25 Dr. Strange Quotes From the Marvel SuperHero

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers will love these Dr. Strange quotes!

Dr. Strange is a fictional character created by Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics.

The character first appeared in 1963 in the comic Strange Tales #110.

Dr. Strange’s full name is Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays the character in film and television.

Dr. Strange is an arrogant but successful surgeon when he is in a car accident that severely injures his hands taking away his career and his prestige.

To heal his hands, Dr. Strange visits a sorcerer called “The Ancient One,” who sees his potential and trains him in powers beyond his imagination.

Dr. Strange learns that The Ancient One and some of her proteges, such as Master Wong, are in charge of guarding Earth against threats from other dimensions.

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Strange Quotes From Dr. Strange Himself

Check out these quotes from the star of the movie!

1. “You’ve ruined me.” — Dr. Strange

2. “I could’ve done better.” — Dr. Strange

3. “What did you just do to me?” — Dr. Strange

4. “I love you in every universe.” — Dr. Strange

5. “They really should put the warnings before this spell.” — Dr. Strange

6. “Your sacrifice is greater than your power.” — Dr. Strange

7. “Dreams are windows into the lives of our multiversal selves.” — Dr. Strange

8. “But I never meant for any of this to happen.” — Dr. Strange

9. “This time it’s gonna take more than killing me to kill me.” — Dr. Strange

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10. “We don’t get to choose our time.” — Dr. Strange

11. “Sometimes one must break the rules in order to serve the greater good.” — Dr. Strange

12. “I pushed your astral form out of your physical form.” — Dr. Strange

13. “Call Me Stephen.” — Dr. Strange

Strange Quotes From the Other Stars of the Movie

Check out these quotes from the other stars of the movie!

14. “A family is forever.” — Wanda

15. “You cannot control everything, Strange.” — Wong

16. “There are other things that can give your life meaning.” — Christine Palmer

17. “You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You’ve spent your life trying to widen it.” — The Ancient One

18. “I thought one Strange was bad enough.” — Wong

19. “I made mistakes, and people were hurt.” — Wanda

20. “You cannot beat a river into submission.” — The Ancient One

21. “Time is the true enemy of all of us.” — Kaecilius

22. “Death is what gives life meaning” — The Ancient One

23. “People think in terms of good and evil, but really, time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything.” — Kaecilius

24. “Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered.” — The Ancient One

25. “We never lose our demons. We only learn to live above them.” — The Ancient One

Does Dr. Strange Join in Helping Protect Earth?

Dr. Strange quickly uses his intellect and courage to become a powerful sorcerer, so when an evil sorcerer called Kaecilius and his followers attack the Earth’s sanctums, Dr. Strange helps stop him.

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Strange defeats Kaecilius but has to use forbidden magic in order to do this.

With his newfound power, Dr. Strange must continue to defend Earth and help his friends.

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