20 Hellraiser Quotes From the Original Movie

These Hellraiser quotes will take you back to the original!

Hellraiser is a 1987 British supernatural horror movie created and directed by Clive Barker and based on his 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart.

The movie was produced by Christopher Figg and starred Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, and Ashley Laurence.

Critics were, and remain, divided on the quality of the movie, but it grossed $14.6 million at the box office against its $1 million budget.

There are nine sequels to the original.

The movie’s plot has a pleasure-seeking man named Frank purchasing a puzzle box that promises to please him.

Instead, demonic beings tear him apart and return to the box.

The only way to restore him is for his former lover to bring men to the house to be killed so the blood of each can slowly start to restore him.

Read the Hellraiser quotes below to learn more about the movie!

These quotes give you a sneak peek into the film.

1. “Seeing is believing.”  Pinhead

2. “It’s just a puzzle box.”  Kirsty Cotton

3. “I get lonely sometimes.”  Third Victim

4. “The sweet, sweet suffering.”  Pinhead

5. “We have such sights to show you!”  Pinhead

6. “What’s your pleasure, Mr. Cotton?”  Merchant

7. “There’s a first time for everything.”  Julia Cotton

8. “It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to open it.”  Kirsty Cotton

9. “Welcome to the worst nightmare of all—reality!”  Pinhead

10. “Stay with us. We can all be happy here.”  Frank the Monster

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Hellraiser quotes from Pinhead

You can see why Pinhead is the main antagonist in these quotes.

11. “We’ll tear your soul apart!”  Pinhead

12. “Your flesh is killing your spirit.” Pinhead

13. “We have eternity to know your flesh.”  Pinhead

14. “Is it so difficult to face your demons?”  Pinhead

15. “Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you.”  Pinhead

16. “I want to hear him confess himself. Then maybe.”  Pinhead

17. “Dreams are fleeting. Only nightmares last forever!”  Pinhead

18. “You opened the box, and your soul belongs to me.”  Pinhead

19. “When this existence ceases to fulfill, we will be waiting.”  Pinhead

20. “You’re not the first to say that, and you won’t be the last!”  Pinhead

Some people will stop at nothing for their own pleasure…

In Hellraiser, we see that Frank is willing to kill his brother and his lover and violate his niece in his pursuit of pleasure.

Ultimately his niece outwits him when she tells the demonic beings that Frank has escaped them, so they come and take Frank away for good.

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