20 Hilarious Yosemite Sam Quotes

Enjoy some laughs with one of your favorite Looney Tunes characters by checking out these Yosemite Sam quotes!

Yosemite Sam is a cartoon character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies short films and was created by Warner Bros.

Yosemite Sam got his name from Yosemite National Park, and he appears as one of the most popular adversaries of Bugs Bunny.

Like all good adversaries, Yosemite Sam is known for his extreme personality traits.

He is depicted as a gunslinging cowboy who is extremely aggressive, has a bad temper, and hates rabbits!

Yosemite Sam first appeared in 1945 and appeared in 33 short films between 1945 and 1964.

Even today, Yosemite Sam appears in movies, cartoons, and video games, showing that his popularity has outlasted time.

Enjoy these hilarious Yosemite Sam quotes!

Famous Yosemite Sam quotes

Check out some of Yosemite Sam’s most-known quotes!

1. “Say your prayers, rabbit.” — Yosemite Sam

2. “Oooooo! I hate that rabbit!” — Yosemite Sam

3. “When I say whoa, I mean whoa!” — Yosemite Sam

4. “Not that-a way, you darn galoot!” — Yosemite Sam

5. “Now, all of you skunks clear out of here!” — Yosemite Sam

6. “I’m a-givin’ ya one second to draw a gun.” — Yosemite Sam

7. “Now, ya carrot-chewin’ coyote!! Git a goin!” — Yosemite Sam

8. “Start walkin’ ya doggone long-eared galoot.” — Yosemite Sam

9. “Read faster, rabbit. Read faster, or I’ll blast your head off!” — Yosemite Sam

10. “I’m the fastest gun north, south, east, and west of the Pecos!” — Yosemite Sam

Angry Yosemite Sam quotes

Yosemite Sam has a bad temper, as evidenced by the quotes below!

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11. “Say your prayers, varmint, dead rabbits tell no tales.” — Yosemite Sam

12. “It’s either heads or tails, rabbit. Now pick a dadburn side.” — Yosemite Sam

13. “What’s up, doc? I ain’t no doc … I’m a pirate, sea goin’ Sam” — Yosemite Sam

14. “Prepare to defend yourself, rabbit, ‘cause I’m a bordin’ your ship.” — Yosemite Sam

15. “Cut it out! Now drink yer juice before I blows the fur off’n yer hide!” — Yosemite Sam

16. “Ooh! I’ll shiver his timbers, and I’ll baton his hatch and keel-haul his kuppers!” — Yosemite Sam

17. “Yosemite Sam never makes a mistake! Now get that flea-bitten carcass off’n my real-estate!” — Yosemite Sam

18. “Ya double crossin’ rabbit, ya cut down your chances, I’m only goin’ count two, and then blast ya!” — Yosemite Sam

19. “What’s up? Why you ornery, fur-bearin’ critter, this here’s one of them there train robbery hold-ups.” — Yosemite Sam

20. “I’m the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre that’s ever crossed the Rio Grande, and I ain’t no namby-bamby!” — Yosemite Sam

A good guy needs a great adversary

One of the reasons that Yosemite Sam is so popular is his relationship with Bugs Bunny.

He is the perfect adversary to Bugs, and their matches against each other are hilarious!

Share these Yosemite Sam quotes and sayings with your friends and family so they can enjoy some laughs from the past!

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