25 The Old Guard Quotes from the Dark Superhero Story

Get ready for the sequel with these The Old Guard quotes.

The Old Guard is a superhero film based on a comic book about immortal protectors of the earth that lived under the radar of humanity for thousands of years, changing the course of humanity over and over by annihilating threats to humanity.

The film garnered whopping reactions from the viewers and gave them something fresh in the age of superhero movies.

With tons of positive feedback, Netflix decided to make a sequel that would build up to the existing story and success of the film.

One key factor that brought triumph in this film is the amazing performance of Charlize Theron.

You do not want to miss the next one.

These The Old Guard quotes will keep you anticipating the release of the sequel.

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The Old Guard quotes by Andy

1. “I’ve been here before. Over and over again and each time the same question, is this it? Will this time be the one? And each time the same answer. But I’m just so tired of it.” ― Andy

2. “There never were any girls. We’ve been set up.” ― Andy

3. “They know who we are, they know what we are.” ― Andy

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4. “The world can burn for all I care.” ― Andy

5. “No not another one. Not now.” ― Andy

6. “It’s been over 200 years, why now?” ― Andy

7. “If we are dreaming about her that means she’s dreaming about us.” ― Andy

8. “I lead a group of immortals. An army I guess. Soldiers, fighters like you.” ― Andy

9. “You’ve got questions kid, I get it. You want answers, get back in the car.” ― Andy

10. “You don’t speak Russian do you?” ― Andy

11. “I know you are scared, Nile. Me and those three men in there will keep you safe.” ― Andy

12. “We are all you’ve got.” ― Andy

13. “You come from warriors.” ― Andy

14. “I can’t remember what my mother looked like. Or my sisters.” ― Andy

15. “It’s not what time steals, it’s what it leaves behind. Things you can’t forget.” ― Andy

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More The Old Guard quotes by Andy

16. “We don’t get a say on how it ends, we never have. But we can control how we live.” ― Andy

17. “I go first, I always go first.” ― Andy

18. “If this doesn’t work out, next time you go first.” ― Andy

19. “I think you showed up when I lost my immortality. So I can see what it was like. So I can remember. Remember what it was like to feel unbreakable.” ― Andy

20. “You reminded me there are people still worth fighting for.” ― Andy

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21. “Do you think he speaks Russian?” ― Andy

22. “I’m gonna miss you.” ― Andy

23. “We don’t have all the answers but we do have purpose.” ― Andy

24. “The world isn’t getting any better! It’s getting worse.” — Andy

25. “You haven’t figured this out yet? You can’t die!” — Andy

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The Old Guard film instantly clicks with the taste buds of superhero movie enthusiasts.

Throughout the film, there’s no shortage of action, drama and most importantly, the story.

The great narrative and story build-up allow the viewers to turn to instant fans within minutes of watching the film.

The film also centered the story of countless wars that happened throughout human history, which makes you wonder if war and violence are really part of human instinct.

But as the film progresses, it reminds us that there are people throughout history that risked their lives to change the events of human history for the better.

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