How You Can Develop The Mindset Of A Winner

And the Winner is…

A majority of you don’t know that I am a Survivor die-hard Fan.

I don’t watch much TV and haven’t watched a single episode of some of the most popular TV shows such as Empire, Scandal or How to get away with Murder that have taken the Country by storm.

I, however, have been a Survivor devotee since Season one; I don’t miss a show, won’t answer my phone during the show and don’t like anyone talking to me while I watch the show.

It was exciting watching Mike Holloway crowned Season 30’s winner during last night’s finale.

The guy definitely outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the rest of his Tribe Mates and deserved the title of sole Survivor.

I never cried upon past winners’ victories but cried tears of joy for Mike last night.

The guy had heart and grit and clearly demonstrated what it takes to be a winner.

While some past players chose to ride the coattails of others, flew under the radar or downplayed their prowess; Mike never once tried to conceal the fact that he was a threat and didn’t allow any of the other players to dim his light, distract him, undermine his abilities or influence his character; he stayed true to who he was throughout the game and let his determination, fortitude and desire to win keep him focused on the matter at hand; winning the game, despite the fact that most of his Tribe Mates didn’t respect his gameplay.

We all have goals and dreams we are striving to achieve and accomplish.

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It takes heart and grit to do big things and accomplish what others sometimes deem impossible.

Anyone who ever accomplished anything great will tell you that the journey to the final destination wasn’t easy and required all the discipline, determination, commitment, sacrifice and dedication they could muster.

The following are lessons and observations I garnered from Mike Holloway regarding what it takes to be a winner.

Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win

Strong willpower & resilience are required to keep you going when the going gets tough and it seems easier to quit.

Mike was enemy number one and his Tribe’s number one target, he knew that he had to push through every challenge and give them his all or else he was a goner.

No matter how daunting some of the challenges were, he never threw in the towel or allowed himself to play it safe…it was always, “Go hard or go home!”

We have to be prepared to stay in the race no matter how challenging circumstances and situations might sometimes become.

The prize truly goes to the most deserving; the person that is able to stick it out and keep going no matter what.

There are times you will have to be your own Cheerleader

The road to your goals and dreams will sometimes get lonely.

There will be moments when you imagine no one is rooting for you or waiting to meet you at the finish line.

Towards the end of the Season, Mike became a lone Ranger after his alliance turned their back on him.

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It wasn’t easy having everyone band against him and constantly hearing them talk about their desire to vote him off the Island.

It truly was him against the world as he was the only person on #TeamMike and had to depend on himself to get farther in the game.

Not everyone will believe in your dreams, think you have what it takes to pull them off or are even worthy of them.

Don’t allow the naysayers and dream killers to stop you or dissuade you from your pursuits; you have to stay in the race, and keep encouraging, motivating and challenging yourself if that’s what it takes to get to the finish line.

Winners maintain a positive outlook and attitude.

You will encounter many challenges and obstacles as well as face some opposition along the road to your goals and dreams, how you choose to handle them will determine what really drives you and if you have the makings for a winner.

You have to believe that things will get better and that the following day will be brighter and offer better opportunities.

Whiners don’t win and winners don’t have time to whine.

They don’t expend their energy on hosting self-pity parties or take residence in the woe-is-me zone.

They bear it and grin it, dust themselves off when they fall and live to fight another day.

Hard work always pays off

Winners despise the free meal or don’t believe in handouts; they are self-reliant when it comes to achieving victories and know that nothing worth having comes easily.

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They have strong work ethics, are diligent and know if anything is to be; it really is up to them to make it happen.

They are willing to get their hands dirty in their hustle for the reward and don’t allow a spirit of entitlement to convince them that things should just be handed to them.

They believe and know that they will earn their just reward as long as they do whatever it takes to prove that they are deserving of it.

It was wonderful seeing the Jurors give Mike their deserving vote and not allow bitterness; resentment and jealousy rob him of his just victory and reward.

In the end, even they couldn’t deny the fact that he exemplified what a true winner is.

A winner doesn’t quit.

A winner believes in himself and his abilities.

A winner is willing to go the extra mile.

A winner leaves his blood, sweat and tears in the ring.

A winner is driven, determined, focused and disciplined.

A winner is willing to put in the time and effort.

A winner allows himself to dream and believes in the possibility of his dreams.

A winner knows that he has what it takes to win and goes on to win!

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