Bare Minimum Monday & the Sunday Scaries

Dealing with Sunday Scaries, Bare Minimum Monday might be the answer!

Have you ever been enjoying your weekend when a feeling of dread and doom suddenly sweeps over your body? 

Your mood drops, and your body is gripped with anxiety as you realize Monday is quickly approaching and you must return to work again. 

It’s a case of the Sunday Scaries.

While people have struggled with this for years, Gen Z did something about it.

According to research conducted by Zety, 80 percent of people think Monday is the most stressful day of the week. 

Some reasons research participants gave for hating Mondays is it’s the workday with the heaviest workload and most meetings. 

At that same time, they feel the least motivated and unproductive.

Something had to give, and it did.

Generation Z got fed up with the Sunday Scaries and took the matter into their hands to create Bare Minimum Mondays.

What is Bare Minimum Monday?

#BareMinimumMonday is the latest trend sweeping the workforce in 2023. 

After the last couple of years of workplace anxiety increasing, the younger generation of employees decided not to settle for the status quo. 

While they may not have full control over the tasks they complete at work, they restructured the week to meet their mental health needs.

They’re pushing back against the hustle culture created by previous generations.

Bare Minimum Mondays don’t look the same for everyone, but they may include:

  • No scheduled meetings
  •  Prolonged periods of reading or journaling
  •  Taking time away from technology or turning off notifications
  •  Focusing on creative tasks
  •  Self-care related tasks

As the name describes, Bare Minimum Mondays mean you only hold yourself accountable for doing the bare minimum for the day and spend the rest of the time doing things that refresh you.

They feel that starting the week relaxed allows them to enjoy their Sunday and Monday more so they can jump into work on Tuesday.

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What are the Bare Minimum Monday benefits for Employees and Employers?

Many people, especially employers, are not thrilled with the concept of BMM.

It appears to many that it’s just one more way that the youngest generation in the workforce is slacking off again. 

They are the generation known for having entitled attitudes. 

The expectation to be compensated while doing the minimum required only feeds the stereotype. 

However, before you write this trend off, check out the benefits.

The impact on employers

Employers can also benefit from employees who are refreshed and ready to work. 

A 2022 Work and Well-Being Survey found 80 percent of employees shared it was important for employers to support employee mental health.

That means if your company supports employees in Bare Minimum Monday and prioritizes their mental health, it could give you a leg up on securing new talent in a limited workforce pool.

In addition, when your employees have low stress, they can be more productive. 

You may find employees’ work quality and productivity levels increase when they have a reduced workload to start the week.

Tips for making Bare Minimum Monday successful in the workplace

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® and mental health speaker, Mike Veny, encourages employers to be open to employees taking part in Bare Minimum Mondays. 

He says, “The problem for employers isn’t what’s happening on Mondays. It’s the concern of how it will impact productivity levels.”

A 2022 report found 62 percent of workers experience high-stress levels, with 41 percent pointing toward their workload as the source of that stress. 

This leaves many employers wondering, if employees do the bare minimum on Mondays, how do they expect to finish their work the rest of the week? 

This is a fair concern for employers.

Veny recommends employers ask employees to explain their plan for how participating in Bare Minimum Mondays will make them more productive during the week.

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The impact on employees

Employees can use BMMs to find a better balance. 

The slower pace on Monday can help them slow the rushed pace that hustle culture created. 

It can also help improve their mental health and well-being. 

For example, as employees feel more control over their days and tasks, it can help them bring their best selves to work.

Employees who feel they have some control over their schedules and tasks may find increased satisfaction in their job. 

And when employees are more satisfied at work, they perform better. 

In fact, one study found happy employees are 20 percent more productive.

There are some things employees can do to make the Bare Minimum Monday more acceptable to their employer. 

Veny encourages employees to remain flexible and willing to compromise. 

For example, if multiple people are involved in a meeting and Mondays are the best day for the majority, be willing to participate. 

Find the balance of reducing the stress you experience on Mondays without trying to hold everyone to your standard.

Tips for making Mondays better

The Bare Minimum Monday trend can’t apply to everyone. 

Not every job has the flexibility to sit at your desk and read for hours after you do the minimum of what’s required. 

The good news is there are many ways to transform the anxiety and stress you feel about Mondays and the workweek.

1. Create self-care routines

Creating a morning and evening routine can help you feel more prepared for each day. 

For example, if you end your work week by establishing a clear plan of action for Monday, you may overcome the Sunday Scaries. 

You can also use a morning routine to do things like pray or meditate, exercise, and journal to get you in a good frame of mind before work.

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2. Plan a fun activity for Mondays

Plan something that you can look forward to every Monday. 

This could be a lunch appointment with your favorite coworker or drinks with your best friend after work. 

Having something to look forward to on Mondays can remove some of the dread.

3. Create systems and processes to make your job easier

Look for ways to implement systems and automate tasks you do regularly. 

It’s easy to spend a lot of time on small tasks that don’t need so much of your attention. 

Writing out processes to follow can make it easier to complete projects. 

Automating tasks can reduce the time you spend on mundane tasks. 

Pay attention to what you spend your time doing and find creative ways to make it easier, faster, or more fun.

4. Get a job you love

The best way to overcome the Sunday Scaries and not need Bare Minimum Mondays is to find a job you love and look forward to doing. 

While it doesn’t mean that every day will feel like walking on rainbows, having a job you enjoy can drastically change your feelings about Mondays.

If you like your work but still dread Mondays, you may need to find a new employer. 

A toxic workplace culture can make you dread work as well.

Explore your options for finding an employer you respect with healthy workplace culture and doing a job you love. 

This is the key to transforming how you think about Mondays so you can enjoy each day more.

What are your thoughts on Bare Minimum Mondays?

Do you think you can implement Bare Minimum Monday where you work?

Are the Sunday Scaries something you can relate to?

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