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Gabriel García Márquez Quotes on Love and Magic

These romantic Gabriel García Márquez quotes and love poems will brighten your day.

Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian writer and journalist commonly known as Gabo or Gabito. This gifted novelist has earned a Neustadt International Prize for Literature and a Nobel Prize in Literature. Reading these powerful Gabriel García Márquez quotes on love will bring a spark of magic into your life.

What are your favorite Gabriel García Márquez love poems?

This collection of romantic quotes contains translations of Gabriel García Márquez quotes in Spanish. Throughout Latin America, the author is beloved for his impactful journalism and inspiring novels.

Gabriel García Márquez is also famous for popularizing the style of magic realism in his fictional works. If you’re a fan of this author or that particular literary style, you’ll love this list of encouraging quotes.

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Gabriel García Márquez quotes on love and magic

1. “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” – Gabriel García Márquez

2. “What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” – Gabriel García Márquez

3. “There is always something left to love.” – Gabriel García Márquez

4. “All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” – Gabriel García Márquez

5. “The interpretation of our reality through patterns not our own serves only to make us ever more unknown, ever less free, ever more solitary.” – Gabriel García Márquez

6. “A person doesn’t die when he should but when he can.” – Gabriel García Márquez

7. “Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.” – Gabriel García Márquez
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8. “The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love.” – Gabriel García Márquez

9. “Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.” – Gabriel García Márquez

10. “I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of Him.” – Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez quotes to inspire and encourage you

11. “The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.” – Gabriel García Márquez

12. “If God hadn’t rested on Sunday, He would have had time to finish the world.” – Gabriel García Márquez

13. “I must try and break through the cliches about Latin America. Superpowers and other outsiders have fought over us for centuries in ways that have nothing to do with our problems. In reality, we are all alone.” – Gabriel García Márquez

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14. “Necessity has the face of a dog.” – Gabriel García Márquez

15. “Fiction was invented the day Jonas arrived home and told his wife that he was three days late because he had been swallowed by a whale.” – Gabriel García Márquez

16. “Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.” – Gabriel García Márquez

17. “No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.” – Gabriel García Márquez

18. “The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good.” – Gabriel García Márquez

19. “A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father.” – Gabriel García Márquez

20. “It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination, while the truth is that there’s not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality. The problem is that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.” – Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez quotes to brighten your day

21. “An early-rising man is a good spouse but a bad husband.” – Gabriel García Márquez

22. “In journalism just one fact that is false prejudices the entire work. In contrast, in fiction one single fact that is true gives legitimacy to the entire work. That’s the only difference, and it lies in the commitment of the writer. A novelist can do anything he wants so long as he makes people believe in it.” – Gabriel García Márquez

23. “No, not rich. I am a poor man with money, which is not the same thing.” – Gabriel García Márquez

24. “He who awaits much can expect little.” – Gabriel García Márquez

25. “Always remember that the most important thing in a good marriage is not happiness, but stability.” – Gabriel García Márquez

26. “Injections are the best thing ever invented for feeding doctors.” – Gabriel García Márquez

27. “Tell him yes. Even if you are dying of fear, even if you are sorry later because whatever you do, you will be sorry all the rest of your life if you say no.” – Gabriel García Márquez

28. “But when a woman decides to sleep with a man, there is no wall she will not scale, no fortress she will not destroy, no moral consideration she will not ignore at its very root: there is no God worth worrying about.” – Gabriel García Márquez

29. “No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” – Gabriel García Márquez

30. “She discovered with great delight that one does not love one’s children just because they are one’s children but because of the friendship formed while raising them.” – Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez quotes to bring a spark of magic into your life

31. “Tricks you need to transform something which appears fantastic, unbelievable into something plausible, credible, those I learned from journalism. The key is to tell it straight. It is done by reporters and by country folk.” – Gabriel García Márquez

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32. “If I knew this is the last time I see you, I’d tell you I love you, and would not just assume foolishly you know it already.” – Gabriel García Márquez

33. “The most important thing Paris gave me was a perspective on Latin America. It taught me the differences between Latin America and Europe and among the Latin American countries themselves through the Latins I met there.” – Gabriel García Márquez

34. “To oppression… we respond with life.” – Gabriel García Márquez

35. “It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love.” – Gabriel García Márquez

36. “A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love, more lasting than truth.” – Gabriel García Márquez

37. “They were so close to each other that they preferred death to separation.” – Gabriel García Márquez

38. “It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.” – Gabriel García Márquez

39. “She would defend herself, saying that love, no matter what else it might be, was a natural talent.” – Gabriel García Márquez

40. “I don’t know who said that novelists read the novels of others only to figure out how they are written. I believe it’s true. We aren’t satisfied with the secrets exposed on the surface of the page: we turn the book around to find the seams.” – Gabriel García Márquez

Insightful Gabriel García Márquez quotes

41. “Fame is very agreeable, but the bad thing is that it goes on 24 hours a day.” – Gabriel García Márquez

42. “Then he made one last effort to search in his heart for the place where his affection had rotted away, and he could not find it.” – Gabriel García Márquez

43. “People spend a lifetime thinking about how they would really like to live. I asked my friends and no one seems to know very clearly. To me, it’s very clear now. I wish my life could have been like the years when I was writing ‘Love in the Time of Cholera.’” – Gabriel García Márquez

44. “I think that the idea that I’m writing for many more people than I ever imagined has created a certain general responsibility that is literary and political. There’s even pride involved, in not wanting to fall short of what I did before.” – Gabriel García Márquez

45. “A true friend is the one who holds your hand and touches your heart.” – Gabriel García Márquez

46. “He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.” – Gabriel García Márquez

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47. “Perhaps this is what the stories meant when they called somebody heartsick. Your heart and your stomach and your whole insides felt empty and hollow and aching.” – Gabriel García Márquez

48. “The problem in public life is learning to overcome terror; the problem in married life is learning to overcome boredom.” – Gabriel García Márquez

49. “Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but … life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.” – Gabriel García Márquez

50. “Life is the best thing that has ever been invented.” – Gabriel García Márquez

More Gabriel García Márquez quotes and sayings

51. “Even when the winds of misfortune blow, amazing things can still happen.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

52. “Never stop smiling not even when you’re sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

53. “Don’t struggle so much, the best things happen when not expected.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

54. “I would give wings to children, but I would leave it to them to learn how to fly by themselves.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

55. “Always tell what you feel. Do what you think.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

56. “The secret of a good old age is simply an honorable pact with solitude.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

57. “The spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

58. “Life is not what one lived, but what One remembers and how One remembers it in order to recount it.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

59. “For those who may be hurting over lost love: Don’t cry because it is over… smile because it happened.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

60. “Become a better person and be sure to know who you are, before meeting someone new and hoping that person knows who you are.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What are your favorite Gabriel García Márquez quotes about love and memories?

A couple of the most beloved Gabriel García Márquez books include One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera. Even if you’ve never read these particular works, you will enjoy this collection of Gabriel García Márquez quotes. The love, magic, and power found in these words are his legacy.

Gabriel García Márquez has left a major impact on the world as a novelist and screenwriter. If you’re interested in exploring the themes of solitude and magic, you should check out his literature.

These words of wisdom are some of the most thoughtful insights found in Gabriel García Márquez’s books and love poems. Read his quotes for inspiration and encouragement.

What are your favorite Gabriel García Márquez quotes and love poems? Let us know in the comment section below.

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