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Who Are The Genuine Unsung Heroes In Our Lives?

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Unsung heroes are those who never ever complain and are always there for work on time or help out everyone willingly and are unselfish and focused on their work.

Do you know and appreciate the real unsung heroes in your life.

These heroes are not famous footballers, fashion models or actors.

There are people who have harder jobs than these and also thankless jobs.

These people work for little pay and almost no appreciation.

They are your house cleaners, office cleaners etc.

The maid who works in your house comes everyday to pick up dirty clothes and wash them or wipe the house clean.

Just imagine your life without them.

There are offices cleaners who pick up the empty ready made sandwich containers, collect the paperclips thrown on the floor or clean up the gum pasted under your table!

Then there is the after party cleaner, who after you finish partying, cleans everything.

This job is worse than the job of regular cleaners.

The street cleaners also do thankless jobs.

They need to be appreciated for the work they do.

Just imagine if you have to sweep streets everyday at minimum wages!

There are a lot of institutes like the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes who recognize their work and give recognition for that.

Today, everybody’s eyes and ears are engrossed in cricket matches or award ceremonies or cinema.

Fervent fans cheer for their cricket heroes or movie heroes, however, there are many working meticulously on the sidelines, transforming homes, painting schools, altering lives and visiting flood victims.

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There are so many unidentified heroes in the world today.

People sing the praises of great activists, Territorial Army, Nobel Prize winners, actors, etc.

However, we forget the heroes in our own lives, in our community or even neighborhood.

Unsung heroes are hardly ever prominent, for they do not share any hall of fame which the world famous heroes occupy.

They have never received appreciation, titles or medals of accolades for their acts.

However, it is marvelous that they do not complain or groan about it.

What matters to them are the people they help, the lives they touch and create a presence.

Their acts of sympathy care for and bravery makes a world of difference to someone else’s life.

We should ask ourselves.

Do we really take out time to be grateful for unsung heroes of our lives?

Just look around with your eyes and brain wide open.

Unsung heroes are present everywhere.

They are present in schools, neighborhood, workplaces, communities, volunteer groups and much more places.

Our mother is also the most important unsung hero in our life.

She changes our diaper when we were babies, taking care of us and so many more things.

She always forgives you when you make any mistakes.

Brothers and sisters, volunteers, associates etc are also the real unsung heroes of our lives and the public.

They might not receive any awards for their hard work, but they are determined to do what they do just out of readiness and empathy.

For these unsung heroes, the joyful faces of people, team members and friends is the real indication of admiration.

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