s hard for me to see where ocean stops and where sky begins.” — Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph Quotes to Inspire You

Here are some inspirational Tyler Joseph quotes.

18. “Anyone, from anywhere, can do anything.” — Tyler Joseph

19. “Know this: you can start over each morning.” — Tyler Joseph

20. “You don’t have to worry about being part of a particular genre. You just go for it.” — Tyler Joseph

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21. “Don’t let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what you believe.” — Tyler Joseph

22. “By the time you do what somebody else is doing, everybody has moved on to something else.” — Tyler Joseph

23. “I want to be afraid, but it seems that these days I’m caught underwater and I’m falling farther.” — Tyler Joseph

24. “Music seems to hold everything together. It seems to make things not so chaotic sometimes.” — Tyler Joseph

25. “The love you see inside of me is not mine, but it comes from the only God that will let you live your life, and now I don’t have to change.” — Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph’s Personal Life

Although Joseph grew up in the Christian faith and still refers to himself as a Christian, he struggles to talk about it or really know how he feels about it.

He has been married to Jenna Black since 2015, and they have two children.

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