How To Finally Come Alive and Live How You Should

So, you say your spirits have been a little low, and you are searching for something that makes you come alive.

You’ve been dragging, just going daily – existing but not truly living.

But, you have a desire to make a change.

Deep inside, you feel it – you want to finally come alive and need some pointers on how to make it happen.

Well, you have crossed the first hurdle – desire.

You must truly want to do this, or it doesn’t matter.

Without desire, you will not move towards the two key hurdles you need to scale before you can burst out of the cocoon holding you back.

Faith and action are the keys to coming alive

If you can propel yourself over each of these, you will have the tools and techniques needed to take a deep, refreshing breath of life, weather future storms, and stay alive.

To finally come alive, we must first believe that we are important, loved, and capable of achieving success.

Then, we must act on our beliefs and strive to reach and enjoy life to the fullest.

We have to take steps to develop faith within ourselves.

And, then, we must do the work – act on that faith – to finally come alive instead of living tucked away inside a shell.

Faith is Essential

Envision in your mind’s eye a picture of the joy you want to feel, the things you want to do, and the life you want to live.

Hold on to this picture so you can access it at a moment’s notice.

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This picture represents your hopes and dreams.

Be bold; make this picture as beautiful and complete as you can possibly imagine.

The more you focus on that picture, the more real it will become, and you will push fear, doubt, and sadness further away.

Recall that picture throughout each day to remind yourself of the abundance in store for you – the harvest you are capable of reaping.

Soon, you will find your belief growing, your will blossoming, and your faith expanding.

Self-Affirmation is a requirement

Build on your faith by developing daily habits of self-affirmation.

Document the contents of your desired hopes and dreams, or repeatedly speak them out loud to yourself and those you trust.

Seek out information and examples of the things you wish to experience – dissect and study them to understand how to use them.

Continue your self-affirmations, and if you hadn’t done so already, add a dose of smile, cheer, and laughter to each hour of your day.

If you need to, find a joke, a short video, or phone a friend who can provide you with that comic relief that lifts the spirits and stirs your desire to thrive.

If you are empowered, you will endure

Take life in stride – one step at a time.

Use the faith-building habits you developed to brew a patient spirit within you.

Acknowledge that in life, you are not always in a race.

Sometimes you have to crawl, and sometimes you have to walk.

Yes, sometimes you get to the level where you can jog and even sprint, but you can still reach your destination no matter the speed.

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The potion of patience you brew will help you maintain your faith and reveal the gratifying milestones you reach along the way as you continue to march forward with actions regardless of the pace.

This formula eliminates the ingredient of worry and adds a touch of fearlessness.

Once you absorb this offering, you are well on your way to removing the cloud of doubt and lack of motivation that surrounds you.

With continued use, you will slowly but surely strengthen your confidence.

Before you know it, you will feel uplifted, wrapped in joy, confidence, and empowerment as you head for your destiny and the things that will make you finally come alive.

Interact for support and mentoring

Interaction with others is an important key to feeling alive.

Therefore, one of the key actions to coming alive is building and nurturing relationships.

But, you don’t want a relationship with any and everyone.

And you don’t want relationships that will tear down your faith or belittle your plans and dreams.

So, decision-making is key in your quest to finally come alive.

Here again, call on that picture you envisioned in your mind to help you select and grow friendships that will be fulfilling and fruitful to you as you reveal and reach for your heart’s desire.

Likewise, use this same picture to step away from individuals and activities that do not foster a good feeling deep inside.

Put in the work to really come alive

Every day, make the effort to include an activity that may bring color and focus to the picture you envision.

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Some days the colors may not be as bright as others, but don’t despair.

Remember you hold the eraser.

You can clean the slate and begin your drawing again.

Use your voice.

Speak up when you have an opinion or information you think is significant or can help someone else.

If they use it, fine.

If they don’t, remind yourself that it’s okay – you don’t use every bit of wisdom that comes your way.

Get involved with causes that trigger emotion within you.

Show your support and help increase the scope or mission.

Faith, together with action, leads to feeling alive

The increase in your faith buffets your self-confidence.

Your self-confidence keeps you steadfast in your beliefs.

Being solidly grounded in your beliefs; helps you to remain patient, knowing that your vision will be realized.

As your patience grows, so does your courage to take action because you do not expect instant results.

When you combine your self-confidence, belief in yourself, patience, and courage with action, you will reap positive results and rewards over time.

Positive results and rewards will work to uplift your spirits.

Then, you will find your head lifted, your chest pointed forward, and your wings spread with pride and flap with vigor as you take off, soaring to great heights – finally coming alive.

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