20 Questions for Self-Reflection To Push You Towards Greatness

It is important that we make time for a little self-reflection once in a while.

Sometimes we get so hung up looking for praise outside of ourselves when all that matters is that praise comes from within.

So let’s give ourselves a little praise today!

Why not!

It’s healthy!

What is self-reflection?

It’s when you take time to think about your character and actions.

So, let’s take some time to think about this past week or even the past few days.

Questions for Self-Reflection

1. How would I describe my character and actions?

2. What small and large victories did I have this week?

3. What are 2-3 things I did that made me proud?

4. What is something I did to improve my health?

5. What is something I did to further my career or increase my value at the workplace?

6. What is something I did to nurture an existing relationship?

7. What is something I learned about myself this week?

8. What is something I did to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself?

9. Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

10. What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?

11. Have I done anything lately that’s worth remembering?

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More Questions for Self-Reflection

12. Have I made someone smile today?

13. When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

14. What do I need to change about myself?

15. How many of my friends would I trust with my life?

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16. What’s the one thing I’d like others to remember about me at the end of my life?

17. What can I do to motivate myself to accomplish my goals this year?

18. How could I have better helped my loved ones accomplish their goals?

19. What is one thing I wish I did this year but didn’t because I was afraid?

20. What can I do to improve the way I communicate with others?

Where do you go from here?

Now that might seem like a lot, but these are questions focused on some of the core areas of life.

Many experts believe it is very difficult to make changes and improvements without proper self-reflection.

When I work with my clients, we always create time to do this weekly, and it has been an extremely powerful tool to keep focus, alignment, and direction in life.

For this approaching week, think to yourself how you would like to answer these questions by next week.

Think about things you can do, starting Monday that will help improve your health and your existing relationships and increase your value in the workplace.

When will you exercise?

Who will you call?

What will you learn?

Fall in love with your self-reflection.

Enjoy your journey!

Let us know how this worked for you in the comment section below.

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