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Adam Savage quotes are popular among people who love his passion for creating unique things.

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Who is Adam Savage? 

Adam Savage is a famous special effects designer who also gained popularity as a television presenter/host.

In fact, Savage has achieved a lot due to his passion for creating new things.

Since he is a maker at heart, people consider him an icon for the maker movement. 

Early Life 

Adam Savage was born in 1967 in New York. 

His father was a filmmaker, painter, and animator. 

On the other hand, his mother was a psychotherapist. 

His parents were separated when Savage was young. 

Hence, he spent his childhood with his mother. 

Savage was inspired by his father’s work, including props and models. 

He was also interested in fantasy and science fiction books.

After completing high school, Savage joined the Tisch School of Arts and studied theater. 

However, after two years, he left his studies and started pursuing a special effects career.

Career as a Special Effects Expert

The first job of Savage’s career in the film industry was that of a model maker.

This job was related to the movie “Gone Fishin,” which was released in 1997. 

He worked as a model maker for a variety of other movies, including:

  • Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
  • Galaxy Quest
  • The Matrix Reloaded

Due to his expertise in creating special effects, Savage was hired as a co-host for a popular TV show named “MythBusters.”

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His Passion for Making Things

Since his childhood, Adam Savage has been passionate about creating new and interesting things. 

He also designed a state-of-the-art workshop in his house. 

This is why he successfully created different costumes, props, models, and replicas. 

Savage is also known as a renowned collector.

He collects different items, including science-fiction memorabilia, vintage toys, and movie props. 

Savage as a Writer 

Savage has also written various books. 

The two most popular ones include:

  • Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It
  • The MythBuster’s Guide to the Impossible: A Collection of Epic Misadventures 

He tried to share his experiences through his writing while living his passion for creating new things. 

Hence, he serves as an inspiration for those looking for guidance in this field. 

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Top 5 Adam Savage Quotes

Listed here are the top five quotes from our collection of Adam Savage quotes.

1. “Bigger is always better.” — Adam Savage

2. “Let’s blow some stuff up.” — Adam Savage

3. “Isn’t television glamourous?” — Adam Savage

4. “Bad spellers of the world untie!” — Adam Savage

5. “Being a geek is all about learning the inventories of things.” — Adam Savage

Adam Savage Quotes about Mythbusters

The following are some of Adam Savage’s most memorable quotes from his time on the hit TV show Mythbusters.

6. “A failure is always an option.” — Adam Savage

7. “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” — Adam Savage

8. “If I had any dignity, that would have been humiliating.” — Adam Savage

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9. “I just had one of those ‘what the hell are we doing moments.” — Adam Savage

10. “The difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” — Adam Savage

Famous Adam Savage Quotes

Some of Adam Savage’s most well-known quotes are listed below.

11. “When in doubt, C-4.” — Adam Savage

12. “Am I missing an eyebrow?” — Adam Savage

13. “Sometimes my brain writes a check that reality can’t cash.” — Adam Savage

14. “Sticks and stones can only break bones, but words can shatter the soul.” — Adam Savage

15. “I have some ideas on how to fix that. They’re not very good ideas, but at least they’re ideas!” — Adam Savage

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Adam Savage Quotes about Toys & Tools

Adam Savage has said so much about toys and tools; some of his thoughts are presented here.

16. “Firemen have the coolest toys ever!” — Adam Savage

17. “I believe that inside every tool is a hammer.” — Adam Savage

18. “I think LEGOs are one of the best toys ever developed.” — Adam Savage

19. “The coolest toys don’t have to be bought; they can be built. In fact, sometimes the only way they’ll ever exist is if you make them yourself.” — Adam Savage

20. “Of course, I love tools. I also love arranging them, to the point where I came up with a name for my organizing metric: first-order retrievability.” — Adam Savage

Fascinating Adam Savage Quotes

Here are some interesting quotes from Adam Savage that are worth your time.

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21. “Remember kids, I have life insurance.” — Adam Savage

22. “My advice is to keep your lips away from the spinning things.” — Adam Savage

23. “Stand back! I gotta get some rocket fuel out of the fridge!” — Adam Savage

24. “Jack of all trades, master of none, though often better than a master of one.” — Adam Savage

25. “I wouldn’t say Jamie is an evil genius. I’m not sure he’s evil, and I’m not sure he’s a genius.” — Adam Savage

Which of these Adam Savage Quotes is your Favorite? 

Adam Savage quotes are just as interesting as his career. 

Some of these quotes are related to the famous TV show “MythBusters.”

In addition, there are some of his popular quotes about tools and toys.

This means you can enjoy reading and sharing these quotes with others.

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