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An Intro to Walter Mitty 

Walter Mitty is a popular character depicted in the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” 

The story was written by James Thurber and was published in 1939 in The New Yorker.

When it comes to American literature, this short story is rendered as a true classic. 

Talking about the character, Walter Mitty is a middle-aged man.

He is a person who daydreams, which serves as an escape from his mundane life. 

The story is all about an array of his vivid fantasies.

For instance, he imagines himself as: 

  • A brave hero 
  • A skilled surgeon 
  • A war pilot 
  • A courtroom lawyer 

Plot Summary

The story starts with an interesting situation where Walter Mitty drops his wife off for a hair appointment. 

While waiting outside, he daydreams and finds in himself a brave Navy pilot. 

After a while, his wife jolted him and brought him back to reality.

This happened again when he went to a department store to buy overshoes.

Since he was daydreaming, he ended up buying gloves instead of shoes.

He once daydreamed of being a surgeon even while walking through the streets. 

In the end, Walter Mitty daydreams about facing a firing squad.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: The Movie

Directed by Stiller, the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was released in 2013. 

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It is a modern adaptation of the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber.

Ben Stiller performs the character of Walter Mitty.

The cast includes:

  • Kristen Wiig 
  • Adam Scott 
  • Sean Penn

The character of Walter Mitty is depicted as a shy person. 

He is an introverted man with a habit of daydreaming.

Mostly, he daydreams of amazing adventures. 

How the Movie was Received 

The movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is a visual treat. 

It has become an uplifting and impressive adaptation of a classic short story. 

After watching the movie, critics and viewers considered it a fresh take on the original story. 

The director was successful in retaining the original themes of the story. 

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Top 5 Walter Mitty Quotes

Here are the top 5 quotes of the dreamer Walter Mitty for your reading pleasure.

1. “Hey, do you know our motto?” — Walter Mitty

2. “To hell with the handkerchief!” — Walter Mitty

3. “I just live by the ABCs: Adventurous, Brave, Creative.” — Walter Mitty

4. “I haven’t really been anywhere noteworthy or mentionable.” — Walter Mitty

5. “They’re so damn cocky … they think they know everything.” — Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Quotes from Hospital Scene

In these quotes, see what Walter Mitty says to his fellows after becoming a doctor in his imagination.

6. “Quiet, man!” — Walter Mitty

7. “Who has the case?” — Walter Mitty

8. “You are very kind.” — Walter Mitty

9. “Give me a fountain pen!” — Walter Mitty

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10. “That will hold for ten minutes. Get on with the operation.” — Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Quotes from Discussions Between Him & Sergeant

Considering himself a pilot in his daydream, what Mitty says to the sergeant is well presented in these quotes.

11. “Cheerio!” — Walter Mitty

12. “A bit of a near thing.” — Walter Mitty

13. “We only live once, Sergeant, or do we?” — Walter Mitty

14. “Get him to bed with the others. I’ll fly alone.” — Walter Mitty

15. “Somebody’s got to get that ammunition dump; I’m going over.” — Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Quotes from a Dialogue Between Walter Mitty & Todd Maher

These quotes are an extract from a conversation between Walter Mitty and Todd, the customer service representative from eHarmony.

16. “No, it was real. I really did.” — Walter Mitty

17. “Uh, not much. How have you been?” — Walter Mitty

18. “Hey Todd, I’m gonna keep this short. I have to make oxygen choices.” — Walter Mitty

19. “Hey, Todd, I can’t really talk right now. I’m on my way to a volcano.” — Walter Mitty

20. “Oh, I jumped out of a helicopter yesterday into the ocean and had a shark bite.” — Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Quotes from Walter Mitty, Pilot & Captain’s Conversations

Here are some quotes spoken by Walter Mitty to the helicopter pilot and the boat captain.

21. “Where do we land?” — Walter Mitty

22. “That’s what I said!” — Walter Mitty

23. “Okay… Come here, hey, hey!” — Walter Mitty

24. “It’s not a porpoise! It’s not a porpoise!” — Walter Mitty

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25. “There’s nothing here. There’s a fin here I think.” — Walter Mitty

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