50 Cute Kawaii Quotes To Make You Say Awe

These kawaii quotes will make you say awe!

In Japanese culture, kawaii roughly translates to “cuteness,” and it continues to gain popularity.

Generally, the key to kawaii is celebrating all things adorable.

It also embraces fictional characters as personifications of positivity.

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What are the benefits of reading these cute kawaii quotes?

Kawaii started in Japan but has become a worldwide phenomenon impacting all aspects of life, from art, fashion, food, technology, and music.

Kawaii is reminiscent of the graffiti aspect of hip-hop culture in the United States.

Similarly, kawaii is believed to have started in the 1970s when Japanese teenagers developed their own stylized handwriting that featured hearts, stars, and cute cartoon faces.

Similar to hip-hop, kawaii allowed young people to express their individuality.

That individuality and expression led to the creation of arguably the most popular kawaii character ever created, Hello Kitty, who appeared in 1974.

Kawaii has the unique ability to:

  • make us want to embrace (squish) cute things
  • remind us of the human connection we share
  • help us focus and pay attention

Check out these cute kawaii quotes and celebrate all things related to cuteness!

Kawaii quotes in Japanese

1. “Doki doki shiteru” English Translation: I’m very excited.

2. “Soba ni ite kudasai” English Translation: Please stand by my side.

3. “Li hito ni naritai” English Translation: I want to become a good person.

4. “Anata koto wo wasurenai” English Translation: I won’t forget about you.

5. “Itsu datte kimi ni wa watashi ga iru kara” English Translation: I’m here for you whenever you need me.

Kawaii quotes for Instagram

6. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln

7. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde

8. “We do not remember days. We remember moments.” Cesare Pavese

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9. “It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J. K. Rowling

10. “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on It.” Danny Kaye

11. “There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart.” Melanie Griffith

12. “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

13. “The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” Paris Hilton

14. “In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” Aristotle

Tonikaku kawaii quotes

15. “Nasa-Kun, I love you.” Tsukasa

16. “Your skin is like an IphoneX.” Aya

17. “My first love ended in mere ten pages.” Aya

18. “This hand’s is a hand holding buffet.” Tsukasa

19. “If you marry me, I’ll go out with you.” Tsukasa

20. “I said I was saved by the cutest girl in the universe.” Nasa

21. “I would never marry someone I didn’t fall In love with.” Tsukasa

22. “If it doesn’t get popular,he’ll bring out the hayate characters.” Kumeta Kouji

23. “Your name “Nasa” written as “Hoshizora,” is a truly beautiful name.” Tsukasa

24. “Oh god! My senpai is getting more and more gross by the minute…!!” Kaname

25. “H… Hey. If I want to see you in some cute underwear… Will you do it for me…?” Nasa’s question Chapter 36

26. “I’m the only one who can make nee-sama’s wish come true!! If she ever gets married… It has to be to me!!” Chitose

27. “Even if we are apart, as long we have a ring which shows our eternal love… We can feel each other nearby…” Nasa

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28. “When we first met, you seemed so calm and cool-headed… but seeing your expression change into something more lively makes you… look cute…” Nasa

29. “Once a husband stops helping his wife stay cute, the girl will change from a cute wife into your average roommate buddy!! And do you want that!? Senpai!!” Kaname

Cute kawaii quotes

30. “Every day may not be sweet. But there is something sweet in every day.” Queenie Law

31. “Frankly, if her face wasn’t so cute, I would most certainly have been punching it.” Wataru Watari

32. “It was a rather cute reaction, but as I wasn’t a part of any of that, I didn’t give a damn.” Wataru Watari

33. “I like talking to you,’ he said, slowly. ‘Why?’ That was the way to hear nice things. Ask why.” Leila Aboulela

34. “Can I cuddle up with you when you sleep?” Sma stopped, detached the creature from her shoulder with one hand, and stared it in the face. “What?” “Just for chumminess’ sake,” the little thing said, yawning wide and blinking. “I’m not being rude; it’s a good bonding procedure.” Iain M. Banks

Copy and paste kawaii quotes

35. “It’s so beautiful when a boy smiles.” Anonymous

36. “I don’t have friends, I have a family.” Anonymous

37. “Mom: Why is everything on the floor? Me: Gravity!” Anonymous

38. “The truest form of best friendship is the friendship between a mom and her daughter.” Anonymous

39. “There’s nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child.” Anonymous

Kawaii anime quotes

44. “The power of childhood is terrifying.” Naru

45. “I’ll go out with you if you want.” Sawako Yamanaka

46. “He’s so cute I want to put peanuts in his nose.” Yui Hirasawa

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49. “Feelings that came back are the feelings that never left.” Futaba

42. “Whatever happens… It’s always fun bein’ around everyone.” Barakamon

40. “If it’s true love, I’m prepared even to accept an explosion.” Kaguya Shinomiya

47. “Nobody is worth your tears and the one who is… won’t make you cry.” Hirota Suwa

41. “I just want you with all your imperfections, flaws, jokes, sarcasm, and everything.” Yukino

48. “There may be a million reasons to smile about, but you’re definitely my favorite.” Kakeru Naruse

43. “I just want you with all your imperfections, flaws, jokes, sarcasm, and everything.” Yukino Yukinoshita

50. “It’s no fair to have a girls’ talk without me. Please leave an issue like that to Love Detective Chika!” Chika Fujiwara

Today, Hello Kitty can be seen all over the world.

Kawaii has grown into a worldwide cultural explosion, which begs the question: What makes something kawaii?

Well, this can be complicated.

We all have different ideas on what counts as “cute,” but generally, there are many kawaii characters.

Many creatures, animals, and mystical beings can be kawaii, from skateboards, unicorns, ice cream cones, and penguins.

Usually, kawaii characters are drawn simply.

They have large heads, smaller bodies, big eyes, and tiny noses.

Another way to spot a kawaii character is that they are outlined in a thick, black line and feature limited pastel colors.

Most characters have little to no facial expressions.

This is key to kawaii culture!

It is the lack of emotions that makes the characters so lovable.

The viewer can project themselves into the character, giving kawaii its power.

Which cute kawaii quote resonated with you the most?

Let us know in the comment section.

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