9 Hobbies That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Starting a new hobby can often feel daunting and can sometimes be expensive.

Because every day, you are balancing work, family, and everything else life throws at you, it can be difficult to make time for yourself.

Here are 9 awesome hobbies that will prompt you to spend time on yourself without breaking the budget.

9 Hobbies That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Coloring is a great hobby!

Coloring has become a very popular hobby for adults recently, and for good reason!

Among many other benefits, coloring has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in adults.

Coloring is also a great way to sharpen your focus and improve fine motor skills.

Because adult coloring has become so popular recently, there has also been a trend in coloring parties.

This is another great way to add a social component to your hobby.

Gather some friends, grab a bottle of wine, and break out the coloring books!

Get Moving!

You don’t have to be a part of a sports team to stay active.

Doing things like rock climbing or bowling are an awesome way to get some exercise and also get out of the house.

Getting involved in local classes or clubs can also be a great way to meet new people who share similar interests.

You don’t need an excuse to sign up for that yoga class you have been meaning to take or go play in a bowling league your friend told you about!

Knitting or Crocheting May be “Older” Hobbies, but They Are Still Fun!

This is not only a cool hobby, but you will also have a never-ending supply of birthday presents for friends and family.

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If you get good enough, you can channel your inner Molly Weasley and make your family sweaters for the holidays.

It is also a very soothing hobby that you can do almost anywhere.

If you are good at multitasking, you can watch Netflix simultaneously!

Board Games and Trivia

This is a hobby everyone should partake in.

Board games are so much fun, and there are board games for all ages.

If you are looking for a fun family activity or a weekly hobby with your friends, it is an easy way to kill a couple of hours and get your brain working.

Trivia is another fun option to consider if you are not big into board games.

There are a lot of restaurants and venues that play trivia weekly so if you live close to any local restaurants it is definitely worth looking into trivia night as a weekly outlet.


If you pick up geocaching, you are essentially participating in a real-life treasure hunt (what’s cooler than that).

Geocaching is an activity in which you navigate GPS coordinates in order to find the geocache container hidden in that location (treasure).

If you enjoy hiking, exploring, or tracking down treasure, this is the hobby for you.

All you need is a geocaching account, a phone, and a sense of adventure!


We all need to eat, right? So why not pick up cooking?

There are so many how-to videos and tutorials now a days it makes cooking so fun and creative.

If you look at cooking as a hobby rather than a chore it opens up the door to so many fun projects.

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For example you can make anything from a five-course meal to homemade peanut butter snacks for your dog!

The possibilities are endless.

Go Green!

If you are really into making your home more eco-friendly another fruitful hobby to pick up is gardening.

It is another calming pastime to consider if you have the space and time to make a garden.

Not only will you have an easy-going hobby but depending on the garden, you may be able to grow fresh vegetables void of any fertilizers and pesticides.

Maintaining a garden has also been shown to be therapeutic for your mind, body, and the environment.


Having a collection is an extremely cool conversation starter.

There are so many cool things to collect!

Whether it is sports memorabilia, stamps, posters, or toys, an impressive collection represents a lot of time and patience.

Collecting may not be the best hobby for everyone, but if you have something you really enjoy collecting, run with it!

Pick up a Book

Reading is essentially exercising your brain.

So when you don’t feel like working out your body, picking up a new book can give you some time to relax and dive into another world.

Reading is an awesome escape from reality and also helps improve memory, and vocabulary.

If you need a relaxing hobby after a long day, drawing the blinds and grabbing a book may be the way to go.

Want to find a more communal hobby?

Many places have local book clubs that will also add a social component to reading.

If you would prefer to stay at home in your pajamas, or that sweater you knit yourself, you can join an online book club.

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Find the Right Hobbies for You

When life gets stressful, these are nine hobbies to try out!

Picking one can get your mind off your crazy life and shift your focus to YOU!

Find what makes you happy and calm, and stick with it.

Whether it is reading a book or trying a new board game, there are countless hobbies and pastimes that will make your life more fulfilling.

What other hobbies put you at ease without breaking the budget!?

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