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Romantic Dash and Lily Quotes from the Netflix Series

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Dash and Lily is a romantic comedy TV series on Netflix with 8 heartwarming episodes. The series revolves around the story of two teenagers, Dash and Lily. They live in New York City, and at the perfect time of the year, Christmas, they develop mutual romantic feelings.

The series presents their story with a youthful narrative of exchanging notes and messages in a red notebook in a particular bookstore.

Eventually, they became curious and wanted to know more about the person they were communicating with within the notebook. This curiosity turned into an affection towards each other and started their story.

These Dash and Lily quotes will make you smile once more for their romantic story.

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Dash and Lily quotes from Lily

1. “Sometimes words aren’t enough.” — Lily

2. “You’re surrounded by possibility.” — Lily

3. “So, Mystery Boy, do you feel the holiday spirit?” — Lily

4. “Start at the nutcracker house. You’ll know it when you see it.” — Lily

5. “We make our own magic.” — Lily

6. “Every year I wake up to find my entire family wearing matching pajamas.” — Lily

7. “If there isn’t something I can say out loud, I write them down here.” — Lily

8. ”I don’t have a love story and that’s ok. I don’t need one. I have Christmas” — Lily

9. “I’ve left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page. If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf.” — Lily

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10. “In front of a tree piled with presents.” — Lily

11. “I’m not good at meeting guys or talking to them. I’m good at scaring them away.” — Lily

12. “There’s that new Pixar movie Collation about the stapler that falls in love with the piece of paper. “ — Lily

13. “Sometimes the best answer to a problem makes itself heard, but only if your mind is quiet.” — Lily

14. “Imagine this. You’re in your favorite bookstore, scanning the shelf where your favorite books reside, and there nestled between the familiar spines sits a red notebook.” — Lily

15. “Imagine you’re in New York and it’s Christmas.” — Lily

16. “ You’re surrounded by people, by possibility, and the hope that somewhere in the city is that one person that’s meant for you. You just have to find them.” — Lily

17. “In my family Christmas is all about love.” — Lily

18. “Until that moment, I honestly thought I fit in. That I’d always fit in. All I had to do was be me.” — Lily

19. “Listen to your mochi.” — Lily

Dash and Lily quotes from Dash

20. “Merry Christmas you beautiful, angry New Yorker.” — Dash

21. “This is fate. This is the magic of Christmas.” — Dash

22. “I hope climate change destroys the North Pole.” — Dash

23. “You told me when it rains, you always look for the rainbow. But sometimes a rainbow doesn’t show. So what do you do? You stand in the rain and scream” — Dash

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24. “I’m just a boy with a boot that’s asking you to help me find…my Cinderella” — Dash

25. “It’s my Christmas gift to myself. Solitude.” — Dash

26. “It’s the most detestable time of the year. The forced cheer, frenzied crowds. The carolers who’ve had so much eggnog they’ve forgotten the words. Of course the couples naive enough to mistake holiday spirit for being in love. I made that mistake once, too. Never again.” — Dash

27. “The emoji industry has yet to create an icon to represent one’s feelings about being cast aside by their divorced mother so that she can spend Christmas in Hawaii. That’d be huge in New York.” — Dash

28. “I’m not scared, Clue Girl. I’m hooked.” — Dash

29. “This is the information desk, are you not obligated to like give me some information?” — Dash

30. “Did I wrong you somehow? Did I buy you a James Patterson book for Christmas or something?” — Dash

31. “You can say her name, Boomer. She’s not Voldemort. “ — Dash

32. “She’s sending me into a department store right before Christmas, clearly her sadism knows no bounds.” — Dash

Dash and Lily quotes from Langston

33. “That’s not how love works, you either feel it or you don’t.” — Langston

34. “I could really use your help to get my mind off the fact that hashtag love is officially dead.” — Langston

35. “You are not a Macy’s Santa. You don’t have to pretend to be jolly.” — Langston

Dash and Lily quotes from Boomer

36. “Operation Cinderella is on!” — Boomer

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37. “That’s definitely girl cursive right there.” — Boomer

38. “Just be nice to Santa, please?” — Boomer

Dash and Lily quotes from Aunt Lillian

39. “Argue for your limitations and they are surely yours.” — Aunt Lillian

40. “The men in our family have some seriously mixed up ideas about relationships.” — Aunt Lillian

In a busy city like New York City, it is always a special treat to encounter love with genuine interaction with other people.

The story of Dash and Lily may be a work of fiction, but it is always possible if we let our walls down and are open to the boundless possibilities of love.

The series depicts the importance of having healthy communication with others, especially with your special someone. Dash and Lily learned and understood their most profound desires through communication. They fell in love with their soul rather than their physical appearance.

If you find them fun and heartwarming, share these Dash and Lily quotes and sayings with your friends.

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