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Elizabeth Peratrovich was an American Civil Rights activist who lived during the nineteenth century.

She and her husband Roy worked to eliminate discrimination where they lived in Alaska.

In 1941, Elizabeth and Roy introduced an anti-discrimination bill, although it did not pass.

In 1945, Elizabeth and her husband attempted again to introduce an anti-discrimination bill in Alaska.

Elizabeth spoke in front of the Alaska Senate.

She delivered a line that she became famous for: “I would not have expected that I, who am barely out of savagery, would have to remind gentlemen with five thousand years of recorded civilization behind them of our Bill of Rights.”

The Senate voted in favor of the bill, which became law in 1945.

Inspirational Elizabeth Peratrovich quotes

1. “The ability to understand without condemnation, accept our friends and enemies in the light of their weaknesses, is something we must acquire early in life in order to find happiness in this world.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

2. “Asking you to give me rights implies that they are yours to give.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

3. “Speak your intent to help us overcome discrimination.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

4. “No law will eliminate crimes.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

5. “I must demand that you stop trying to deny me the rights that all people deserve.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

6. “You as legislatures can assert to the world that you recognize the evil of the present situation.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

7. “I would not have expected that I, who am barely out of savagery, would have to remind gentlemen with five thousand years of recorded civilization behind them of our Bill of Rights.” – Elizabeth Peratrovich

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In the year 1988, April 21st was declared Elizabeth Peratrovich Day.

The governor of Alaska at the time, Steve Cowper, named the day in honor of Elizabeth for her role in ending discrimination in the state.

However, Elizabeth Peratrovich Day was eventually changed to February 16th to coincide with the day the Anti-Discrimination Act was passed back in 1945.

On December 1, 1958, Elizabeth passed away after battling breast cancer.

She was 47 years old.

Peratrovich was buried in Juneau, Alaska, at Evergreen Cemetery.

A documentary about Peratrovich aired in 2009 called For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska.

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