15 Facebook Accounts You Will Want to Follow Today

Let’s be real for a minute How much time do you spend scrolling through Facebook?

It is probably more time than you want to admit or even realize!

Now, think for a moment about whose content you see on there.

Is it random memes from your family?

Maybe, it is some crazy article from a “news source” where the headlines read something like: No-Kill Shelter Can’t Promise There Won’t Be, Shall We Say, Unfortunate Accidents. 

Worse yet, it might be things that are causing you stress and fighting amongst your loved ones.

There is a better way to Facebook!

Check out these 15 Facebook accounts, improve your feed’s quality, and make your life a little better!

We can all use a little more motivation in our lives, so these motivational speakers and pages can add value to how you live your everyday existence.

Sports figures are popular role models for people, and giving these three a follow on Facebook might inspire you more than you know!

If sports aren’t your cup of tea, then check out these musicians and entertainers for some great content.

Facebook might also be able to give our lives purpose if we follow people whose causes align with our values (those listed are just some that are important to me and do not necessarily express the views of those at EverydayPower.com).

Finally, just imagine how much Facebook has the power to improve our intelligence and knowledge base, just by following a few simple accounts!

Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Don’t forget to also check out these Twitter accounts that can add value to your life in some way.

Motivational Speakers and Pages

1. Jeff Moore

If you are not following Everyday Power’s founder and CEO, you are missing out!

Jeff is a former educator and Dean of Students, turned entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

His Facebook account has 45,000 followers, each of whom is reaping the benefits of his motivational posts.

2. TED

This news and media conference-style website has an impressive following over on Facebook, with 15.9M followers.

It is most known for “TED talks.”

TED’s early emphasis was on technology and design, but now covers a broad range of topics.

This is the perfect page to follow if you want to watch some of the best motivational speakers as if you were at an actual conference given by them.

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3. High Existence

High Existence in an international community of students of Life, that is dedicated to exploring the frontiers of the human experience.

With 439K followers, it is clear that are many of us out there searching for answers, and this page might just be one you want to add to your list of pages you follow!

Fierce Sports Figures and Pages

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a prominent Portuguese professional footballer (soccer for those of us in the United States).

He plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and is the captain of the Portugal national team.

Having won five Ballon d’Or awards and four European Golden Shoes, the most by any European player, it is easy to see why some consider him the best player in the world.

Seeing as how 150 million people follow his page, that claim may not be far off!

5. Simone Biles

Simone Biles is an American artistic gymnast.

This exemplary young athlete has 32 Olympic and World Championship medals.

She is tied as the most decorated gymnast ever.

Many people consider Biles to be the GOAT, and she is currently working on campaigning for athletes (and the rest of us) to consider our mental health.

She also has over 1.6 million followers on her Facebook page, proving how many people she inspires daily.

6. Nike Football

Nike Football’s slogan on their page is something we all need to remember: Don’t change your dream.

Change the world With 42 million followers, Nike Football is affiliated with Nike, whose slogan is ‘Just Do It.’

Following this page, and the athletes it promotes might just get you chasing those dreams with a little more vigor.

Musical and Entertainment legends

7. Shakira

Shakira! Shakira! 

The Queen of Latin Music’s hips don’t lie, nor do the number of followers on her Facebook page.

With 114 million followers, this Colombian-born singer and songwriter are often noted for the versatility of her music.

Shakira entered the English-language market with her fifth album, Laundry Service, in 2001.

That album sold over 13 million copies worldwide and propelled her international stardom.

Her page is a mix of music, feminism, and a glimpse into her everyday life as a mom.

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


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Maybe you recognize Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as one of the greatest professional wrestlers.

Maybe, you just know him as the voice of Maui or the big guy in the Jumanji film series.

This American actor, producer, businessman, and former professional wrestler has a following of 58 million people on Facebook.

Follow his page, and watch the video of him singing “You’re Welcome” to his daughter. You will not regret this decision in any way!

9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an incredibly talented American singer, songwriter, and actress.

55 million of her “Little Monsters” follow her Facebook page.

Sure, she wore a meat suit once, along with some other crazy outfits, but she is more than the creative ways she reinvents her image.

She is an inspiration to many and quite a student of show business.

Causes and Activism Pages

10. Give a Shift About Nature

This news and media page is one you want to be sure to click the following button for.

With 1 million followers, the page spreads the message that caring for the environment is the most important thing we can do.

They remind us of the simple fact that “without a healthy environment, there won’t be a healthy anything.”

Do your part to help the earth and follow their page for more ways to take care of our planet.

11. The Other 98%

With a name like this, you would think they have a massive following, and they do not disappoint!

They don’t quite reach 98% but with 6.6 million followers, they are sending a message.

They are one of the loudest voices in the progressive social media world.

Their original online content reaches 7-15 million people every day.

Their goal is to transform dominant narratives and provide tools for engagement in pursuing economic, social, and climate justice.

They also have some of the best memes out there, so giving this page a follow will help you prepare for your next meme war.

12. UN Women

UN Women is the UN agency for gender equality & women’s empowerment.

The page helps promote the desire to accelerate progress in meeting the needs of women & girls worldwide.

The page has 1.6 million followers, however, there are nearly 4 billion women worldwide, so if you haven’t followed this page, you certainly should!

Facebook Accounts to follow that will improve your intelligence

13. Grammarly

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You can not go a single day on Facebook, without encountering someone’s awful grammar.

I don’t mean a simple typo, or even the misuse of your and you’re or there/their/they’re.

I am talking about darn near impossible to read posts.

Grammarly, a digital writing assistant helps 30 million people write clearer and more effectively every day.

I have the app on my phone, and it even corrects my social media posts. It is wonderful and 6.8 million followers agree.

14. National Geographic

National Geographic has been around for a long time 130 years to be exact!

I remember getting the magazine, filled with pictures of animals and other articles, which helped aid in their mission to further the knowledge and awareness of our world.

They have a Facebook page with 49 million followers who have access to some of the most intelligent content on the web.

15. NASA

NASA has some of the most brilliant minds at work.

They have been the reason we have explored the universe and learned so many things about our planet.

25.9 million followers continue to expand their horizons into the galaxy by following the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This page is literally out of this world, and you shouldn’t miss out!

I did promise you that Facebook had the potential to make us smarter, and I wasn’t kidding!

Hopefully, you found some people on this list that you decided were worth clicking the follow button for.

While you are on Facebook, it might be a good time to evaluate who is on your Facebook follow list.

I know I spend far more time aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.

I make it a point though to check who I still have on there.

Is it someone I don’t know how they even got on there, to begin with, and the few times I see something from them it makes me mad?

Guess what, we can delete them!

I am not talking about deleting people because they do not agree with you, or creating a vacuum.

However, if you do not get anything meaningful from following someone, and you will invest so much time into it, it might be time to just let it go.

Who is your favorite person (or page) to follow on Facebook?

Let’s keep the suggestions coming for great Facebook accounts, using the comment section below!

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