24 Pen15 Quotes that will Make You Cringe

See if these Pen15 quotes take you back to your middle school days.

PEN15 is a comedy TV series on Hulu.

The story is about Anna Ishii-Peters and Maya Kone, best friends who want to do everything together as they start the 7th grade in the year 2000.

The creators got their ideas and inspiration for making this series based on their own pubescent

You can probably imagine how hilarious and embarrassing this show is.

And overall, it received whopping reviews on the internet for its comedy element that is relatable to the real-life experiences that we all faced when we were teenagers.

These PEN15 quotes will give a few chuckles and laughs as you read them.

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PEN15 quotes from Anna Kone

1. “Fold him like a ham sandwich.” — Anna Kone

PEN15 quotes from Anna Kone

2. “Oh, my God, the protein is going to her fat-ass head.” — Anna Kone

Unique PEN15 quotes

3. “All I know is that she’s my best friend on God’s green frickin’ earth, and I love her and she would never lie to me.” — Anna Kone

Wise PEN15 quotes

4. “I don’t poop.” — Anna Kone

PEN15 quotes about I don't poop

5. “This is hard, but I don’t think you’re the one for me. So I’m breaking up with you. I hope we can still be friends. See you in band.” — Anna Kone

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Epic PEN15 quotes

6. “I’m on a hunger strike until racism is over.” — Anna Kone

Short PEN15 quotes

7. “Anybody else want to test me?” — Anna Kone

More PEN15 quotes

8. “I’ve been noticing racism in society and I’m here to report it.” — Anna Kone

Top PEN15 quotes

9. “That thong ruined you.” — Anna Kone

PEN15 quotes that thong ruined you

10. “You are my actual rainbow gel pen in a sea of blue and black writing utensils.” — Anna Kone

Other PEN15 quotes

11. “Sometimes love means, um ignoring someone for years.” — Anna Kone

Random PEN15 quotes

PEN15 quotes from Maya Ishii-Peters

12. “I don’t wanna face everyone. I don’t wanna do seventh grade.” — Maya Ishii-Peters

PEN15 quotes from Maya Ishii-Peters

13. “I’m the ugliest girl in school. Do you get that in your skull?” — Maya Ishii-Peters

PEN15 quotes for Instagram

14. “He’s a total gym rat! That’s like…what is that?” — Maya Ishii-Peters

PEN15 quotes to inspire you

15. “He thinks I’m hot and he’s saying hi. Help me. What do I say back?” — Maya Ishii-Peters

PEN15 quotes and sayings

16. “You literally just, like, ruined my life!” — Maya Ishii-Peters

Meaningful PEN15 quotes

17. “Nine people have looked at my boobs and my butt for some reason and I’ve literally only been here for 10 minutes.” — Maya Ishii-Peters

Amazing PEN15 quotes

18. “Maybe being with a bitch is the best thing for me.” — Maya Ishii-Peters

Special PEN15 quotes

19. “I was going for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but then, like, I ended up with this.” — Maya Ishii-Peters

Favorite PEN15 quotes

PEN15 quotes from memorable conversations within the show

20. Maya: “I think I’m in love.”

Anna: “Wow. That’s a really big word. And you just like, barely know him, is the only thing.”

PEN15 quotes from memorable conversations within the show

21. Shuji: “Yo, she never hit a pipe though.”

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Maya: “Yes I have. Like freaking dank faded all the time.”

Motivational PEN15 quotes to

22. Anna: “Do I look okay? “

Maya: “Yeah. Do I?”

Anna: “Yeah, but it’s what’s inside that counts, so…”

Positive PEN15 quotes

23. Anna: “Is Alex looking at me?”

Maya: “No…”

Anna: “He’ll probably look at me later.”

PEN15 quotes that will encourage you

24. Maya: “Sometimes you can just tell.”

Anna: “You haven’t met him yet.”

Maya: “It’s from the way we’re talking.”

Relatable PEN15 quotes

Which of these PEN15 quotes is your favorite?

This series is about the coming of age and how dorky you feel as going through puberty and that entire stage of life.

However, this also shows how living in the moment is important.

True friends and exciting moments can often be found in these awkward encounters in life that you’ll probably just laugh at in the years to come.

This film will definitely take you on a walk down memory lane, back to a time when your crushes were the biggest problems you had.

So, check out some of your photos from the 7th grade as you skim through these PEN15 quotes and sayings once more.

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