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3 Ways More Humility Leads To Greater Success

What comes to mind when you hear the word success?  A nice house, a car everyone can’t help but stare at, or a corner office?  Maybe you are more in tune with the simple things in life so you think of a calm and quiet afternoon in front of the beach without having to ask anyone for permission to get there; or perhaps you simply think of achieving all your goals and having all your heart desires.  Whatever your mental picture of success is, there is a key ingredient that you must add to that picture in order to make it worthwhile; that ingredient is humility.

Yes, you heard (read) me correctly: humility.  You say: “what? humility? Such quality is for the weak. The not-successful-folks out there. The weirdos. The people I simply don’t admire.” Yet my firm answer to you is “yes, humility.” Why? Well let me just share with you 3 little reasons why humility is a crucial ingredient to achieving true success.


You have the house, the job, the career, the kids, the car, the private plane, the record deal, the million dollar business.  What in the world do you want to “get” or achieve next?  What will keep you going? Humility.  Humility keeps you focused on the things that matter.  The “higher” things in life if you will, the things money can’t buy; the kind word, the selfless smile, the helping hand.  Humility reminds you that success doesn’t all come from what you have but what you offer to others with the things God has allowed you to achieve, your “material” success in life.

Ways More Humility Leads To Greater Success


Ugh, we’ve all met them. The I-know-it-all millionaire, or many times even the paycheck to paycheck guy. The type of person that seems to have it all and therefore couldn’t possibly have the need to learn anything new.  Oh! The wonders humility would do in these lives. Humility has the amazing characteristic of maintaining humans teachable.  Through humility we are always reminded that there may be someone behind us but most certainly someone is always ahead of us, regardless of our success.  Through humility we are able to continue to learn from everyone around us, whether big or small, successful or not.  Humility reminds us the road to true success is never-ending, instead, it is a lifelong journey.

Ways More Humility Leads To Greater Success


We live in an age of entitlement.  It seems everyone these days is running around with a “UOM” (u owe me) stamped on their foreheads.  However, when you embrace humility you are reminded that everything you have is a blessing.  Yes, you may have worked very hard and intelligently to get to where you are but everything is still a blessing.  It could all be gone tomorrow; it could all be gone today. In the blink of an eye, you can lose your family, your home, or your life.  Therefore, the comfort of security you find in “stuff” can never really bring you happiness.  Instead, acknowledging in humility that you have been richly blessed is what will keep you happy regardless of your achievements or successes.

Next time you think of success, I hope humility comes to mind.  Who knows, it may just help you redefine the word success in your life.

Ways More Humility Leads To Greater Success


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