25 Bullet Train Quotes From the Action Comedy Movie

Fans of action comedy movies will love these Bullet Train quotes from the hit movie!

Bullet Train is a movie released in 2022 as an action comedy movie.

The movie is based on the 2010 Kotaro Isaka novel called Maria Beetle and was directed by David Leitch with the screenplay by Zak Olkewicz.

The movie stars Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and many other actors and actresses.

Upon release, the movie was met with mediocre reviews from critics but has performed well at the box office.

It grossed more than $239 million against a $85.9 to $90 million budget.

The movie’s plot follows a train full of assassins, operatives, and Yakuza members that were set up to be on the train by “The White Death,” who hoped they would kill each other.

Take a look at these Bullet Train quotes to learn more about this action-packed movie.

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Bullet Train quotes from Lady Bug

1. “It’s bad luck on acid.” — Lady Bug

2. “My bad luck is biblical.” — Lady Bug

3. “You’re underthinking it.” — Lady Bug

4. “It’s money. It’s always money.” — Lady Bug

5. “Let this be a lesson in the toxicity of anger.” — Lady Bug

6. “Briefcases have owners. Owners are not simple.” — Lady Bug

7. “I’m going to find a Temple and reevaluate my choices.” — Lady Bug

8. “If I had one in the chamber I’d rock this bad boy right now.” — Lady Bug

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9. “No more sociopaths. No more maniacs. Just quality people.” — Lady Bug

10. “Man I just want to get off this train and see a zen garden or some shit.” — Lady Bug

Bullet Train quotes from Lemon

11. “Never shave on a bullet train.” — Lemon

12. “I’m sorry. I get captivated by white girl tears.” — Lemon

13. “Like Thomas The Tank Engine says: simple is better.” — Lemon

14. “When this trains a rockin’ don’t come a knocking am I right?” — Lemon

15. “Everything I learned about people, I learned from Thomas the Tank Engine.” — Lemon

Bullet Train quotes from Tangerine

16. “It’s some fucking 80’s dance-off.” — Tangerine

17. “You’re sour. No one likes lemons.” — Tangerine

18. “He asked for pros who wouldn’t fuck up. Three words Lemon: we are fucked.” — Tangerine

19. “Tangerines are sophisticated. It’s cross-hybridized with other fruit. They’re adaptable. Like me.” — Tangerine

20. “If you mention Thomas the Tank Engine one more time, I’m going to shoot you in the fucking face.” — Tangerine

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Bullet Train quotes from Prince

21. “Didn’t I mention? I’ve always been lucky.” — Prince

22. “I am the daughter of The White Death…” — Prince

23. “I’m not in someone else’s story. You’re all in mine.” — Prince

24. “The innocent young girl doesn’t get you too far if you’re holding a loaded gun.” — Prince

25. “People think I’m just some young girl. Someone’s future wife, or future mother.” — Prince

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Does White Death Succeed in Having Everyone Killed?

The train passengers fight each other, and a few of them are killed.

When they realize that “The White Death” set them up, the remaining four, Ladybug, “The Father,” “The Elder,” and Lemon, decide to kill “The White Death.”

When they arrive, a battle ensues, and the group of four manages to defeat and kill “The White Death” and his henchmen.

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