Why Being Misunderstood is Part of the Journey to Greatness

Do you worry about being misunderstood while you try to reach your goals?

Your adventure to find greatness will sometimes lead you on the less-traveled path, causing people to question you.

However, any journey towards noteworthy accomplishments often requires challenging the status quo.

When you set out to define new ways of doing things, identify new functions, create new products, or uniquely demonstrate your artistry, you are likely to be misunderstood.

Often, you will even garner criticism.

“Be willing to get uncomfortable and be misunderstood that is where great things happen.” – Ja-nae Duane

This doubt and questioning of your dreams and goals is almost inevitable.

Don’t let it stop you, though!

Just view it as a necessary part of the journey toward your success.

Not everyone will be able to perceive your vision

Many may question your motives, ridicule your intent, or minimize your level of effort.

Yet, you have to stay the course!

Know within yourself that these challenges will come.

Do not quit because someone else can not perceive your vision.

To other people, your ideas and plans may seem far-fetched or impossible.

Whenever you introduce something innovative, you will find hesitation from others to embrace your ideas.

However, as long as you have the idea, dream, desire, and plan of action you are on your way!

You have the resources and opportunity to accomplish your goals!

Now, you just have to ignore those who do not understand and keep striving.

People will not support what they do not grasp, cannot relate to, or don’t find valuable.

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Pursuing greatness requires taking chances, walking a different path, and attempting what has never been done before.

So, any effort to change or reinvent yourself is often not embraced or understood.

It takes significant effort and time to deliver a product or function that changes or impacts society.

As you embark on your odyssey to discover, create, and share developments that can advance our world, you will need to seclude yourself.

This will help you focus on moving your idea from possibility to reality.

You aren’t an outcast even though it might feel like everyone is questioning you

Once you are off, privately, working on your design or scheme, do not share information with everyone.

You may be misunderstood and feel like an outcast.

When people don’t know what you’re doing or can’t see what you are creating, they are bound to make assumptions.

Let them form their opinions.

Whether they are positive or not is actually not your concern at this stage.

Critics may misinterpret your attempt to protect the confidentiality of your concepts.

Your quest to secure your distinctive design, features, or craft will require secrecy.

Whenever you choose not to share information, people may assume you are doing something strange.

However, your quest for greatness could result in negative responses.

These less-than-stellar opinions and comments are because those around you do not comprehend what you are doing.

Keep doing the work, and try not to let the noise bother you!

You need to possess unshakeable faith

In your quest for greatness, you need to possess unshakeable faith.

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Chasing your dreams and working on your goals can seem overwhelming.

Have confidence in yourself and your vision, and you will thrive and succeed…eventually, at least.

Success may mean failing and trying repeatedly.

You might have to test several angles before you meet your goal.

It could mean risking your well-being or taking a gamble on losing your assets.

Most of your friends, family, and colleagues will not recognize the value you see in investing everything you have in achieving your goals.

Those who are close to you may think you are wasting your time, losing your mind, and merely living recklessly.

Going all out to launch a dream or idea that seems improbable, means people might tease and taunt you.

As challenges arise, you will find that your allies dwindle.

Many will declare that after you lose it all, you will come to your senses.

However, if you are sure that you want to attain your targeted achievements, you must also be willing to be uncomfortable.

This includes underwriting those dreams by paying the cost financially, mentally, emotionally, and even, physically.

Visualize the result

If everyone else doubts, you must believe.

You have to remind yourself that they do not recognize the exceptional and awe-inspiring triumphs that lie ahead for you.

Visualize the result, and imagine the results of your achievement.

Anticipate the victory that awaits you.

Do not allow the nay-sayers, the unbelievers, and the dream crushers, to take you down.

Despite being misunderstood, you have to press forward!

Create, innovate, and burn the midnight oil.

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Secure your idea, even though that means accepting ridicule and criticism.

You have to put your care into delivering your dream.

Try not to worry about those who may never understand until they see (and experience) the greatness you achieve.

“Not everybody will get it.

People will misinterpret you and what you do.

They might even call you names.

So, get comfortable with being misunderstood, disparaged, or ignored – the trick is to be too busy doing your work to care.” – Austin Kleon

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