25 Kodak Black Quotes on Being Yourself

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Kodak Black is a rapper from Florida who has had success as an artist since 2014 when he released “No Flockin.”

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What are the benefits of reading these Kodak Black quotes?

Since then, he has released four albums, Painting Pictures (2017), Dying to Live (2018), Bill Isreal (2020), and Back for Everything (2022).

With a string of hits and guest features, Kodak has had both success and controversies.

He has peaked on the Billboard Charts and seen low moments.

He has had some setbacks and challenges and was even sentenced to federal prison for a weapons possession charge.

He famously had his sentence commuted by Donald Trump.

Throughout all of his trials, Kodak has remained true to himself.

Being yourself is something he reiterates as a fundamental requirement for anyone seeking to live a fulfilled life.

There are several lessons that we can learn from these Kodak Black quotes, like:

  • you are the boss of your own life
  • your internal drive is a component of success
  • appreciate the people in your corner

Check out his interesting quotes below.

Kodak Black age, maturity, and growth quotes

1. “I have a huge drive.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Kodak has been through a great deal of adversity in his life. From overcoming challenging conditions to being shot, serving time in prison, to losing loved ones, he has never let a setback or a challenge stop him. Our drive is the fuel that keeps us going when the chips are down.

2. “Royalty can’t buy loyalty.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: From Kodak’s perspective, true loyalty is scarce. Kodak reminds us that even being acknowledged as a royal or king/queen cannot purchase true loyalty because, as he said earlier, loyalty is negotiable.

3. “Love is an action word. Loyalty is negotiable.” — Kodak Black

Everyday Application: They say that everyone has a price and that something could always drive a person to lose sight of their bond or loyalty to another. Authentic love is not something that can be bought or negotiated. This is the power of love.

4. “I just always be myself no matter who I’m around.” Kodak Black

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Everyday Application: All of us would benefit from having this mindset. There is nothing wrong with being adaptable, having the ability to code-switching, or expressing different aspects of ourselves. However, we must allow ourselves room to fully be ourselves even when being ourselves means being different things to different people.

5. “I stayed down long enough, and then I came right up.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: The beauty of being down is that once you are down, you can go only one other direction: back up. Life, like nature, is all about the ebb and flow. There will be down moments and up moments. It is important to remember this as we ride the wave of our own path.

Kodak Black quotes to inspire greatness

6. “To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Sometimes, we must revisit unpleasant aspects of our journey to have clarity. There are huge benefits to be gained from this. Looking to the past allows us to seek the knowledge and wisdom gained so we do not repeat mistakes. We create brighter futures by exploring our past, especially the painful parts.

7. “You measure a man on how tall he stands when his world starts to fall.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: We all fall, but how we get back up matters more. It is like how we respond to what happens is more important than what happens. We supply meaning to our lives and experiences. Our truth is often revealed when we are tested. When we give honor to those difficult experiences, it increases our ability to learn from them.

8. “People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes.” — Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Often, we do not see the hard work, the inner work, the failures, the setbacks, or the lost sleep. We see the finished product and think people just walked into being their best. Kodak reminds us that behind the success is a story of hard work and hustle to be the best one can be.

9. “I did everything the streets told me was cool to do. Now I’d rather prove it to myself before I prove it to you.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: When we are young, we are more impressionable. The external world and those we socialize with can influence us. As we mature, we realize that our internal world sets the tone for our beliefs and thoughts, and we set the bar for what is cool and not cool.

10. “It was a lot of grinding, setbacks—I ain’t gonna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.” Kodak Black

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Everyday Application: We all have different setbacks that will materialize differently. Kodak encourages us to know who we are so that while on our journey, we always know where our true north is at. Knowing where we are in our minds and hearts can keep us focused on our goals in the face of adversity.

11. “In the darkest hours, I gain sight.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Kodak is a firm believer that who we truly are is not revealed until we are challenged with setbacks. Some people thrive in those moments and produce their best work. We can harness negativity and adversity to fuel our drive to reach our goals.

12. “That loyalty is more valuable than gold.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: People who have had their trust broken often see the value in loyalty. Kodak often mentions how loyalty is a difficult commodity to come by in his world. For him, a loyal relationship is the most valuable thing a person can gain.

13. “Learn how to live instead of just waiting to die.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Kodak is an advocate for living in the present. People have a tendency to put their dreams on the back burner and say, “Oh, one day, I will get to that.” In reality, there is no perfect moment. Now is always the perfect time to start. Kodak implores us to live today and not to wait until we miss our opportunities.

14. “Sometimes we come up short, and it’s okay, my dude.” Kodak Black

Everyday Application: Successful rappers and entertainers are still human beings. All human beings make mistakes, come up short and fail. And you know what? That is okay. It is part of the human experience. It is what allows us even to comprehend success. Some say a FAIL is just a first attempt in learning.

15. “But I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me by in life. Obviously, I don’t know everything, but I feel like I have enough knowledge to get me through.” Kodak Black

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Everyday Application: It is beneficial to be humble, but it is also beneficial to trust that our knowledge is enough of what we need to get through life. Trusting that we are capable is the first step toward reaching our desires.

Inspirational Kodak Black quotes about life and success

16. “Loyalty out values everything.” Kodak Black

17. “They hate what they can’t understand.” Kodak Black

18. “Things end, people leave, but life goes on.” Kodak Black

19. “Everybody wanna shine. Nobody wanna grind.” Kodak Black

20. “I put my heart in my lyrics. I gave it all I could give.” Kodak Black

21. “Friends are overrated, hard to find, quick to change.” Kodak Black

22. “I was livin’ in the dark, but I’m just blessed to see the light.” Kodak Black

23. “See, you gotta go against all odds, you know? Boss your life up.” Kodak Black

24. “Lord, restore my heart. Take what’s broken and make whole again.” Kodak Black

25. “Adults think it’s disrespectful when you don’t let them disrespect you.” Kodak Black

You do not have to live an ordinary life

Ordinary people rarely make interesting characters.

Kodak Black does not live an ordinary life.

His artistic gifts and human flaws keep audiences glued to his every move.

A Kodak Black quote I find inspirational is, “To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain.”

Unfortunately, he seems to manifest drama and legal issues as much as he manifests hit records.

Kodak is known for his drive, as you might have noticed in these Kodak Black quotes.

He has overcome various extreme conditions that would have certainly stopped the average person.

Yet, despite major roadblocks in his life, he continues to be himself and push forward with the lifestyle he prefers.

He admits he is a product of his environment, which was and can still be harsh.

So while he may be a little rough around the edges at first glance, he also holds the soul of a poet and gifted artist.

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